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  1. Thank you so much, I hadn't heard this podcast. It is always a pleasure to listen to Stephen Bray in interviews, even if that only makes your mouth water... I love how he highlights for the first time a title that was only a rumor: Head Over Heels, which would confirm that recordings of Prisoner, Get Away and Call on Me from the Emmy era could also exist (because their titles appear in photos of the time of his club performances). He also seems to speak highly of First There's a Kiss and Desperately Seeking Susan (the song) Bray says "if only Madonna asked me..." But he could ask us too Steve, ask us, pleeease
  2. No. You started to talk about US charts after my answer, not before
  3. https://www.discogs.com/es/search?q=madonna+american+pie
  4. Es el patoooo locooooo Es el pato loquísimoooooo
  5. Don't Tell Me to Stop Can't Stop Hung Up on Madonna [Drama Mode ON] Promise to Try But a really commercial working title would be Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer or even Ray of Light. No way. The perfect title would be: REBEL HEART She already re-used iconic titles such as Truth or Dare or MDNA (Skin) years later, so why not? She always had and has a rebel heart ❤️
  6. Hola Bermu, ¿qué tal estas? , ¿puedes ayudarme con dos remixes? :pray:estoy buscando los remixes de william orbit de mdna de souncloud, concretamente "I´m a sinner" y "some girls", me preguntaba si podrías ayudarme, los he pedido en request , estaría muy agradecido si pudieras ayudarme con esos dos remixes de William Orbit. Un saludo desde España, y muchas gracias de antemano. Sergio.

  7. I don't think the 8 GB has been re-encoded. It has AC3 5.1 audio with a higher bitrate (even if it has only 2 channels with sound), two MP2 stereo audio tracks, and a DVB subtitles track. It seems to be a direct grab from TV, specifically MultiShow channel. Anyway, we should wait for the Saturday's rebroadcast, because all the versions have sooo many audio glitches...
  8. Definitely YES, IMHO the 8 GB is the best version, because it has 5.1 undubbed audio, and even if it is 8 GB vs. 13 GB weight, the video quality looks the same, plus it has complete Bob intro and final credits. I'm gonna add chapters to that file and keep it until we have a better rip (it that's possible) with no glitches at NRM, Rain, etc. Edit: The 5.1 audio track in the 8 GB file is NOT real 5.1, but stereo plus 4 empty tracks. So.......... aborted mission... or we stick to the stereo track -for now-.
  9. I've just remuxed the HDTV video track with the undubbed audio track:
  10. Well, it's free after all. And look on the bright side: we'll watch a disaster-proof concert with enough time to autotune the audio and censor the swear words ¿Dónde están los tíos con polla?
  11. MultiShow is LIVE, but it is NOT FREE. Globo has a 15-minute delay, but it is FREE Ready here with NordVPN and GloboPlay on my TV!
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