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  1. cosmic.carlo

    Someone said that "Get Together" did "damage" Ummm, what the fuck? LMAO bro... how can you even lol. The Hard Candy era hair, yes. But "Get Together?" Papi let it be known, and perhaps this is a chance for you to rediscover or re-eavaluate things, that "Get Together" has become and is one of Madonna's GREATEST SONGS. Ever. Perhaps one of the greatest dance pop songs ever created. One would be a total fool to disagree. Mmmmbye!
  2. cosmic.carlo

  3. I am in contact with TheTagPolice on Instagram DM ever since he’s been releasing rare gems last year. I asked about this small clip from “Vision Quest” and said it’s from a Making Of and not a b-roll which I originally asked about. It’s just curious because that specific clip hasn’t been seen before and it does look like it could be from an actual Making Of featurette or even a very rare news report, which would make sense since TheTagPolice confirmed he has a lot of connections and access to TV networks or something of that kind. The audio however sounds like it was from the movie and was put for this clip TheTagPolice posted. I do hope one day we get a full b-roll of “Crazy For You” as we need more Madonna shots and Madonna singing in that bar!
  4. cosmic.carlo

    LOL she did actually respond to one of my earlier messages weeks before I started scolding her for that incorrect mole placement. I told her if she wants to play M, she has to also get into her full discography. And she responded with "Thank you so much, I will do that." Then it got irritating when she couldn't fix that mole placement. I don't know about most hardcore fans, but if one were a GENUINE MEGAFAN like myself, I sure wouldn't want someone portraying their favorite artist with MAJOR details done incorrectly. It's sloppy and an insult. ANYWAY SHE AIN'T THE ONE FOO! So I hope she won't be. She's too damn WHITE and NAIVE, ewww! We don't want a white twink prtraying an extremely Italian female with sexy dark armpit hair and dark Italian hair. MMBYEEEEEE
  5. cosmic.carlo

    I smile like Madonna. I have learned to have that gorgeous smile because of her smile. Big and horsey. LMAO.
  6. cosmic.carlo

    This ANNE WINTERS girl needs to go. I agree with some of you guys. She seems "desperate" in a weird way! She resembles M on some photos but that's it. She is too L.A. white and too skinny to play Madonna; she doesn't have the essence we are looking for. I actually DM'd her on Instagram many times and saw my messages. I told her to "PLEASE FIX THAT DAMN MOLE PLACEMENT IF YOU WANNA PLAY MADONNA. IT'S AN INSULT TO MADONNA AND HER MILLIONS OF FANS IF YOU CAN'T AND WON'T PUT HER MOLE ON THE RIGHT SIDE." She saw my messages multiple times and still hadn't fixed where she places Madonna's mole. I hope she doesn't get considered.
  7. cosmic.carlo

    I'm 27 and I have known this for almost 2 decades. When I was 13 Paul Pesco is f*cking daddy! Especially during the Virgin Tour!
  8. cosmic.carlo

    DUDE I just heard she’s using Gaga’s makeup line, and may have dyed her hair pink for a Gaga collab!? The Gaga fans seem to be excited for Madonna lol fuck here come my dreams and fantasies
  9. cosmic.carlo

    I just realized: Madonna may have dyed it PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 💕
  10. cosmic.carlo

    I saw this on Facebook and went to the Instagram account who posted it, it's by @dollarshot IT IS SO AMAZING! BREATH-TAKING! I hope more of these pop up soon! Madonna's legacy and legend have to be made known!
  11. cosmic.carlo

    I saw a comment on IG that the color is like Rose Gold, like the iPhone color. I like it !
  12. cosmic.carlo

    I AM DEAD! Bette Davis, we love you indeed!
  13. cosmic.carlo

    Looks like she's back here in L.A.... but so quick, wasn't she just in Lisbon
  14. cosmic.carlo

    damn, she looks bomb actually! I love it! No filters is much better yasss mamas!
  15. cosmic.carlo

    I see your point and it's very logical and understandable. Here's my thing though: In the studio version of LAV it just sounds very... idk how to explain it... HIGH PITCHED and GIRLY. When she performed it on the 1984 VMAS, it is the same key but it seemed she was forcing, vocally gutting it it to sound like the studio recording. It must mean that the vocal for LAV was probably recorded in a lower key, then "pitched up" or "sped up" to match the studio track instrumental's key, idk if that makes sense. So then, Madonna's key probably wasn't the instrumental track's key? IDK. It's very complex lol. On the Virgin Tour, the vocal delivery definitely isn't the same as on the 1984 VMAs and definitely not like the studio recording. It's during this tour she stared showcasing her deeper chest registers even on higher key songs like "Dress You Up" and "LAV"... idk, the timbre was just different lol. It's not as girly anymore, which I love! The only time on that tour she matched that "girly pitched up" vocal was during "Everybody" which is very impressive!