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  1. AspergerArtist

    I love the nod to the Borderline video with the can of spray paint.
  2. AspergerArtist

    It always used to be Rain so I could pretend to be in the video!
  3. AspergerArtist

    Ain't No Big Deal lol 😂
  4. AspergerArtist

    @KarmaI guess it's your turn now!
  5. AspergerArtist

    Try again, it's not JML 🙃
  6. AspergerArtist

    Nice guess, sadly it's not Gambler.
  7. AspergerArtist

    Who can guess the song? 🤗
  8. AspergerArtist

    The Actress Hasn't Learned The Lines You'd Like To Hear
  9. AspergerArtist

    @KarmaBingo 😊 your turn!
  10. AspergerArtist

    @Lucifer's AngelSuch a good guess but not quite. I'll give a clue. It's an unreleased song.
  11. AspergerArtist

    @TonyMontanaSorry, but it's not Express Yourself 🙃
  12. AspergerArtist

    Thanks @LikeAMelody😊 was an awesome hint! OK, here we go!
  13. AspergerArtist

  14. AspergerArtist

    The swimming pool scenes were for the 3 Pepsi commercials shot by Joe Pytka. Not for the actual music video. Some footage is briefly seen in the LAP press kit video which also contained other footage from the 1 released Pepsi commercial.
  15. AspergerArtist

    Hard candy album