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  1. i already know all her music at this point at least enough to know how i'd rank her discography. idk any of her live albums or videos (i know her music videos) etc
  2. omg i need it now but im broke $98.00 Pre-order - released on: 10/29/2021 https://mychemicalromance.warnerrecords.com/hipdot-danger-days-makeup-set.html
  3. because of artists like Madonna and Cher, i wished i was born in the 70's/80's so i could experience the highs and lows of my fav artists of those decades kfjbskfbsdkgb
  4. yeah that. sksksksksk its been a logn while since i watched either sksksk
  5. that'd suck for me since i only JUST became a Madonna stan in 2015
  6. I bought the green translucent vinyl for Taylor's album Evermore at Walmart just now and the entire album fucking skips 😭🤡😡

    1. brank000


      Did you try cleaning it? A lot of time vinyl need a good cleaning even if it's brand new.

    2. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      i dont have a cleaner :cry:

  7. She really should remaster and rerelease every album she's finished (even if there's any unreleased albums we don't know about) and separately include them all in a box set spanning her whole career.
  8. i believe the reason those three arent available anywhere nowadays was cos Cher was very unhappy with how they turned out so she bought the original masters and just kept them from being released after buying them.
  9. there are official CD releases for that one back in its original release from her website. there was an original release and a reissue. both very limited copies. https://www.discogs.com/Cher-Notcommercial/release/1741527 https://www.discogs.com/Cher-Notcommercial/release/4289641
  10. i need it (non youtube rip) in my itunes
  11. im excited to see the film/ tho ill have to find an alt way to watch cos i dont have paramount+ nor do i have much interest for it.
  12. I always preferred 5+ minute long songs to the 2 minute long songs. ✨
  13. I hope the vinyl release splits it into the political side and the personal relationship side since both have 5 songs. A1 Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land A2 Venus Fly Trap A3 Man's World A4 New America A5 Purge the Poison B1 Highly Emotional People B2 Pandora's Box B3 I Love You But I Love Me More B4 Flowers B5 Goodbye
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