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  1. @LiamI'd actually love an October release personally, got a lot happening that month including my 40th birthday (I'm calling it my Ray of Light year!) so nice way to celebrate would be with a new M CD
  2. I really wonder what's happening tomorrow. I don't think there'll be any releases, but who knows what she's planning. Maybe just more insta stories.
  3. AspergerArtist

    There's messy editing on Unapologetic Bitch as well. But if I remember correctly, she said Diplo had lost quite a lot of the multitracks of her stuff so maybe that's why they couldn't even salvage proper edits.
  4. I think stuff is reworked more than we're of. Another example is Hollywood. This was from an earlier session that got reworked for AL. I think for this new album it will be new tracks because it's a new country, new lifestyle, new experiences. I don't really think she'll be relying much on stuff she wrote in a different time and place in her life.
  5. AspergerArtist

    Happy Birthday RR Time has flown and he's grown up to be a handsome, dapper gentleman with a creative flair. She must be so proud. Wishing him all the best.
  6. AspergerArtist

    "I should do a cookbook.... Oh wait, I don't cook!"
  7. AspergerArtist

    "Knock, knock. Who's there? Bitch. Bitch who? Bitch I'm Madonna!" (laughs hysterically)
  8. AspergerArtist

    "Kiss Drake on stage, they said. It'll be fun, they said..."
  9. AspergerArtist

    "Hi Jnr, this is Madonna, again. You still haven't returned my call."
  10. AspergerArtist

    "What's the words again? You sure that's one of mine?" "Guy, how about I do the whole show with the grills?"
  11. AspergerArtist

    "I'm not singing that song"
  12. AspergerArtist

    Elton John walks past at an event... "Nice ass!" (sticks fingers down throat)
  13. Just for fun, lunch break during painting today "Oh please, don't talk to me about sex, I LITERALLY wrote the book on it!" Who else do you know that can actually say that and mean it?!
  14. AspergerArtist

    The BBB mixes are awesome, I always thought. Shame it never got a real video. I think there's a demo from the Rain Tapes without the vocal effect, but could be mistaken, usually am
  15. AspergerArtist

    Music journalists write in such a baffling way sometimes... Didn't really understand what he meant with The Look of Love and Nothing Fails. Personally, I love You Must Love Me :p