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  1. I'm sorry, english is not my first language so I can't explain it better. Tu Ingles es mejor qui mi Espaniol ?
  2. professormouse

    I doubt there will ever be any anniversary editions unless whoever it was that persuaded Cher to embrace Hi-Nrg [and ABBA] can do the same for Madonna ? It's like ever since Like A Virgin she's only wanted you to buy her newest record ?
  3. professormouse

    Hi I have already posted this but I just wondered if you guys knew the correct title for a Ray Of Light mix that came in a d-l titled as "Madonna - Ray Of Light (William Orbit Promo Instrumental)" which it isn't as she sings the whole song on it. The data says "Ray of Light (William Orbit Instrumentals promo CD)" but the discogs entry says that IS an instrumental and is only 4.01 where as this is 6.45 ? There's a few with a similar timing but they don't sound the same, this has a sampled electro crackling 'sound' at the intro. I'm going bananas... So far 'Unreleased' is winning.
  4. professormouse

    Jealousy ? "I'm a rebel without a pause !"
  5. professormouse

    I found the magazine ! Only $20 on a good day, so no Rio just yet. I've seen people store 7''/12'' in a ring-binder. Someone on Facebook posted their pics, all the singles from each DOA 'album' in a folder. It looked pretty cool. If it's A4 magazine [ish] size, as long as air or damp doesn't get to them, they should be ok. I'm thinking of just getting this one framed ? Like recorrds & comics, look for packaging suppliers, there WILL be someone online who makes protective magazine bags & there will be various prices too. U know those Japanese inner bags for 12''/LP's that are just the plastic 'inner bit' ? I found them on-line but CD-Sized so you can make your 'mini lp replica' look Exact.
  6. professormouse

    If you want them to last forever, you have to lie them flat with 'acid-free' tissue paper between each sheet. Then put it away and not touch them. I've got a couple of newsprint and newspaper specials that look pretty good for their age. I stuck each of them in a bag and they are between two records sealed in a record mailer separately. When was 'Evita' ? I've a Mail On Sunday [i think] pullout magazine that's in perfect nick still the one with a pink background, a nice piccy.
  7. professormouse

    I used to buy a UK comic called 200AD. American style sci-fi/super-hero stuff but over here it was printed on newsprint. I saw some recently in a shop and they are even more like old yellow bandages than I remember. If it's that valuable or rare you have to go acid free & think like a museum does. Which basically means gloves and keeping them away from daylight and 'air'. The reason I mention those comics is 'coz it's like they suck nicotine from the air around even if there's none. With US comics another consideration/add-on is the seal-able bags and boxes. And there's 'stiffeners' to think of as well. Are you storing them like books or like folded clothes on top of each other ? Or you could just read this....x
  8. professormouse

    Black Box part 2000 comes to mind ala Ray Of Light. Madonna was given a rare prog 'classic' of legendary fame that no-one except a few had ever heard of. Like any sty;e of song, these gems get rarer 'n rarer. For example, I listen to Portishead, Massive Head etc and go in my head 'oh that's Isaac Hayes'...and go play the original. NOW everyone on Earth claims to have always LOved Loleatta Hollloway despite chart numbers that prove otherwise. If Madge hadn't put a beat under it, I'd never had heard of it ? Maybe it was fate or God that she was mean't to record it, it's still rather good all 't same.
  9. professormouse

    "I can't tell you this any where else." 'Why ?' "Because this is the one place I know he won't be able to hear me." 'OK ?' "You were RIGHT ALL ALONG !" 'I was ?' "Yeh H***rd is the biggest bastard that ever walked, I had it all wrong." 'Oh, that's OK, I'm glad you're 'feeling better'.' Guess who was playing ? She's been the soundtrack to a few dramatic events. I should write a song about it ??
  10. professormouse

    Catholic Imagery ? 'Catholics' are by definition easy to provoke. They will 'tut-tut' then pray for her soul, again ?
  11. professormouse

    In some shots she's 'sorta' like her, A BIT. As for not having Madge's brilliance, err she would be as B I G as Madonna if she did ? She is the new Elvis and how long is this film [?], it might just catch on with people who have always liked her but never bought in before. They did say 'she HAD to go out on her own', so it isn't a hatchet number from that clip ? The acting is a bit Purple Rain but I dunno if they'd thank me....
  12. professormouse

    Hi to everyone ? My name is Andrew. How long have I been a fan ? I can still remember hearing people answer me with...."Madonna Who ?"
  13. professormouse

    Hi, I know y'all correct me but it says this here... "Despite the remixing credits of this obvious bootleg, it was in fact Warren Rigg who remixed "I Want You". As he remembers, only 4 DAT copies were pressed, and one was given to Junior Vasquez, who played it extensively in his sets, leading people to believe it was actually Junior's mix." Since there's an Orchestral Version [acapella ?] it's not so hard to believe Someone has re-created these Junior/Rigg mixes 'whoever' actually originally made them ? U could all be a way.
  14. professormouse

    Hi, Thanks to every body for the wav's n' flacs but is this a serious question ? From the very beginning ?? Even without knowing anything about clubbing with dance teachers or whatever went on. She always looked liked she'd 'help'. The knowing looks about being thought of a 'A Slut' came with the second album ??? I hope she makes another record with that long-haired guy but i'm not holding my breath. THAT Madonna was fun. That's why she's still around ? Her recent stuff hasn't been on my radar I thought but just yesterday I was humming 'Give It To Me' & 'Miles Away', I went 'n played them LOUD. The bitch record, dear jessie and most of the 'with guests' tunes are the only time I've thought, Eww No.
  15. professormouse

    It was 'Flac' I searched for. Laura Branigan too ?