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  1. AspergerArtist

    Should *have*
  2. AspergerArtist

    This again?
  3. AspergerArtist

    Happy and enjoying life with her children and grandchildren.
  4. AspergerArtist

    Looks like she's been rather flatulent if the trail of smoke from her ass is any indication.
  5. AspergerArtist

    Nah, I've been told it'll be the twins 😊
  6. AspergerArtist

    Maybe it was just boring. I never liked it. The production on it felt generic. Thrown together, like Love Spent and Masterpiece. Good songs on paper but wasted in the studio.
  7. AspergerArtist

    M, Kate, Cyndi and Siouxsie, maybe Annie Lennox too. Wish they could get together, even if just for coffee lol
  8. AspergerArtist

    1998 ROL at the MTV Awards is one of my favourites. Yes, the vocals are like a wild animal, it's how ROL might sound with any of us doing it, but she totally owned that stage. That presence.... Even when she's miles off with the vocals, she was still amazing. And so beautiful with the long dark hair, that white vest, black pants and heels. Simple, yet magnificent.
  9. AspergerArtist

    Hehehehe I remember using Photo shop years ago to make my own cassette sleeves for singles that were never issued in that format... Hung Up, American Life, Love Profusion. I think the last official one I had was Don't Tell Me. I loved how neat they were and stackable. My first one was Dear Jessie.
  10. AspergerArtist

    She was ever present in the 80s. I remember watching Solid Gold and seeing Holiday. Then America's Top Ten and seeing Material Girl, La Isla Bonita and Who's That Girl. I grew up next door to a night club that played her songs as well and my older brothers had collector stickers and she was always featured in them. But then Like A Prayer hit and she was in all those tacky papers my family read they felt the need to protect my gentle mind from such blasphemy and tried to ban radio, TV and magazines from my 10 year old life. It only made me more curious, plus my family were hypocrites, ignorant and abusive and Madonna became a solace from the crap at home. By the time Erotica came out she was considered to be the devil incarnate. I didn't really get the whole Sex thing so it was pointless for my family to try to so hard to demonise her whilst the head of the family was probably jacking off to the spread that was featured in the Observer magazine. I just enjoyed her music and videos, and it's more through her that I came to appreciate Catholic imagery than my stupid family. So that's how I became a fan. It's changed over time though.
  11. The next album. That's all I want. Feels like torture to wish for anything to leak, it's been such a long dry spell. This is the longest period we've not had a Madonna release huh?
  12. AspergerArtist

    @Régine FilangeI think it's because I associate the Met Gala performance with a lot of classical elements and the feeling that since then it might have become Dark Ballet. And since the title Beautiful Game is nowhere to be seen on that list, that's the only one I think it could be. Just a hunch. Of course, the whole list could just be Esther's homework, who knows! "Esther, make titles up for Mambo"
  13. AspergerArtist

    For some reason I think Dark Ballet is Beautiful Game. It could have morphed into something from Black Swan
  14. This one has always been my favourite.
  15. AspergerArtist

    I think she won't be appreciated as much as she deserves in her lifetime, sadly. But she hasn't taken an easy road either. I wonder if social media existed in Diana's lifetime if the public would have been so fickle with her too, but at least Diana's charity work, role as a mother and humanitarian causes weren't overlooked while she was alive. Still though, her private life was scrutinised and gossiped about relentlessly. I think a film showing how Madonna balances/balanced the scrutiny of her fame with her work and family could really only be lovingly done by her children. It could really only come from them. But it's kind of morose to think about now. Miles to go until that happens.