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  1. Cooka.

    LOL I know a lot of fans can's stand Tracy and I do agree that most of her remixes are a little meh, but this GHV2 gem has always been one of my favs. The music video is amazing too.
  2. Cooka.

    GHV2 Megamix - Tracy Young's Shake & Stir Club Mix - Almost 12 minutes of pure pumping glory. I like working out to really long mixes. Anything over 8-10 min is great for the gym.
  3. Cooka.

    Part 2 is already online! I'm obsessed with these videos! Outstanding job, @Blue JeanThank you!
  4. Cooka.

    lol I think I had it installed around the Rebel Heart release... for about 2 days
  5. Cooka.

    and Air! Allegedly their song Alpha Beta Gaga was offered to M during this time.
  6. Cooka.

    Take A Bow video (I prefer You'll see, the song though) Abbie Reynolds or Amber Leighton? Edit - Whoops! didn't realized that we're doing songs only, so... Living For Love or Medellin?
  7. Cooka.

    I have done this too!! Yes, they work so good together and I like being surprised when played in shuffle. Remember she wanted to release 2 albums, one for Heart and one for Rebel... or something like that? Now I feel like MX is actually the other side of the coin. Rebel Heart remains the Heart, and Madame X is definitely the Rebel.
  8. Cooka.

    RHT version, I still listen to it very frecuently (mostly the original Dens54 remix) Fever - LP Version or Edit One/Video Mix?
  9. Cooka.

    Gang Bang > everything else lol Drowned World Tour or MDNA Tour?
  10. Cooka.

    God Control + Grillz
  11. Cooka.

    American Pie Love Don't Live Here Anymore... LAV version or STR remix?
  12. Cooka.

    1. Justify My Love - of course. 2. Don't Tell Me 3. Human Nature 4. Open Your Heart 5. Hollywood 6. Love Don't Live Here Anymore LDLHA... I downloaded and watched nasty's AI upscale that was posted a few days ago... Before that, the last time I watched the LDLHA video, was probably when I got the 93:99 dvd :/
  13. Hey there. Costa Rica has been praised all over the world for how well the health system has been acting out, amazing research, people actually following instructions, so in theory, I don't have much to worry about. Some restaurants, shopping malls, gyms and movie theaters started working again last week, under very strict regulations, but I haven't been out of the house yet haha (except for groceries). I'm so so grateful that I have a job that allows me to work from home, but to be honest, I'm still a little scared to return to "normal" life. We still have around 5-10 new cases of covid per day, so why risk it? I've become such a germophobe and I know that I will continue desinfecting everything 2 steps ahead of me, washing my hands every 5 minutes, not allowing people to stand too close to me and so on, but yeah, it's still too soon for me, I guess? I can totally feel your happiness by just reading your post, and I hope I can experience the same very soon.
  14. Cooka.

    Madonna by Steven Klein for Zoo Magazine.
  15. Cooka.

    What It Feels Like For A Girl