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  1. DaddyZ

    I really enjoyed the theater experience and wouldn't mind her doing just that form now on. As far as I'm concerned she can just do something like the Fado section and just sing songs on her guitar or not or piano or all of it, sitting down, no need for exhausting choreos, just her voice and songs we love, for 3 hrs - living room sessions for the fans. Just a great organic band and her focus on vocals...that would be my dream at least.
  2. To me it’s all just so banal. Lacking warmth, depth and creativity. decent background or elevator music though. Everything Naomi did. with Jessica6 is superior.
  3. Honey Dijon is a great DJ but her production work is uninspiring and lacking any creativity. So no thx ;)
  4. DaddyZ

    Instead of a remix album I’d prefer a MX acoustic album. All songs played with real instruments with her Lisbon band. A “living room session”. All she would have to do is sit and sing. ;)
  5. Oh it’s come back to BIM? 🤡
  6. I’m so fkn sold. 🕺🏽
  7. I like it. It’s what TBM set out to do and present her style of dance music. I can see myself drunk dancing to it easily ;) the original is still superior to me though. Funky shit. Hope someone can get their hands on the remix vocals and whip something up with the original.
  8. DaddyZ

    Bout fkn time ;)
  9. DaddyZ

    Madonna trivia queen. 👏🏽👍🏾
  10. DaddyZ

    The albums have only done “reasonably” well because us fanatics buy multiple copies and numerous bundled tickets. In my case that all added up to 5 units of recyclable MX CDs and two digital units plus streaming. The general public has zero interest in her music. Hence the quick and drastic fall offs. Some critics get paid to push product as well. All part of the PR. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed MX and RH but they only hold glimpses of her genius that I fell in love with in 1985 and re-fell in love with, with each album until MDNA. Downhill from there for me. Again, glimpses everywhere and nice moments but not all there, for me.
  11. DaddyZ

    My experience is my experience and is not up for you to agree with or not. It just is. The arrogance of it all. You write a lot but say nothing at all besides criticizing people for voicing their opinions while heralding your own and walking on some faux higher ground because “positivity”. There’s nothing positive about letting your fans of 4 decades wait for THAT long and struggle to get home after the show. It happened on all recent tours. Not just MX. It’s all just terribly silly and I’m not going into every meaningless point and generalization you have made. A Madonna forum is exactly where these things should be discussed. Your overly positive ones and the other side as well. love and light to you.
  12. DaddyZ

    .....and one could simply label you a yay sayer who applauds everything she does even if it stinks, without a hint of critical thinking? As far as I'm concerned she fkd up the album with the over processed vocals. Artistic choice or not most people, fans, love her voice and want to hear that voice not some computer distorted nonsense. There was no soul, no warmth, nothing. The album could've been a great return to form but it simply wasn't. Elements were there but she seems to have lost that magic touch a while ago. Maybe age just does that. The general public didn't care for her vocodered mess either. Medellin could've been her new Las Isla Bonita but alas....The other massive fk ups were the Grand Prix - Eurovision. Who advises her on these matters? A producer friend of mine who worked on the show said that during rehearsals it was clear she wasn't delivering the vocals to Like A Prayer. She was struggling hard and should've lipped it that one too. If she had just done a medley of Holiday and Music and hints of something MadamX she could've killed it, well if she lip synced it. Something fun, that's what they spirit of that show is, a coming together of nations to celebrate. The dark LAP and the crap Future were just so out of place. And then of course the utter disrespect for her fans who travel and spend thousands of hard earned money and then get either cancelled on or have to wait endlessly for the show to start and then have to struggle finding their way home if they actually stayed for the show. It's disgusting behavior. I live in NYC, 20 min cab drive from BAM and for me the experience was great. I fkn loved the show, saw it three times. She wasn't broken yet, the design, the dancers, the small venue, the interactions, her...all was amazing (besides maybe 2-3 songs of MX that she could've dropped and put other fan pleasers in. I say fan pleaser because I don't care for the big hits, just some other songs) .... but I feel for everyone who was so happy to see her only to get fkd in the end. Fukk, I even had tickets to see her in Paris but sold my tix on stub hub a week before knowing how much she was struggling. The date we were supposed to go she did the short version of the show and it would've pissed me off. She could've done her "living room" jam sessions for the fans if she was too broken to dance and sing. She didn't have to cancel. Sit in a chair like Phil Collins did with his broken back (?) and jam...Watch him on youtube form last years tour. All most fans want is to see her and hear her sing. It would've made for something very special, instead fo cancelling. Her touring power, just like her musical power, just like her fanbase have diminished and most of it is her own fault.
  13. I finally came around to slap together a "video" for that mash up:
  14. U don’t do it over the phone. These people have at least decent microphones and recording stuff at home, if not full on recording studios, large or small. All you basically need is a decent mic and recording software on a laptop these days.