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  1. The public and the critics can say whatever they want about Madonna. They say a lot of things about a lot of people. It's how most of them get their money. But, no one can ever take away her success and her longevity. We are all proof that she is still relevant. There are so many people that will always love Madonna and listen to her music no matter what. I don't think that the public's opinion of one performance or even the music she's making right now means that she's no longer the Queen of Pop or no longer one of the greatest.
  2. somethingscomingover

    I love them! They look so professional.
  3. somethingscomingover

    I didn’t say it was earth-shaking, ground-breaking, amazing, wonderful, better than everything she’s ever done. I didn’t even compare it to her other videos. I like it. I’m not saying you have to and I’m not saying it’s the best one she’s ever done.
  4. somethingscomingover

    I think the music video is great. She looks amazing. Loving the short hair.
  5. somethingscomingover

    I'd love for her to perform Bad Girl, too! That's my dream haha.
  6. somethingscomingover

    Nothing Really Matters, Human Nature, Drowned World and What It Feels Like for a Girl.
  7. somethingscomingover

    I actually really like Sanctuary. I think Did You Do It? is her worst.
  8. somethingscomingover

    True. I just hope they get good writers. Screenplays can really make or break a film and I really don't want a Madonna biopic with cheesy/bad dialogue.
  9. somethingscomingover

    I agree. But, I do think that she could co-write with another screenwriter so that her ideas and experiences are on the page and another screenwriter filters and edits them to make them better for the screen. Whoever makes a Madonna biopic, I hope they do her story justice and I hope they have the budget required to get good actors, sets, effects etc. I'm definitely not into the sanitized, censored stories. I want an honest portrayal.
  10. somethingscomingover

    Wouldn't it be a bit strange for her to direct her own biopic? I feel like it might be more interesting to have a director show their interpretation and perspective on her story with her as a consultant on the film/co-writing the screenplay rather than being the director. I'm not too sure about this.
  11. somethingscomingover

    I heard Don't Tell Me at IKEA the other day and I was so shocked.
  12. somethingscomingover

    This is really cool! Congratulations!
  13. somethingscomingover

    I also think the theater idea is great. It could be a really great experience and I'm excited to see what she does with it. But, like a lot of other people, I think she should at more dates. I just can't pay or travel the distance required to see a show.
  14. somethingscomingover

    I really hope she adds a Toronto date, but I know she probably won't. It's sad that she's not coming here :(
  15. somethingscomingover

    For me, it's What It Feels Like for a Girl. I heard that song and I just felt it immediately. I feel like she was speaking to some of my personal experiences and I just thought the song captured it really well.