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  1. professormouse

    There was a movie 'about' David Bowie not so long ago. He refused to allow any of his music as he said, "...all my 'character' did was go around giving everyone blow-jobs..." Same licensing problems [No ! ] here ?
  2. professormouse

    None of this record is THAT BAD, it's just Did You Do It sounds tacked on ?
  3. professormouse

    I thought since I'm 'on' a Madonna Website I should re-listen to Some of her and it stuck out in a head-phones kinda way. I'd many ideas for remixing it but THEN I realised just how difficult @-my-level any changes might be. Don't Stop's 'groove' is tight [] enough and my looped re-edit was the first time I got a track to DO exactly 'wot' I wanted. Erotica has even more hidden 'non-single' gems that I still don't know why they weren't ? The instrumental of Waiting on a vinyl record alone I'd buy !
  4. professormouse

    I roll my eyes mentally every time I've read of Madge's 'Ray Of Light' as her 'first album'. I think Your Straight ! Or saying to The World 'ye ARE. Rock 'Journalists' especially ? Erotica is a listen from end-to-end experience if you wanna as well as a Collection of Hits. The only track on this I'd skip is Did You Do It ? Don't Stop is a contender for BEST in show at the non-singles awards too.
  5. professormouse

    LOve the record actually. RUADJAI - I just did....
  6. professormouse

    Diane Keaton once said that Madonna's entire career was one long therapy session and she should just get over herself....and her Dad ! Promise To Try & Oh Father are well sung, 'nice' but should have never been put on an album. I can live without but Act Of Contrition is even more pointless. My fave version of Express Yourself is the Local Mix which is totally 'Jellybean' b4 it was remixed. The rest are hits or could have been's ?
  7. professormouse

    Love Makes the World Go Round is trailing in last position 'coz it's Production is lazy. It sounds like it was mixed to be a filler track. And after all that Only Hits waffle she can't stop herself with this kinda tune ?
  8. professormouse

    Like A Virgin is 'retarded' or something ? Into The Groove is an after thought that exploded. Stay is there 'coz well She must be obeyed seems to really like it in all it's 'virgins'. Love Don't Live Here Anymore wasn't A.Single 'coz of Jimmy Nail, who had a higher chart place than the Rose Royce original in the UK at least. This is the album that was to contain 'only hits - no filler' a reference she made to her 1st 'album'. I always thought that was her buttering up the record label....hopefully.
  9. professormouse

    Do you not think they are going for a 'Glee thingy' only not as well[?] sung ?
  10. professormouse

    Let the poor chap work out the wires first ? Amma-gonna-guess No ! xx
  11. professormouse

    It's a supposed 'comedy' version....I think ?
  12. professormouse

    But is it available 'lossless' ?
  13. professormouse

    THIS... It sort of 'works' and I thought if it were a bit loooonger it would give the song parts more air ?
  14. professormouse

    "Time for red hot pants !" Sadly this record has never been in fashion itself.