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  1. professormouse

    It's Chinese = Fake. There's no guarantee it even has the tracks it claims to have.
  2. The shit stirring is done by this woman. I'm sure everyone one here didn't think their comments were allowed to be quoted elsewhere ? Otherwise why is there a log-in ?? I'd hazard a guess that several who have said they HATED it still bought the thing ??? Saying Madge's latest offering didn't float your boat THAT Much is NOT the same as saying she's past it. Which this stupid and illogical 'article' does. WTF has Beyonce's success or not got to do with Madonna ? There's only one person who will be laughing at all of this and if they are A Member here = No you don't have permission to quote me !
  3. professormouse

    This chap says Hi Y'all too......
  4. It's not the quoting that is the worst part. The whole tone of it is = "Look it's flopped = Madonna is shit any way = Isn't Beyonce Marvelous...and Popular !" It's petty and bitchy for no other reason to get the writer of it noticed.
  5. Her argument does even make any sense. " As expected, Madonna fans love the single, as with anything the singer does." Then picks out comments from all the 'sad worshippers' that goes against what she's just said ???????? Hilarious !
  6. Beyond 'Pathetic'....this has an agenda. " As expected, Madonna fans love the single, as with anything the singer does." = U SAD FUCKS ? And they all hate it really but enough about that = isn't Beyonce WONDERFUL ! wtf ? I wasn't MAD on this single but it's grew on me a bit. This article is just BITCH, BITCH, BITCH...Madonna is passed it ? " The Madonna Infinity Fan Forum did not have good things to say about the single either. " = Uhm Really ? Who TF is Barbara Sobel I wondered ? Barbara Sobel is a promoter and radio producer.....says Google. This is all about Promoting herself while she stomps on this single in her ruby slippers. If nothing else this will make people buy even more copies ?
  7. professormouse

    SHM-CD = Super High Material CD = Better Plastic !
  8. professormouse

    The Power Of Goodbye & Take A Bow remind me of Someone. I always thought the latter was very like Kate Bush's 'Wow' lyrics wise. I sung all 3 around someone and they never took a hint. They are dead now.
  9. Really ? Never noticed the strange pubes b4 though....
  10. professormouse

    Something you couldn't live without @-one-time.....
  11. THAT is another Story. There's some folk think Madge wrote a tune called Throb. Janet once said she wrote hers to 'something lying around at Sheps'.... I'm sure the Experts know more......
  12. professormouse

    Very 'Yump UP' ! Apart from a little intro perhaps, there's not much wrong with this at all. Every other Queen and their poodle has had a go at this, so why not finish it !
  13. That might be why he was a little pissed off ? Yes, he mixed the Salsoul 'Ooh I Love It (Love Break)' track AND Vogue....Lawyers didn't see the resurrection of the older tune, they just saw 'rip off'. What sounds like 'out take' on the Madge tune is actually this.......