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  1. at the shows i saw Frozen was performed sitting on boxes behind the Lola projection and futur she was at the piano
  2. I love all the Ray Of Light looks and of course 1990/91 blond bob/curls but i have a soft spot for 2004 ReInvention era long loose curls soft honey blond etc
  3. I think the light blond pieces are wefts of hair (not hers)
  4. I saw Pam Ann too and ended up front row, i was so tense the whole show as she kept walking past us but she picked on my friend instead of me lol
  6. how did you find out? im still in queue i may give up and get london for £1000
  7. they must add more dates to lisbon ??
  8. love the honey blonde almost red hung up look, but also re invention long soft curls, multi tones are the best i think and i think she rocked the girlie show pixie cut, Damn it she looks good in any colour lol
  9. i was told the legends slot is an afternoon gig ? no way would M do that she would want the main stage at about 11pm
  10. Dont hate on me - i was originally shocked, i mean she has been a fitness machine for many years and had a slim/muscular frame, I dont care if she has put on weight I applaud her fearless attitude but i just want to ask - is this due to normal weight gain or has she had some sort surgery,
  11. but from secondary ticket sites you can tripple that
  12. I'd love a jazz section with He's a man/sooner or later etc i could imagine a similar setting to music/RHT but with M in a glitzy gown type ? reinventing Breathless ( i'm really digging I'm Breathless at the moment (sorry)
  13. dare i say she has better frontage than KK
  14. love those VOGUE sheets, if only they were the negatives these are on ebay
  15. For me i always remember seeing the Papa don't prech video as a child on TOTP and became besotted with her look and the fact they never showed the full video lol, the next really big moment was some friends of mine went to see the Who's that girl tour in London (i was too young to go) so i asked them to bring me back a poster and a programme, which i adored, i used to visit HMV just to look at their massive You can dance window display (back in the days when you had proper promotional displays, i then spent all of 1988 buying her back catalogue and getting as many items i could, i discovered
  16. I think it was to do with the maverick label ? i could be wrong but i remember seeing it a lot during that period
  17. we need those backdrop videos in HD please x
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