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  1. 100% I remember reading Madonna came to visit Nick and Pat Leonard, who was the producer of "Tell Me". Pat played Madonna a couple of tracks and she did background vocals on "Tell Me" because she liked the song and that's it. Donna DeLory and Gardner Cole (co-writer of Open Your Heart) also sing backup on Nick's album US.
  2. If Hard Candy was released in 1999 - 2002 would've been a massive hit....because that's when that sound/producers were hot. Most of Pharrell's songs were demos by other artist (Heartbeat, Spanish Lesson), Tim/Justin songs were just songs that sound like off his albums (Most of his first album were rejected by MJ). I think Miles Away is only personal song on the album , I think if she worked with Pat or didn't have the mindset to make a dance album we would've gotten a deeper meaning album. She's Not Me, the demo of the Beat Goes On ("Always the bridesmaid never the bride"), Voices and Miles Away deal with relationship issues. The whole Pharrell made M cry in the studio to me just shows how fragile/stressed state of mind she was in making this album. Her marriage was ending, she was turning 50 (which almost every interview focus on), questions about Lady Gaga....I feel she just wanted to put out something light and fun, or rather sticky and sweet during this time and we got "Hard Candy"
  3. Rosenblatt thought Madonna was the next Olivia Newton-John (Madonna's behind the music). Madonna also played Rosenblatt her demo of Lucky Star and asked him what he thought. He was a great A&R person for her. Freddy is the one who went toe to toe with Madonna from yelling at her that her career was over after MTV awards to the disagreements we saw in Truth or Dare. He listen to his artist but at the same time he didn't take shit like Caresse , Angela, or Guy has. Let's not forget that Prince reached out to Madonna during his issue with Warner and she stayed silent, wasn't her battle but odd for someone who is so vocal to have no comment. To me that shows where she was head-wise at that time. Stephen Bray has also said that the only person Madonna is loyal to is Madonna. Even when she got signed to Sire he had no clue about it until Sire asked how the music programming used on the demos that got her signed. Only at that time did Madonna let him know about the deal. I think with Liz also leaving/retiring had a lot to do with Madonna leaving as well. What I do find funny is that her LN deal had her albums released under Interscope, who also had Lady Gaga signed to their label.
  4. I've heard everyone say it's about aliens, it was inspired after watching the movie Madonna's Secret (1946), to dealing with a lover that is everything you want but has a drug problem.
  5. Leonard demos: BC: After all the '80s pop, the rock of Like a Prayer, the '30s ditties — how at ease were you with Ray of Light, another right turn for Madonna on which you worked? PL: We went to Florida to write those songs. She and I were in touch, and we hadn’t been in touch for a long time. I recently found the letters that went between us before we started work, where we decided to do this again. These letters say a lot about the decision process. It’s, “Oh, yeah, we wrote some really good songs together, let’s do it again.” [Laughs] She did give me some direction early on. For “Frozen,” she said, “I would like something that’s The English Patient meets Nine Inch Nails.” We’d done the demos in Florida, which were quite different than what the record ended up because of William Orbit — who did genius work — but it was exotic, maybe not electronic necessarily, but maybe more exotic ... we had chant samples and were really planning on going for it in some crazy way, and then William came along and she wrote me and then we spoke and she was very generous about saying, “Is it okay if I do this, because I think he’s brilliant and I think it’s a good idea.” In the way these things go, all I could do was be supportive and as it turns out, I’m very glad I was. But the demos for that record are fun, like for “Skin” and “Sky Fits Heaven” — they’re so bizarre! And I’ve never even heard of anyone having them. I had a terrifying experience. When we were leaving Miami, having written them, I had a cassette that just said “M” on it and I had a rental car and when I returned the car, I left the tape in it. When I got on the plane, I thought, “Oh, my God ... I just left seven new Madonna songs on a cassette in a rental car ...” but they never turned up. So someone took that cassette outta there and they threw it away. [Laughs] https://www.boyculture.com/boy_culture/2017/08/patrick-leonard-part-2-dont-underestimate-their-point-of-view.html
  6. Ummm in 1992 on Erotica there is a song called "In This Life" which was also performed on her Girlie Show tour, which was about friends of hers who died of AIDS. Let's not forget Warhol stating that Madonna shared a cupcake with one of her friends who was dying of AIDS long before they knew how AIDS was shared. Let's also not forget the fact that Christopher Anderson wrote that shitty book that stated Madonna had HIV from someone she had sex with back in the day and was suppose to tell everyone at American Foundation For AIDS Research With Luke Perry in 1991. Janet NEVER, Madonna's been there from the start.
  7. Robin Wright (Penn) she started dating Sean right after the divorce and gave birth to their first child in April 1991
  8. My post wasn't about JLO but to show how that is common place in the music industry, from Myah Marie ghosting Britney Spears' Britney Jean album, Debra Killings is the unofficial member of TLC to even Paula Abdul being accused of having ghost vocals for her first two albums. Milil Vanilli only got caught because the tape skipped live on MTV, much like Ashlee Simpson, who career after that is the same as Milli. JLO isn't a great singer nor a smart business woman (Jersey Girl, Jack, Gigli, Como Ama Una Mujer and A.K.A.) She has a great manager who launched her career and she stayed faithful to him (Benny also managed Will Smith and Mariah Carey as well). Her albums are always tie-ins to her upcoming movies. She's an actress who sings. Beyoncé and Madonna are multitalented artist who can go by first name alone, when they sing in the chorus, you hear them, when comes to making an album they bring the material they've written and producers have gushed over their talent....No one has done that with JLO other then other singers saying yes they kept my backing vocals on the track, where you don't hear JLO anywhere in that mix. Play is Christina singing the hook, I'm Real (Remix), Ain't It Funny (Remix) is Ashanti singing the hook, Jenny From The Block is Natasha to Megan Trainer on I Ain't Your Mama.... it should be verse done by JLO
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJt7YT69Lvk
  10. Well Tony put her in piano class as a kid and Dan Gilroy stated she used to play the organ, I think either Pat or Steve has said she played around with keyboard during the LAP album.
  11. I think it's a bad idea, esp since the movie has the year 1984, which will have the haters saying the last time Madonna was relevant and jumping on the back of someone younger to make herself relevant again....bad bad bad idea
  12. Bruce Baron was able to hear it via the library of congress. Opening intro as "I see danger up ahead", "Warning (echo), Warning (echo)". Chorus is "Warning I see danger up ahead. I can see it in your eyes, and it's really no surprise. Because, I can see your warning signs".
  13. The girl has broad shoulders or is hunchback...Madonna was "chubby" or zaftik but that's not her. Plus only fake pearls and white lace glove...look at all the jewelry she wore at the time, cut outs, bra showing and that's what she wore lol. This is just like that picture of Elvis that claims to have Madonna in the background for autograph....it's not her!
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