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  1. Yes. Madonna’s “Goodbye to Innocence” is a pop-house track originally intended for inclusion on her 1992 album Erotica. While working on the song, Madonna began singing the lyrics to “Fever” over the beat and decided on the spot to record a cover of the song using a re-worked version of the “Innocence” track. Two years later, Madonna donated the song to the abortion rights benefit album Just Say Roe.
  2. I was hoping version that she wants to release is not much different from demo but after she posted on IG post that the song is coming soon, i lost bit of my excitements because this is such a perfect moment for her to grab some new fans, but no she wants to flop again
  3. It's nice, you reminded me of the video I've made couple years ago, enjoy 🌟🌌
  4. 1. First contact for me was in 2008 when she releaaed 4 Minutes single, didn't impress me much but I liked her voice. 2. I think it was when I watched her show when she was promoting Hard Candy album, at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City in 2008. I loved her realistic point of view and how she was talking to the audience, her attitude, THE BODY, her look, her face was just so perfect to me, tone of her voice was stuck in my head for days. 3. I started being a fan after I saw Sticky and Sweet Tour and the Confessions Tour. I was like, wow this is something what I've been missing my whole life (lol, I was 14 at the time) and then I started discovering her music and art more and deeper, with her music and I learned English, started working out, and discovered my talent for dancing. So thank you miss Madonna. 😁
  5. Thank you, i am happy to hear that cus this forum is my source for all material from Madonna ?❤️‍??✨️
  6. My lastest video for this beautiful remix of my favorite song from this album, still wishing she relelased this song as a single or at least with some music video [Hidden Content]
  7. This Used To By My Playground Live To Tell The Power Of Good-Bye
  8. Well for me she is still doing okay, she can say whatever about her age but in real life we all know how old she is and that body is not able to do thing like 10 years ago and that is okay, i'm just happy that she is still with us. Right now it seems to me that she is surrounded with so many people that are telling "yes" to her for everything, watching her interviews from like Confessions era and then from Rebel Heart era you can see that she is acting differenetly, like she was more mature back then? If that make any sense? She is apsolutely free to behave how she wants to, BUT the fact that she is doing songs with crappy artists is just not good.
  9. i love what you did with the Confessions Tour and that video is still up, so how to do the same thihg? It's literally the SAME MATERIAL and they just block it, i have two options, one is to delete the audio or to cut that part of the video ;(
  10. But if you ask me my three personal favorite videos are The Power Of Good Bye, American Life (Original Version) and Erotica ??
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