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  1. Lucifer's Angel

    I might be, but that should not affect my capability to judge music Some kind of songs can be appreciated much more after a hit from the bong I mean, you can even make smoke rings and let all yourself be carried away by the music I can tell you, LAP is not even top10 best albums. Btw, the n.1 is Ray of Light, OBVIOUSLY.
  2. Lucifer's Angel

    No way. It is one of her worst albums. Said that, Like A Prayer is my fav Madonna song of all time so I'd like to join the celebration!
  3. Lucifer's Angel

    Addicted? Cherish?
  4. Lucifer's Angel

    100% agree with you! It's a great song and an anthem for Human Rights
  5. Lucifer's Angel

    omg I had to update my top 15 cuz I totally forgot about that forgettable boring song named This Used To Be My Playground
  6. Lucifer's Angel

    In chronological order: Angel - It peaked at #5 both in the US and UK but it gets overshadowed by the more iconic '80s singles. It's time that she gives a rest to Material Girl or LIB and brings back to life this great bop! Til Death Do us Part - It is one of her best album tracks ever and it would be a nice way to commemorate the LAP era. Again, she can give a rest to Express Yourself and let this bop shine ! Rain - Beautiful song that needs to be remembered. Why It so Hard - As the op says because it is the song that the world needs to hear RN. Secret - A big hit that she hasn't been performed in a while and it can pay justice to the Bedtime Stories era. Nothing Really Matters - Another big hit that would be nice to see performed again. Sky Fits Heaven - One of the best album tracks ever that was performed only during the DWT. It would be nice to see how she reinvents this song on stage. After all, she did a great job reinventing Candy Shop. Skin - Amazing song that deserves to be performed live at least once. To Have and Not to Hold - A beautiful song that would add a magical vibe. Die Another Day - It is one of her greatest bops ever and I'd love to see her dancing to this song again. Sorry - Another colossal bop and a worldwide smash hit. It is also my fav song from COADF and I believe it's time that it makes its return. How High - a rare gem that gets stacked in the head after the first listening and can easily let the crowd dance as if there is no tomorrow. Miles Away - This beautiful song can do justice for the HC era and showcase her always-improving guitar skills. Beautiful Killer - It's a great bop that worked extremely well with the crowd at the Olympia theater. It is perfect to make the crowd jump! Best Night - One of the best RH songs and it deserves justice for being ignored last time. Moreover, it would work well next to Skin because both song require the presence of sitar, which would be really dope to have on stage.
  7. Lucifer's Angel

    yeah but Madonna song is different cuz she does not show egos or vanity but rather self-irony; and the message is very empowering cuz everyone can say to be Madonna to find strength against the oppression of rules and society.
  8. Lucifer's Angel

    I wouldn't mind this set-list Revolver Beautiful Killer She's Not Me Forbidden Love Skin Sanctuary To Have and Not to Hold Pray for Spanish Eyes Nothing Fails Devil Pray Sky fits Heaven Paradise (Not For Me) Isaac Why’s it so Hard Impressive Instant Best Night Where Life Begins Secret Garden Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Nobody Knows Me How High Til Death Do us Part Over & Over Easy Ride Rescue Me
  9. Lucifer's Angel

    I'd like to know where the hate for Superstar comes from. The lyrics are simple but they carry a great message and the Ooh la la hook is so catchy. I also think that the production is great and I wish it had been promoted as single not only in Brazil but worldwide wdym Madonna is arguably the most famous person alive and everyone can relate to Madonna, while only few know who is Mok. I mean,love Lou Reed but him singing "My name is Mok" is not exactly the same as Madonna singing "Bitch, I'm Madonna". Lyrically speaking the two songs deal with different subjects. On top of that, they sound like nothing alike. BIM is a very experimenting song in which Madonna introduced dubstep to pop music
  10. Lucifer's Angel

    As serious as the effects of climate change. It's such a boring song that I always struggle to hear it till the end. The lyrics are very basic and her vocal performance is so weak. Never understood its appeal ngl Btw are you serious about Skin ?? oh wow, really? It's Madonna sexiest song since Erotica imo. I love the presence of the's such a hypnotic and sexy sound and the sample of justify my love fits so well...what's bad about it? The hook is also catchy af Ooh la la even worse than Auto-Tune Baby?
  11. All Madonna songs are great, but which are your less favorite ones? This is my top 15 worst Madonna songs ever released: 1. Auto-Tune Baby 2. Incredible 3. B-Day Song 4. American Pie 5. Champagne Rosé 6. Queen 7. Crazy for You 8. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore 9. Ring My Bell 10. Love Song 11. Me Against the Music 12. I'd rather be your lover 13. Amazing 14. SuperPop 15. This Used To Be My Playground I'm looking forwards to see your top 15
  12. Lucifer's Angel

    yup, at least that's what I would call the best night of my life
  13. Lucifer's Angel

    ^ no
  14. Lucifer's Angel

    I can understand the superiority of Oh Father and Keep It Together over Beat Goes On and Dance2night, but it is beyond my capacity to make sense of the rest of your choices I mean, She's Not Me is perfection both lyrically and sonically and deserved a music video and single treatment. On the other hand, Cherish is quite boring lyrically and the only great thing about it is the music video, but lbr it did not deserve to be a single. Meanwhile, both Promise To Try and Miles Away are ballads with deep introspective lyrics. However, Promise To Try is the usual slow ballad that you are probably going to forget after the first listen and it's the kind of song that could had fit better a stronger vocalist like Whitney Houston (same for Oh father btw). On the other hand, damn it! Miles Away is that kind of rare ballad that rocks hard! It is generally downtempo with a sad/reflective mood but at the same time it's great to dance to it and sing it out loud. That is because the electronic beats are dope and the acoustic guitar is so pleasant to hear. On top of that the bridges are so powerful and the chorus is extremely catchy: an epic ballad that is impossible to forget. Finally, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You destroys Act of Contrition lyrically and its vibe it's way more suggestive and mysterious. Moreover, sonically speaking it's more experimenting as it starts softly with a beautiful piano and then becomes fast and catchy.
  15. Lucifer's Angel

    Probably GI2M is not suitable for every dance floor..only the ones with great affinity for hip-hop COADF is more luckily to please generic disco floor ig