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  1. Is it just her hair is tucked under the outfit or does she have her hair up in buns on the side, almost like Princess Leia?
  2. Christopher Walken Live To Tell or Crazy For You?
  3. Man, I'm just a bit taken aback that she's about to wrap up the European part of the tour. I predict American audiences will probably be harsher. I hope that I'm wrong though.
  4. Actually many have followed an anniversary date. But it's not like they make an announcement beforehand. More and more, they just add it to the digital and streaming platforms with very little mention if any. The hardcore fans here are only following the usual pattern of the releases, so yes, most have been released on their anniversary date.
  5. Yes, those who are attending should be able to validate if it's been noted they are filming. Though, I believe she's been filming all the shows to some capacity.
  6. Lucky Stay Human Nature, Secret or Bedtime Story?
  7. Thanks for the clarification. Also, I think it's unfair for those of us only seeing the video footage to heavily critique what's going on. It's not like any of these recorded videos really have captured the audio well anyway. But yeah, there have been some obviously technical issues, but I think it's pretty typical and some might think it's more than usual since every show is being shared online.
  8. I think it's pretty common. The big difference is people are filming every show and we are quick to pick it out. I don't think the issues really are that bad, but I'm sure it's a minor annoyance to Madonna. Remember, the bigger the production, and not using a live band, only elevates that chance of things going wrong. I'm betting many of these issues aren't noticed as much to the actual people attending, and no doubt the fans are quick to pick it out!
  9. What would be the reason for a removal from the "big Xmas playlist"?
  10. Loves loves loves. Thank you so much for sharing. 🧜🏼‍♂️🧜🏿🧞🧚‍♂️🧚🏻🧞‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🧚🏿🧞‍♂️
  11. Yes, and then there is Rain and Bad Girl which are real treats to hear on tour. I hope they remain in the show for the remainder of the tour.
  12. I suspect (if there is a push) it is more to do with the tour. The tour is in the news, and being it's billed on her past hits and look back at her career, there may be interest in pushing something during the Holiday season people are inclined to listen to. I personally think with all the covers of that song, Madonna comes very close to the original, but definitely with a 80's Madonna twist to it. It's a fun bop for the season. While I am not listening to my local station other than going to and from work, I have heard the song several times already. There could be a collective push from all with her music coming. I've also seen the commercial for Marshalls on TV many times that features 4 Minutes. I think 2024/25 will probably bring a bigger surge of interest in her music. We are about to enter 40 years of Madonna becoming a global phenomenon, and while I originally championed and thought it would begin with the first album, but now I'm beginning to think it makes sense for 2024 to be a key time to start pushing Madonna's back catalog back on to the public. Let's face it; I don't necessarily believe Mariah's Christmas song just coincidentally started to hit as well. She spend several years prior, re-releasing and re-recording new versions of that song before it really started to take off. Not saying, the same is happening with Santa Baby, but I suspect it may be more to do with the interest and effect of the tour.
  13. I can't get enough of NRM, Burning Up and that choreography during Holiday when I Want Your Love comes on. Just great stuff!
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