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    I'm so grateful that Madonna keeps avoiding trashy talent shows like X Factor, the Voice or Got Talent, and she looks for different platforms to launch the new era. Another Grammys' opening would have been repetitive and after all the Grammys are overrated and biased. Instead, Eurovison is increasing in popularity and it has a huge audience that embrace people of different cultures across Europe, Russia and Middle East. Those countries are Madonna's strongest markets worldwide. Israel still cares a lot about Madonna's new music, unlike the United States. It is actually a great marketing move to promote the new music in the countries in which she can still break records and smash the charts.
  2. Lucifer's Angel

    House of the Rising Sun is a traditional folk song. Devil Pray has clearly folk elements but it is mainly a techno pop song. At first listening it sounds totally different and the similarities are only in some parts of the song. The instrumental in Devil Pray is much more complex and it does not follow the same melody throughout the all song. For instance around 1:30 it becomes more techno and when she sings Ooo, save my soul, ooo, save my soul Ooo, save my soul Devil's here to fool ya It sounds totally different from the House of the Rising Sun. Moreover, the parts of the instrumental with the similarities sound more like an upgraded remix of the House of the Rising Sun. That is why I would suggest the adjective "slightly" and save "very" for more similar songs like Born This Way and Express Yourself ( or Halo by Beyonce and Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson)
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    I fixed that for you
  4. Lucifer's Angel

    My ultimate top20 is 1. Like A Prayer 2. Die Another Day 3. Frozen 4. La Isla Bonita 5. Like A Virgin 6. Material Girl 7. Music 8. Don't Cry For Me Argentina 9. Open Your Heart 10. Into The Groove 11. Ray Of Light 12. Sorry 13. Human Nature 14. Lucky Star 15. Nobody Knows Me 16. Miles Away 17. Nothing Really Matters 18. Bitch I'm Madonna 19. Give It To Me 20. Don't Tell Me
  5. Lucifer's Angel

    The Celestial Madonna World Tour (2016) Act I Bitch I'm Madonna ( Video intro) Material Girl Get Into The Groove La Isla Bonita Secret Justify My Love Secret Garden Act 2 Human Nature ( Video interlude) Frozen Sorry Die Another Day Beautiful Killer Till Death Do Us Apart Lucky Star Act 3 Best Night ( Video interlude) Nobody Knows Me Sky Fits Heaven Impressive Instant Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Messiah Let It Will Be Act 4 I deserve It (Video interlude) Easy Ride Nothing Really Matters Miles Away The Power of Goodbye How High Like A Prayer
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    Die Another Day Like a Prayer Frozen
  7. Lucifer's Angel

    Never Let You Go
  8. Lucifer's Angel

    BIM is arguably the most fun song on the album and Madonna back to her best humor and rebellious attitude. The lyrics are not as good as in Devil Pray, but the chorus is super catchy and Nicki's verse snaps. The sound is the most experimental one since AL. The instrumental goes hard, especially at the end of the song. It is that kind of sound-adrenaline that makes you lose control on a dancefloor. Just to clarify, LFL is a good song with a sophisticated instrumental, but lyrically it s not that catchy and it is not as good as BIM on the dancefloor. It would have worked out much better as an album track, giving the chance to Devil's Pray to shine. Just my two cents btw.
  9. Lucifer's Angel

