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  1. Humanfly

    It’s definiteky madonna singing I listened with my headphones like 15 times on a loop lol
  2. Humanfly

    I’m so disappointed in the reactions of some fans. No one in particular. It jut kind of kills the vibe. Obviously I come logging in because I’m like “omg it’s finally almost here and am absolutely loving the visual and audio teasers” and here’s what I am seeing: Madonna: posts a quick teaser that gives almost nothing away about the new assumed music video Other people: meh I hate it already. aguafiestas
  3. Humanfly

    The contest happened. I tried to win, obviously didn’t. Not so sure anyone won it. More like free promo. I think Grindr is nasty haha but I guess it depends on your area and what kind of people were on it. Anyway. Hypothetically she had a good promotion idea of using top apps at the time like this and prairie dog or whatever the thing was called that was supposed to be premi re the living for love video but then it literally didn’t work. Haha
  4. Humanfly

    So have we assumed Madonna will have nothing to do with this weekends Grammy awards?
  5. Humanfly

    Definitely won’t end her career by and means but it could get flak from activists. I’m thinking this is the best case scenario: On the other hand, to use the stage to speak out against the government and spread a positive message with an Isaac/Forbidden Love style performance it is a greater form of activism and wake up call for the population of that country. -LA
  6. Humanfly

    Thank you all for the thoughtful responses! <3
  7. Humanfly

    Hey everyone! I am not trolling! I am hoping the worldview of this forum can help fill me in on the ... implications of a performance in Israel. From a fairly uninformed Texan with good intentions. Atheist, gay, 30 yo M I read US stops all aid to Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza. The same day that Eurovision performance is confirmed in the press. Start to wonder because I have heard it was a place of much controversy. What is madonnas stance on this topic? what is yours and why? in the past I always thought “it’s not the music fans fault that they are stuck in a backward place their government is fucked up so why punish them by cancelling their chance at enjoying something” but i have been forced to rethink that by a friend who suggested Thom Yorke of Radiohead was an asshole for not considering the ethics. I think the “border wall” that the USA is considering is total shame and disgusting fear mongering . Enough about me. im guessing if madonna really does perform at Eurovision that she has a powerful reason to. Can anyone who is more informed fill me in on a. What Eurovision is, and any other pertinent info.. regarding the location. sincerely, mark Im here for thoughtful remarks, witty comments, whatever anyone knows. I’m here to learn if possible
  8. Humanfly

    Wild and vulgar!!!!!! ;) but sophisticated
  9. Humanfly

    I like her clothes pin earring there
  10. I’ve started collecting promo remix lps, off eBay. Starting with rol and music era to die another day. Anyone have any favorites across all time? Just curious. I actually really like what I have heard and can’t believe it passed me up before. And a lot of them never made it to you tube. How strange. Right now really like the power of goodbye - Fabian’s good god mix. However it is immediately followed by slaters (headache inducing) filtered mix. What is your favorite random mix? Or not so favorite.
  11. Well that was definitely something to behold! Next can we see beautiful stranger b roll? ;)
  12. Humanfly

  13. Pointless? Maybe. But yellow would be cool so I’m torn. Haha