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  1. professormouse

    From 1983. It might look a little familiar....
  2. professormouse

    I know. I just find it funny [as in peculiar] that in all the 'how does this relate to The album' chat... No one mentions that 'She' has now gone through 3 [?] Main Formats. That and that albums are dead, Single Tracks are The Future. Spotify's CEO said that.
  3. professormouse

    Same as radio but you pay in advance first.
  4. professormouse

    U know Your actually correct. I understand that some do have difficulty understanding me so these guys explain it a lot better.... !
  5. Did you see this ? There could be any number of real coloured vinyl out there but you will never know until someone tries to sell one ?
  6. professormouse

    This is fine though ? Exactly! Beep beep, bitch move 'Fore I bang bang with that Uz That's Miu Miu on my shoes Ain't got a thing left for me to prove It's that bottle service all night It's that poppin' urban just right It's that go hard or go home zone Bitch, I'm Madonna, these hoes know OK !
  7. professormouse

    I'm glad you do then. Some People seem to understand. " why you imply pop music in other languages being successful in the english speaking world is an offense towards Madonna. " U have come to this conclusion. I haven't actually said that though. Madonna is trying something new. I haven't HATED anything yet. Is that clear enough ?
  8. professormouse

    And a book too. Final Video = I get it ! There's some other one then ?
  9. professormouse

    David Bowie released 3 albums of Tin Machine. At-The-Time Everyone went WTF is sounds Nothing Like Bowie ? That was the entire point..... I LOved it ! It was a nice change from his 'Officially Shyte Years' post Let's Dance...... NOW every Critic LOVES ev'ry gnats fart he ever recorded.
  10. professormouse

    I'm fine Sweetie. If Someone doesn't understand....Why bang your head more ?
  11. professormouse

    If you mean the one about 'K-pop and Reggaeton' then Sayonara....
  12. professormouse

    That from headlines like Career Ending to the above... There's still Some People who haven't enjoyed jumping on her supposed grave ? It was mostly the English Speaking World that bothered about Music 'in English too. Or could that be American ? When I hear the whole thing I will judge. The Singles so far have been album tracks. That's it.
  13. professormouse

    Whitney Holograms on Tour ? What's this person up to I wonder ?