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  1. VOTY, ROTY AND SOTY, KATY IS BACK AND SHE'S NOT HERE TO PLAY! This song has EVERY reason to smash, but honestly looking at the trash in the worldwide charts rn, I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't chart, people are so tasteless lately and have been snubbing her in favour of such basic "artists", still deserves to smash! Let's support her gays! 

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    2. Andreo


      Cmon, give it a chance, the song is very good, and the video is great! And offtopic but if I ever see another passive aggressive LOL to one of my posts, I swear to Jubileus, this will end up in a carnage 

      Shooting Episode 2 GIF by The Simpsons

    3. 50ft Queenie

      50ft Queenie

      I was just kinda joking, the video is actually pretty good.

    4. Andreo


      That was not direct to you really, and I was joking too lol ^^ also I love this video as well, one of my favorite from Katy so far! 

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