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  1. bops from start to finish. sad bops at the end


    1. realityisalways


      I don't know man, those people seem leftist as fuck. 

    2. Chris Morlock
  2. i never saw it until now and i wish i hadnt seen it at all lol
  3. tbh most fans could come up with better designs than what the professionals come up with.
  4. tbh im surprised at this, why hasnt madonna been invited to be a judge on RPDR?
  5. i did include the 2010s in my statement. but yeah, all that makes sense.
  6. tbf the 2000s didnt have as big of hits as the 80s and 90s. especially the 2010s i blame the Madonna v Gaga rats preventing fans of either artist to enjoy the other's art.
  7. why not start with a non-single song of the submitter's choice.
  8. i mean im not too good at editing but im in. im ready to be bulldozed
  9. :crying:


    1. Brandon Clark

      Brandon Clark

      I literally can't with this song sometimes it is truly a tear jerker!!! Not just because of the subject but her delivery is soul grabbing!!! It blows my mind how identical this sounds to the original version even down to the breaths she makes towards the end! LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl this song literally EVERYTHING about her!!! There aren't enough hearts :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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