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  1. Hi-Fi streaming plugged to a classic harman kardon stereo receiver and massive wooden floor standing speakers. For me nothing beats listening to music that way. Sitting in the stereo triangle and hearing all the little intricacies of the production. If anyone does this similarly, check out Max Richter’s rearrangement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, in master quality on tidal or even Apple Music. Or ultra HD on Amazon. It’s just magical.
  2. OOOHHHH question: Does the 6 LP set count as six units sold? Or how do they calculate that shit for billboard?
  3. Exciting, even though I stopped buying physical releases a good while ago. The ones I have amassed over the past 35+ years are just sleeping in a basement on another continent at this point. But I'll be streaming and will buy digital copies to support.
  4. You didn't deal with anyone or anything. You got blocked which you will again be for being a toxically negative and mentally disturbed person.
  5. Are you ok? Do we need to call social services to do e mental health check? You seem disturbingly disturbed.
  6. Yeah. It is fkn ridiculous. Everybody does it but most really try to keep shit natural. I’ve said it before, no one in their right mind will look at her IG output and think it’s real. It’s a comic really. I just find it so sad.
  7. Ok so I did watch it. Thank god my expectations were so low. Medellin really was ok. Music was the hot mess I expected. The unflattering styling would’ve ruined even the best performance. It’s shockingly awful. No other way to describe it. And yes, they should’ve just done Medellin. Music wasn’t needed. At. All.
  8. Uff. Im not going to watch this. don’t want to feel bad ;) i did see clips and wtf is she wearing? Who styled her? A blind person? No attention paid to proportions or anything really. She looked like a raver miss piggy hungover after a long weekend partying. It’s the worst she’s looked on any stage. The reliance on washed up “sexy” antics is so tiresome. My hope for her to reconnect to her peek genius has been dwindling with each performance. Though I hope I get proven wrong one day. Yes, glad she’s still doing stuff but it’d probably be more interesting if she just showed up with a guitar and sing standing still with the occasional two step left and right. meh. Who cares. Happy Sunday everyone.
  9. Oh. I thought she was singing about omicron. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. I hope they recreate the legendary Drake Coachella moment. HA ha.
  11. OMG. This is just shocking. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. And apparently someone is yapping about popping molly on that new remix. WTF? 🤪
  13. Madsoona is at it again I see. 🕺🏽🥳
  14. Not reading any comments here but it was cute and I’m glad she did something. ❤️
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