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  1. My lastest video for this beautiful remix of my favorite song from this album, still wishing she relelased this song as a single or at least with some music video [Hidden Content]
  2. This Used To By My Playground Live To Tell The Power Of Good-Bye
  3. Well for me she is still doing okay, she can say whatever about her age but in real life we all know how old she is and that body is not able to do thing like 10 years ago and that is okay, i'm just happy that she is still with us. Right now it seems to me that she is surrounded with so many people that are telling "yes" to her for everything, watching her interviews from like Confessions era and then from Rebel Heart era you can see that she is acting differenetly, like she was more mature back then? If that make any sense? She is apsolutely free to behave how she wants to, BUT the fact that she is doing songs with crappy artists is just not good.
  4. i love what you did with the Confessions Tour and that video is still up, so how to do the same thihg? It's literally the SAME MATERIAL and they just block it, i have two options, one is to delete the audio or to cut that part of the video ;(
  5. But if you ask me my three personal favorite videos are The Power Of Good Bye, American Life (Original Version) and Erotica 💥😉
  6. Daamn this is hard to pick (i am libra btw lol) but let's just put these: Like A Prayer (ICONIC, PERIODT) Vogue (YAAAAAAS KWEEN) *wanted to put Papa Don't Preach but I feel like Vogue had more impact on the world and her fans Hung Up (Huge comeback, and the visuals are stunning there)
  7. Erotica 🤍💦 Ray Of Light 🌅🕙 Confessions On A Dance Floor 🕺🏼💃🏼 *I wanted to add True Blue 💋💙 because is her best selling studio album*
  8. Well i did not but i guess is useless? I think the main problem is the location that I am uploading it from. I will try everything cus I want people to see this, I worked very hard and I hope there is some way to put it out there without problems. Finger crossed, wish me luck haha. 🤞🤞
  9. Hmmm well that's a good idea, but is so long like over an hour lol, i will see what i can do and when i am done i'll send it to you, do you use instagram maybe? I am not online here often that is why i am asking that.
  10. Well i don't get any option, video is including like so many live performances and most of them are not blocked worldwide but Confessions Tour is totally blocked, and I am seeing people posting the exact same material and nothing... so rude
  11. I know but i could change just a little bit and it would be almost insensibly
  12. No I am in Europe, from Serbia to be more specific. Well i am okay with ad's as long as I can share my work there, i can't make any money from it anyway, that is not my intention but they are strict now
  13. Hi, i've made very long video for Madonna's career but the problem is that is getting blocked everytime when i try to publish it, but i am seeing the same videos already posted there without any problem, i am asking if someone knows how to post material without having issues with that. Ou btw It's a video of Madonna's best live vocals since 1982 (first live performance of Everybody) until 2020 (Madame ❌ Tour). I tried to change the pitch but is still the same thing. Thanks!
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