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  1. Well... we've already got an Official Music Video... with no Madonna
  2. She doesn't need to promo it, because Abel farts and easily gets 20 million views in hours. The Weeknd is #1 in Spotify right now...
  3. I TRULY love the song (really!!!) The beat remains me to Nicki Minaj's Starships, when she says "We're higher than a motherf*cker!", you know... This song is going to be big stuff for memes in Spain (and Latin America, surely) as the "Vulgar" word in the song sounds a bit similar to "Foca" ("Seal" in English), and we use that word to call somebody "Fat" (as well as "Cow"). F O C A !!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39FkO7sIeoA
  5. https://twitter.com/i/status/1663612595088293888
  6. I don't think so. Resen is the same studio that released the Blu-ray version of Desperately Seeking Susan in Spain, which I own, and its picture quality is just perfect. I can assure that it is neither a DVD upscaled nor a direct digital/streaming copy (you can see all the film grain and zero color-banding or low-bitrate defects), and definitely not recorded on a BD-R. What is true is that perhaps it is not an official remastering since the picture is not super sharp. For that, they would have to rescan the film reels in 4K and then remaster them, as they do with all the cinema classics. In essence, these Blu-rays that you call "bootleg" contain the most faithful and purest image you can obtain from the current masters (scans), and this has been happening since the early DVDs in the late '90s, and later with the early Blu-rays, in all those titles that do not include the label "New 4K Remastering blah blah blah" which does not mean that they are crude upscales from an old low-definition digital source like the DVD. Having said that, I'm gonna order my copy. Thanks for the notice, Frank!
  7. Warning Signs, Just a Dream, Possessive Love and others are saying Hello AI (La Isla Bonita by MJ is just A-MA-ZING!!!) 


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    2. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      Madge doing Where Did Your Heart Go
      i might be interested in


    3. Bermu
    4. MartineX


      I'm a fake, fake Boy, in a fake, fake world...someday we wont need artists to Record theirs songs...



  8. Madonna should do a medley with Warning Signs and this for the tour... Her fans deserve it :kiss2:


    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      where love lives
      midnight lover
      would be my first choices
      or Randy Crawford singing Borderline
      it almost happened...

  9. Madonna speaks at minute 4:25 Yes, it is Dark Ballet-ish I suppose the other two songs will be the same
  10. Many of M albums have included a sticker pointing out "Hits" that had not even been released as singles yet. It is not unreasonable to think that she can release a brand new studio album and add only 2 or 3 new songs from it to the tour. As an example, Re-invention Tour was certainly a greatest hits tour and she only sang 4 songs from her previous studio album (plus Die Another Day and Hollywood remix interlude...) (Beat Goes On )
  11. Wow!! :O That means that we'll never get a real 4K restored Like a Prayer video, but an upscaled version by Emily lol ...unless you give the film reels back to Mary or Warner :P This is so... unprofessional, I can't believe it. I know it is not comparable, but can you imagine getting AI-upscaled versions of Walt Disney animated shorts because the film reels where discarded? :S I hope you can share a digital copy with us one day, maybe, when you owe no more to the future. Madonna fans have many things, but above all, patience. ;P Lucky boy! ❤️
  12. Another clip from the Keith Haring's birthday party at Paradise Garage NY, this time, Like a Virgin :lord: Please, somebody tells @thetagpolice in Instagram to make a crowd funding for the full show https://www.instagram.com/p/CpWcBTcAh2C/

    1. Bermu
    2. Celebration


      I hope Madonna can include footage from this evening in the deluxe edition of Like A Virgin! :)

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