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    ....and it’s utterly ugly on them as well. What’s your point?
  2. DaddyZ

    Madonna is a 60 yo woman who’s had her commercial peak a long time ago. Her last massive era was in her late 40’s with Confessions over a decade ago. Ariana is currently peaking from what we are seeing. You can’t just compare the two. It’s nonsense. Where are other artists in Madonna’s age group or who had their commercial peak around the same time? Jennifer Lopez, Mariah and Janet are about ten years younger and you can’t compare them to Arianna or any other current young pop chicken either. All the dudes from Madonna’s heydays are, ummm, well....dead? Im honestly just happy with the fact that she’s still driven and banging out content. I don’t love all of it but there’s always something on every album that I can enjoy. Would it be great if she managed to pull another Music or Hung up out of her ass and see similar success, of course BUT it doesn’t matter at this point. I’m hoping with the new album she gets back to just creating wonderful pop music without trying so hard to be current.
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  4. DaddyZ

    It might be some sort of documentary about her Lisbon experience and the soundtrack would be the new album. But what the fuck do I know. 🤡
  5. DaddyZ

    🎼speculation, come together in every nation 🎶
  6. DaddyZ

    Fkn Christ. Stop the whining and moaning and simmering in your negativity. Be glad she’s still making music at all. Fuck be glad she’s still alive.
  7. DaddyZ

    The Eurovision Song Contest has been around forever and it's not merely a gay fest. Families come together to watch it to cheer on their country. Yes gays will gather their friends to watch it as well. Straight people, men woman...all watch it. It's so much more than a show for the gays. If you can't comprehend that than you're just ignorant to what this contest is and always has been. I think it's a great idea for her to perform there. First performance of the promo tour or last. The exposure is massive.
  8. DaddyZ

    massive exposure.......
  9. DaddyZ

    I think he's just not into the whole fame game. He loves what he does but refuses to be a celebrity. I can respect that.
  10. my criticism is aimed at how he choose to communicate....Not if he does or doesn’t do drugs. I was merely curious if someone who’s so anti psychodelics uses other stimulants or drugs. Get that right.
  11. Dude, there’s just something sooo unnecessarily cunty about you.....maybe you should have a proper drink regularly. I’m out.
  12. Good for everyone who’s able to enjoy the wonders of psychodelics - in a healthy manner. I’m curious, do you drink alcohol? Smoke weed? Any prescription drugs you’re taking?
  13. If you don’t have any experiences with psychodelics your opinion about them is kind of invalid.