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  1. Madgesty

    Who is this though? Never have heard from him.
  2. Oops, over-read the Warner Bros. part. My fault.
  3. They've merged all VEVO channels into a single one. Announced 12 months ago.
  4. Good to know. Thank you!
  5. I was recently listening to some instrumentals and I noticed that there was something different between some files. There's an instrumental for Drowned World / Substitute For Love and it sounds much different to the album instrumental. Extended intro, different parts and arrangements... Is this a kind of a demo instrumental? Same for Sky Fits Heaven: Extended intro, background vocals, louder snares... or with Power Of Good-bye: Stronger synths, smoother intro and sharper details. Never noticed before. Give it a listen: [Hidden Content] Edit: I listened to all instrumentals I have for Ray Of Light and they're all different to the album instrumentals. Can somebody give an explanation?
  6. Madgesty

  7. Madgesty

    I hate it from every angle you can think of. Somehow this cover reminds me of this...
  8. Madgesty

    No, the blue one was released in Germany, Italia, Australia and France too. I think, it will be the same with the clear vinyls, the US included. Maybe you mean the Like A Virgin reissue on clear vinyl? But these were also released in the same countries. I am hyped for the Erotica reissue on white vinyl. I already preordered.
  9. Madgesty

    Released as DVD and Blu Ray with a German synchronisation for the first time ever. Also released as a special steelbook (see your image), which includes the Blu Ray, the DVD and the book "Madonna: Nudes". No where to get actually. Amazon Germany also released the DVD and the Blu Ray as an "Exclusive" with the book for free. These cost arround 20 €.
  10. Madgesty

    Avicii - April 20th, 2018.
  11. Madgesty

    Thank you, my dear!
  12. Madgesty

    And another year has passed. Happy birthday to me.
  13. Madgesty

    It was reissued on black vinyl in Germany in June and in the US as a „Barnes & Nobel“-Exclusive in July.
  14. Somehow she reminds me of Tina Turner in Mad Max... And I love it.
  15. Madgesty

    I‘m not excited at all. Sorry.