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  1. First new album with clasdic songs please!! then followed with a greatest hits tour. but i dont go to stadiums too big
  2. I hope for a new album but not this kind of old demo songs. I dont download the demo because i find it horrible song . so
  3. Do you think we get up side down suite , waithing remix in a ep of rain?
  4. I still miss not having this 6 lp in my collection . They send me email with the refund so it will be ok with me too
  5. I send a email that i still got nothing and if i can get my money back
  6. I will wait a few more day but the a will send a new email. Let get keep updated how thing are going
  7. She can release a new album do 5 songs from It and the rest some hits songs. I will not going to her new tour
  8. I recieved this Thank you for your email. Your order was shipped on August 19nd 2022 and the shipping confirmation number was provided the same date.. The shipping method does not come with a tracking number rather an estimated delivery time of 1-2 weeks. Please note that to some destinations delivery make take up to 8 weeks. Unfortunately we cannot provided an update on the whereabouts of your order as there is no tracking available. Before taking any additional step we need to wait the full time of 8 week as to some international destination can be delayed up to that time frame. Please note if your package when through the UK during the 10 days of stoppage due to the queen’s passing this could be the main cause the for the delayed arrival. If you do not received your order by October 14th 2022please let us know and we’ll look into resend your order if stock is available. Best Regards, Customer Service Team I really hope i will recieved it by the end of this month. if not in worst case my money back , but i prefer they send it again if they have still copies but i doudt it
  9. im still waiting too , i just send a email how long i have to wait and if i don't get it i can have a refund. i don't think they will send it again because it limited edition and you can't buy it anywhere . im from belgium
  10. did some one get the 6 lp from canada that lives in europe i still have not received it
  11. Did anyone who lives in Europe resieved the 6 lp orded from canada?
  12. Madonna can even live longer then we maybe will lol . Her father is still alive
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