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  1. Holy Water 94

    At 21:15pm in Europe right??
  2. Holy Water 94

    My favorite songs for it are: Girl Gone Wild I Don't Give A Unapologetic Bitch Bitch I'm Madonna Iconic Hung Up Let It Will Be Jump How High Future Faz Gostoso Music Runway Lover Rescue Me Vogue Deeper And Deeper Fever Die Another Day 4 Minutes Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
  3. FUTURE - One of my favorites songs from this album, so catchy and I love her vocals on it EXTREME OCCIDENT - Something completely different, unique and special, and I love the story behind the song FAZ GOSTOSO - HOOOOOOT!! I DON'T SEARCH I FIND - Sexy, provocative, 90s vibes bitches, DITA is back, apsolutely love it, her voice is so erotic
  4. Holy Water 94

  5. Holy Water 94

    she added to I Rise in the end: I will Rise, I will Rise...
  6. Holy Water 94

    I really wanna this version in HQ
  7. Holy Water 94

    Madonna Holiday Everybody Lucky Star Burning Up Like A Virgin Dress You Up Into The Groove Like A Virgin True Blue La Isla Bonita Live To Tell Papa Don't Preach Open Your Heart Like A Prayer Like A Prayer Oh Father Promise To Try Express Yourself Erotica Erotica Deeper And Deeper Rain Bad Girl Bedtime Stories Secret Human Nature Love Tried To Welcome Me Inside Of Me Take A Bow Ray Of Light Frozen The Power Of Good-Bye Nothing Really Matters Ray Of Light Music Music I Deserve It Don't Tell Me Paradise (Not For Me) American Life Nothing Fails Intervention American Life X-Static Process Confessions On A Dance Floor Hung Up Get Together Jump Forbidden Love I Love New York How High Hard Candy Give It 2 Me Miles Away Beat Goes On 4 Minutes She's Not Me Devil Wouldn't Recognize You MDNA Girl Gone Wild Gang Bang Masterpiece Beautiful Killer Rebel Heart Ghosttown Hold Tight Devil Pray Messiah Madame X Extreme Occident God Control Future Faz Gostoso I Don't Search I Find Looking For Mercy
  8. OMG amazing!! The best tour she ever done
  9. Holy Water 94

    Just M without anybody: Vogue Hung Up Girl Gone Wild Like A Prayer Music + Holiday
  10. Holy Water 94

    OK guys I found this link, I don't know what to think now really http://listv.streamliketv.club/live.php?artist=Madonna&v=Howard+Gilman+Opera+House,+Brooklyn,+Ny,+Us
  11. Madonna killed him lol
  12. Holy Water 94

    It looks so good thank you