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  1. All this whining. JFC. I get it. We all want her to have maximum exposure and somewhere we are all longing for those hey days of hers but at sone point things just are what they are. learn acceptance and let it the fck go. 🙏🏽 Excited to see the show again, projected on a big white wall. ❤️
  2. What a bitchfest this thread is. Ha ha.
  3. I’m here for the titty monster.
  4. It’s safe to say she’s just hosting an exclusive pride party and if we are lucky there will be a remix release or if even luckier, a whole EP. but honestly I don’t even think there will be anything new, music related. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. subtle, beefed up and boring,- one might want to add.
  6. I fkn hate how OCD she has become with the tour videos. It's not in the name of striving for "perfection" or fulfilling an artistic vision. It just reeks of utter insecurities. The soul of the shows and live atmosphere is completely gone. Replaced by sterile over editing and dizzying filters and overlays. After the DWT it's only gotten worse with each release. I don't have high hopes for this release either, given the trajectory. I did love experiencing the MX shows 3x in Brooklyn though. Once on mushrooms
  7. How anyone could think this is a real cover is beyond me
  8. As an audiophile I find this exciting. Tidal was a nice try but their algorithms just suck, as far as suggesting music and creating radio stations. I use an old iPhone as a music player which is which is plug in to a proper Harman Kardon receiver and big wooden speakers. Nothing beats enjoying music that way, especially in lossless formats. if you’re just listening over mediocre headphones or non-separated or cheap Bluetooth speakers, you won’t notice a big difference in quality.
  9. At this point those sort of pix just make me chuckle. For many different reasons. 😉🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. To put things in perspective: a ballad is about 50 bpm a mid tempo song like Secret 100 bpm Folklore album songs range from 75-152 bpm Frozen has great danceable mid tempo remixes. Dance music doesn’t mean only cha cha gay circuit “house” music.
  11. Folk pop doesn’t mean ballads and slow stuff. Duh. I don’t like ballads turned into dance tracks either. Rarely works. secret is a mid temp track and worked great in the remixes. And though I don’t like the Don’t tell me remixes it’s another mid tempo track and WIFLFAG etc etc.
  12. She could do a full on folk pop album and leave the dance stuff to the remixers. slowly drip release each song with a remix. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. I honestly think it’s past the point of “saving” her legacy. She’s destroyed it already. It’s done. Maybe that was her plan all along. and I don’t think the world needs another dance record from her. The world needs a grown up pop folk album from her. Real instruments, real vocals, meaningful lyrics and melodies and harmonies but I don’t think she can deliver that anymore. She seems stuck in a weird cycle of corrupted self image and her issues with aging.
  14. Ha ha. Damn those butts on those chicken legs are funny.
  15. Oh spare us with your cheap self help book attempt at reverse psychology nonsense. If anything it seems more like she’s hating herself and is going to unhealthy lengths to augment her body so she can live with herself. She’s Madonna. She loves to be talked about. That’s why she posts pix of herself half naked. We are people who have been with her since the beginning and will always have opinions about what she puts out. Wether it’s her face, body or creative output. Do our opinions matter? No. Neither does yours. So let people talk about what they want. If it’s too much for you, put your phone down and get back to knitting.
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