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  1. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to Ayham in Goodtime?   
    They mistaken 2022 with 2024... I got it. Guys the world premiere will be Xmas 2024. Coming soon in HD. 
  2. Wow
    Jitterbug reacted to Redha DBL in Unreleased Music Videos   
    She had totally scrapped everything from that whole shoot. We've got some pictures when M's pictures hard drives have been hacked back then and we've got tons of outtakes leaking (remember when that guy has been arrested by the police), otherwise we would not even know that shoot has happen. If she has ditched the pictures make sense she would have also ditched the video. I'm talking about this shoot :

    Keep in mind that at that very time she has scrapped a whole chapter of visual works including several sets of shoots : 

    If you look closely, the tread mill shoot is a total different shoot, curly hair, different set etc... It was made for the shooting of the "Give it 2 me" video which, at that time, was still the album title. For the people who were around at that time, remember the first low quality snippets that leaked from "Give it 2 me" ? I'm the person who has leaked them (hope the police won't arrest me now 😂), Here's the story ;
    At that time i was moderating the DrownedMadonna forum (Madonna Fanzine forum). My nickname was Preston and i had that pic with the giant boombox for those who remember ahah. So, there was that israeli girl, Anna Hendstridge (i'm talking about the real one, not the fakes clones that appeared on other forums later). She was totally working inside M creative circle. She was giving exact and precise clues about music, videos, shooting several weeks before they would happen. I'm talking about real info, this could be the exact lyrics of a line of the "Celebration" track when no one knew she had recorded a new track for the best off, she would describe the exact jewellery M would wear on the cover of her new album etc etc... She also told us about the track "Latte" and that was YEARS before it leaked. That was some serious shit. To this day, she remains the best insider that has ever been on the Madonna community. She also told us early on the process that M had record early versions of Give it 2 me, like one called "Infinity" and describing the precise sound of the demo. When the "Infinity" demo leaked years later, she was, as usual excatly spot on. Anna is the one who told us about a first video for "Give it 2 me" being shot during a shoot where M was on a tread mill and wearing blue sweat pants. At that time the unreleased shoot hadn't leaked. A couple of years later, the unreleased pics leaked and indeed there was a shoot where M was on a tread mill wearing blue sweat pants. Now about the first Give it 2 me snippets, i had been given by Anna Hendstridge herself. She told me precise indications as to how to leak them, one by one etc... She told me they have been recorded on a phone during that video shoot. (I precise that was way before M shot the Give it 2 me video we all know dlrected by Tom Munro). I will never in my whole life doubt anything that girl told, everything she said was precisely spot on. Now for those who were not around at that time i can understand you can be doubtful and it's only natural, but those who were on Fanzine at that time know what i'm talking about. She wasn't posting much, but when she was, believe me, it was something. We would spy her every move on the forum, every single world she could post 😂 That was something...
    You must keep in mind that the Hard Candy schedule, especially we M got close to the release, was not the classic process. Many changes of directions visually, change of title, changes on the face lol. All that at the end of the process ! The album was to be called Give it 2 me, she has made several photoshoots, then she scrapps everything, all the photoshoots ( supposedly cause she hates the way she looks, and it's true that the styling makes her look wash out and she made her new round of bigger cheeks just after that) she changed the title of the album, pick just a few pics for the promo (she didn't have enough time left to make new shoots, so she picked like two or three pics for "Dazed and confused" and "Interview" Magazines. Scrapps the Give it 2 me title (and the music video of the same title) and comes with the title (Hard Candy). Until the end, it was all last minutes changes. There was also the "Black Madonna" theme that was scrapped (shoots have been made too) but that was earlier in the process.
    Ps : for those interested, that girl Anna Hendstridge also revealed back then, that three different versions of the track "Give it 2 me" do exist, one is the released one, another one called "Infinity" that have leaked since then, and another one called "Get pumped" (still unleaked to this day).
    She has totally diseappeared after the Celebration best of release. At that time the forum also closed. By the end, a few people, probably jealous or angry started attacking her, trying to prove she wasn't a girl and that she lied on her personnal life (not being a girl, not living where she said she lived etc...). They couldn't attack her on her info cause everything was spot on so they've found something else. Later there have been fake 'Anna Hendstidge" accounts being made on various forums like PopJustice etc but they were fake and so posting fake info... Some people still confuse her with these fake accounts to this day. The one and only real was posting on DrownedMadonna/Madonnafanzine forum around 2007-2008.
  3. Like
    Jitterbug reacted to Brendanlovesu1 in Unreleased Music Videos   
    Although no music video was officially confirmed or produced, media outlets reported that a music video for "Superstar" was to be shot in October 2012. Madonna wanted to dress as a "Terror Bride", which is a combination of an Iraqi bridal veil and a US soldier's uniform. The dress was to be portrayed as a statement for oppression against women and warfare. However, the singer's advisers talked her out of wearing the costume because they thought it would "put her life at risk". Sources then stated "[Madonna] had the outfit ready to go. She was really proud of it and said it was her 'Terror Bride' costume [...] At first, when people started telling her it was madness, she just brushed it off, but when they mentioned that her actions could put her life at risk, she decided to ditch it from her video and certainly won't be wearing it on stage." Madonna said she was "really disappointed" about not wearing the outfit, but had put aside the idea for a future use
  4. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to Blue Jean in Unexpected Surprise   
    The Celebration Tour dvd cover has leaked???
  5. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to Pedro Beltran in Unexpected Surprise   
    The country album? Cowboy Ciccone 
  6. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to maddy1111 in Unexpected Surprise   
    There are fans here that will tell you they see her recording 5 albums in a row, multiple remixes, 10 music videos, rehearsal for Celebration Tour part 2 and making a bio movie in that time. 
    Just to be disappointed soon after

