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  1. moon1

    Not anymore darling. No boobs look like this at 60 and two children , they are enhanced believe me. Yet beautifully.
  2. moon1

    It's a courageous photo. No posing, no lightning, blend underwear. A good body for a 60 years old although the boobs are not genuine and these hips look artificial. Madonna never had hips before she pumped her bum so much (Art Basel anyone). She could do with a minimal "à la Tracy" gym routine to regain some muscles now that she seems to have lost that extra weight as shown in Regis and Kelly's appearance last year.
  3. moon1

    A good read, the closest to intimate Madonna imo. Some factual errors on dates, or names but you will get a taste of who Madonna is. I trust this is quite an honest book. Bro had to get some stuff out of his chest however I never found it bitter.
  4. moon1

    Just watched part 2 uploaded here (thanks). Wow M is a bitch to the interviewer, you can see how she hates her.
  5. moon1

    Francesco Scavullo 1985 Peter Lindberg 1993 Testino Versace 1995 Mert Marcus Interview 2010 Luigi and Ango and Everything year 2000 (Bensimon, Cameron, Mondino) AND Ritts (all shoots) of course
  6. I think that's fantastic! Madonna always dares
  7. Simply put one of her best album, close up and personal, innovative and a critic of the american way of life. Emotional.
  8. moon1

    9/10 Hall of Fame was the wrong one for me.