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  1. professormouse

    So no Fever dj double pack, AGAIN ?
  2. professormouse

    Dub version or the sorta reggae demo 4 me xx
  3. professormouse

    Can you guess the only person who might know/100% ?
  4. professormouse

    Hands-down = Holiday !
  5. professormouse

    I thought they had but couldn't quite believe it. YES, her version sounds like Creep Pt.2 BUT their Song is a direct lift from The Hollies tune. [Morris Alpert also did a version too.] Bon Jovi 'were' going to sue Belinda Carlisle if you believed the Pop Press back then. Until someone pointed out both their similar-ish tunes could owe money to Bruce Springsteen. Nothing much happened their either.
  6. professormouse

    No worries ! Did Radiohead REALLY threaten to sue her ?
  7. professormouse

    No. I thought there's several songs mentioned by people with no reason to lie that there's 'a few' no-one else has heard ?
  8. professormouse

    Yeh.... I just read about this = 'instalments' ! That's a 'no not never but sometime' answer. Maybe those guys from Cher's fan-club have sent a well worded memo ?
  9. professormouse

    Yes, this...
  10. professormouse

    That's just The Problem. For Madonna there isn't one. Yes she's said she 'might' release older unreleased material in 'instalments' but so far has stuck to the don't look back approach ? COAD was a total DANCE option as American Life was thought by some to backfire ? You are Madonna NOT John Lennon ?? I saw two men from Cher's fan-club interviewed on TV once. They said it was them who persuaded her to TRY A DANCE RECORD ONCE...and just 'watch' ! "...her preferred style of harder rock she thought made her more 'credible' as An Artist but it wasn't what else her Fans actually listened too...", one said giggles barely contained. 'Beleive', then was released, "...and you know the rest !" SOMEONE like they two has to convince Madonna that re-issues won't affect sales of her New Product. The Rolling Stones now have an on-going re-issue series with it seems every week some new 'expanded' re-issue = GO BUY ! She's on an Elvis merry-go-round in some ways ?
  11. professormouse

    The bones are undeniable though ? Teardrop...they 'got' Liz Frasier of the Cocteau Twins instead. Some might call that an up-grade. They were at a point they didn't need Madonna & her on one of their LP's might have affected about how they were thought of. More 'Pop' & less Led Zep go hip-hop ? Now they are supposedly touring ! ms.Frasier as far as I can make out is to be some hologram type but not actually 'singing' live ?
  12. professormouse

    I thought 'I Want You' caused Massive Attack to split up ? "It's just the white fella and it's Sinead O'Connor doing 'most' on This One !" 'Oh Fuck !' .....overheard in a record shop on day of release. They even had 'security' for the masses who never turned up to buy it ! Why isn't 'Waiting' on this list ? I'd still buy that for the Instrumental alone on record. "And now for Record Store Day 2020, we present 'Erotica Special Edition' with The Instrumentals on vinyl too !" "Ltd Edition double packs only one per customer..."
  13. professormouse

    Pardon My Elvis ! I think it's more the '68 in a studio sorta thing, the 'Black Leather' one. That could work on a stage too ?
  14. professormouse

    'Supposedly' Prince was asked by Michael Jackson for comeback ideas. Do Elvis in Las Vegas was 'the reply'. (Have mercy on me, I'm forcing myself to listen to Rebel Heart ! I've skipped/skimmed One so far.) Let the f*cking audience do the dancing and just sing woman ! ?? U might get the biggest shock yet. That OR hire Nile Rodgers and they do That Album 'live' ?
  15. Porn is pointless. I'm forcing myself to listen to Rebel Heart ! That's something I'd never thought I'd say about Madonna.