  7. Like
    Jitterbug reacted to DJ N A in The Official M new Music SPECULATION thread 👑   
    It's not Madonna. Those vocals originate from this song.
  8. Like
    Jitterbug reacted to MaDöner Kebab in Orbit teases his Madonna recordings in a new twitter post   
    oh please...
    Madonna doesn't give a damn about some old and obscure demos leaking. She only cares when:
    - People make money out of it instead of her
    - People leak stuff BEFORE it is released
  9. Like
    Jitterbug reacted to RebelMe in The Official M new Music SPECULATION thread 👑   
    Lyrically it is a fantastic album, but those Diplo beats aged like milk. I truly respect those who enjoy it, and I'm happy that there are people out there that honestly can listen to it, but I will be that person who says that it prefers the demos over the finished material.
    Rebel Heart, Hold Tight, Heart Break City with that amazing orchestra, Graffiti Heart with Madonna having fun and screaming on "love is pain, pain is art" part, Wash All Over Me, (Make the) Devil Pray with extra beats felt fresh, young and overall FUN. Totally the opposite of the finished material. Bitter and heavy.  (Ghosttown is amazing, tho, one of her best songs in  years)
    I absolutely can't appreciate Rebel Heart as it was released.  And It's a funny contradiction, bc I always fall in love with it when I listen to the demos. 
  10. Thanks
    Jitterbug reacted to Redha DBL in The Official M new Music SPECULATION thread 👑   
    I always find it fascinating when some fans state without a doubt that she has not recorded this or that, i mean who knew she had been recording a track with The Weekend ? No one. Who knew she had been filming a video for the track ? No one. Who knew she had recorded a track with Sam Smith ? No one. Who knew she had recorded Champagne Rosé ? No one. Who knew she had recorded three poems for Christine and the queens ??? No one. Who knew she had recorded Material Gworllll ??? No one... All of these were a total surprise for everyone. We cannot state that she has not recorded something. Just because the usual insiders are not aware of something doesn't mean it don't exist, it's just that she kept it secret. I'm not saying she has a new album ready to drop after the tour, i'm just saying she could have one and no insider fan would be aware of it. 
  11. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to SecretProject in New Madonna...   
    LMFAOOOOO I'm really not trying to be a hater but this shit sucks so hard. Its paint by numbers 'music'. The New McDonalds is more like it.
  12. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to EgoRod in New Madonna...   
  13. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to Would You Like To Try in New Madonna...   
    Imagine it was Donna Queen announcing her big comeback to radio 
  14. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to Blue Jean in New Madonna...   
    Can’t you hear the voice chanting “unapologetic bitch” ?? It’s very faint but if you put your ear very close to the speaker it is there….
  15. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to Ayham in New Madonna...   
    Maybe it’s a remix of her banger Candy Shop?!!!
  16. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to Honey Little in New Madonna...   
    I’ll take anything if it’s Madonna. Even if it’s just one hour of her burping. And I am not joking.
  17. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to rayofciccone in Never Let You Go and Broken on Apple Music lol   
    Donna Queen the new rap alter-ego, wearing an M-Dolla necklace
  18. Like
    Jitterbug reacted to Curtains in Projects abandoned by Madonna (or vice versa)   
    Yes, Hung Up and I Love New York were initially for the Besson musical, along with I'm in Love with Love which is still unreleased.
    Meanwhile, How High and Devil Wouldn't Recognize You were initially made for Hello Suckers. Is This Love (Bon d'Accord) was reworked into Voices, and a very few lyrics from Miss You can be heard in Like It or Not. Also recorded for Hello Suckers are covers of Boum and If You Go Away.
  19. Like
    Jitterbug reacted to MDNA22 in Projects abandoned by Madonna (or vice versa)   
    Re-Invention Tour Broadcast and Release
    Album with the band she used for The Girlie Show (the best band she ever had for her live shows)
    Quentin Tarantino directing a video for 'Gang Bang'
    Having Sasha produce some of the tracks for the Music album  (such a disappointment that did not result in something more than an abandoned track with no vocals)
    The Matrix and Casino
    The MDNA tour filming for the DVD in a stadium at one of the South American locations (got changed to Miami)
    Tears of a Clown show in Australia not being made available in full
  20. Like
    Jitterbug reacted to Alibaba in Projects abandoned by Madonna (or vice versa)   
    Like A Prayer Tour
    Barbra Streisand duet (I Can Do Anything You Can Do Better)
    Directing Cher’s Dov’è l’amore video
  21. Like
    Jitterbug got a reaction from jtrover in Least favorite album   
    Madame Z
  22. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to nito84bcn in Least favorite album   
    Rebel Heart is an excellent album. Demos and also finished versions. 
    It deserved a proper 4th single with a video, and maybe a 'huge' event as part of the promo campaign, but it's perfect as it is. 
    My least favourite album is Like a Virgin. Really dated and corny. I see the importance of it on her career though. I see Like a Prayer on the same level... 2 or 3 good singles, and the rest dated and corny, hell it was even dated when it was released and they had to remix everything. 
  23. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to Fabiolous in Single Reissues Campaign - Angel - OUT NOW   
    I wonder if this is enough evidence for the people that claim Die another day is the first single off the album? 😂 
  24. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to steady75 in American Life: Mixshow Mix RSD 23   
    Its giving "graphic design is my passion" teas
  25. Haha
    Jitterbug reacted to wyrweo in Stuart Price Shares Sonic Secrets From Madonna’s Celebration Tour   
    Stuart's obviously not aware of the existence of the Orbit Remix of Justify My Love.
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