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  1. vitoralmeiida

    really? I'm hoping she's going to go on a stadium tour to show the world who's the boss. (even though she doesn't need...)
  2. vitoralmeiida

    If the first single is going to be disco I'm gonna loose my shit IS GONNA BE AMAZINGGGGGG MY BODY IS READY FOR MAGIC
  3. why is she insisting on that ass? looks like a bad padding job
  4. I cannot believe shes singing LAP.
  5. Anitta is really recording with M, it gives me excitement to know M is working with brazilian musicians but at the same time... it worries me! hahah
  6. vitoralmeiida

    I'm waiting for my Japanese Bluray to arrive too! The anticipation tho!
  7. vitoralmeiida

    Guys, I was wondering here, do you think she chooses to over saturate the image in her releases (music videos, concerts, advertising, etc...) for her skin to be almost white and people don't see imperfections in her face? We all know how she likes to be perfect. This just crossed my mind 'cause I really like to see the details, and with overexposed whites in the picture we loose that. :(
  8. vitoralmeiida

    Maybe I'm wrong, but this video seem to be fuc**** over saturated, doesn't it?
  9. vitoralmeiida

    I'm sad. Today it was announced that the Bluray and the Bluray+CD will not be released here in Brazil. :(
  10. vitoralmeiida

    MAYBE, just maybe, it can the YouTube compression. The Showtime broadcast we have is almost compression free, thus, has much more colors to it. YouTube is known for compressing playback to save space.
  11. vitoralmeiida

    thank god!