    Yes, not only is my fave song on RH, but it is the one that aged better among the gp. Like it or not, BIM is the song with more streams and monthly listeners. It got more than the double of streams of LFL and the music video is the most watched one in Madonna's youtube history. It is a great video portraying how party is done properly and it has replay value regardless of the 3 seconds cameo of the other celebs. On the other hand, the LFL music video served Gimme all Your Luvin 2.0 teas: it was just the rehearsal for the Grammys performance with her dancers. The Grammy's performance itself was not that great either cuz it looked like the LFL's music video but without any special effect. The truth is that the production of BIM is fresh and experimental and it is Madonna's back to her best form. After she performed it live at Fallon the song charted on the Hot100 (the only RH single to achieve this btw), but she did not promote it any further. Instead, can you imagine how much more successful BIM would have been if it was choose as lead single and promoted with a live perf at the Grammys and the Brits? Trust me BIM as lead single would have worked out much better and the song itself is much more friendly to young audience radio's stations. Ghosttown is a boring generic ballad that could have been released by anyone and it killed any hopes left for the RH era, although the music video was ok. Devil Pray as second single would have smashed the charts worldwide imo. It is a huge BOP that needed a music video and one of the best songs on the album. #justice4DevilPray As third single I would have chosen probably Addicted cuz it is another huge BOP and should have been included in the standard version. #justice4Addicted As forth single either Best Night, Veni Vidi Vici, Messiah, Rebel Heart or Wash All Over Me. Said that, the Avicii's demos were much better and it's a shame that she let Kanye ruin those demos. The leaks and the superior Avicii's demos were the real reason RH flopped, but still a better single choice could have made a difference XD
  10. Lucifer's Angel

    It is a big mistery ngl. American Life and DAD are great lead singles, but Hollywood is arguably THE worst track on the album and I'm still wandering why the hell she promoted it as single. Confession era was still ok with Hung Up and Sorry, but Get Together was a strong sign that she was starting to lose her touch. There was no need to release such a bad song with an even worse music video (arguably Get Together is THE worst music video in her career). Hard Candy had few singles and that's a shame cuz it is honestly top5 Madonna's albums, but at least she avoid some mess track to become singles. 4minutes, Give it to me and Miles Away are amazing songs and they all deserved to be singles. For a moment it seemed everything was back to normal but then MDNA was the final proof that she did lost her touch. Gimme all your luvin' was more like a promo single for her Superbowl show rather than the lead of a new music era. It was like if the halftime show was more important than the album itself. Girl gone wild was ok but it lacked promo and then Turn Up The Radio destroyed any hope left: boring song with even more boring music video. A huge disappointment aka Get Together. It was more like she wanted to tease the set-list for the MDNA tour and the era itself became just a big promo for the tour. Finally RH was the biggest disappointment so far. Both LFL and Ghosttown are mediocre songs and among the less interesting ones in the album. A terrible, terrible choice! She promoted the shit out of LFL but it was too trash to became a hit. Instead Bitch I'm Madonna is the best song on the album but it was chosen as the last single when the gp had no more hopes for that era left. If BIM was chosen as lead single things would have been very different. Imagine if she performed BIM not at the Tonight Show with Fallon but at the Grammys. She would have caught everyone attention and it would have charted a lot higher and it would have get radio support too. In the UK LFL was played on the old people's radio station, while BIM was a sure hit for young people radios if only had been the lead. Hopefully she learned tho cuz RH was a big flop and a better singles choice could have made a difference.
  11. Lucifer's Angel

    1. Sticky and Sweet 2. Girlie Show 3. Who's That Girl 4. Drowned 5. Confession 6. Rebel Heart
  12. Lucifer's Angel

    Lucky Star >>>>>> the rest
  13. The Sticky&Sweet hands down It is a legendary tour and the most successfull one. Sold-out stadium everywhere and the energy in some crowds was insane, like in Buenos Aires. Watching her singin Dont Cry Argentina In Buenos Aires is high level emotional and priceless. She deliveres great vocals also during Miles Away, Like a Prayer and ROL. Moreover the choreos r insane and she never loses her stamina. The show is entertaining from start to end and the backdrop videos are so cool like Die Another Day and Get Stupid. So many highlists but the top10 performances are: 1.Get into the groove 2. La Isla Bonita 3. Frozen/Open Your Heart 4. Vogue 5. Give It To Me 6. She's Not Me 7. Music 8. Like a Prayer 9. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You 10. Ray Of Light Legendary. Only the BAT is rightfully more legendary than the S&S
  14. Lucifer's Angel

    Yo fossils, I'm Lucifer and I'm ageless I became a fan with American Life and since then I saw her live in the Confession, the Sticky&Sweet and the Rebel Heart tours. She's THE best and I cant wait for the Magic era World peace y'all