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  1. I was also in Paris for two shows and am pretty sure neither was filmed fully.
  2. Damn. Hope it’s all true and we get at least BBC a whole unreleased album.
  3. Can we please flush this mental case already? @Fighter
  4. Mawww. So offended by being called a dimwit yet calling people fools first. You lash out but whine when shit comes back to you. Of course. I’m sure you’re perfectly nice in real life but here you’ve presented yourself as a not so smart hypocrite. That’s really the nicest way to put it My work is done here. Have a good night.
  5. You’re definitely not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. And STFU about “you lot”….I don’t post links to anything. So stop generalizing. Point something out that I did that is hypocritical, if you want to make a counter argument go ahead but stop being so intellectually lazy. People like you really are the worst part about forums.
  7. You being unhappy with her voice, making fun of her touching up her vocals, hating her small performances and even dragging Guy Oseary into your rants is EXACTLY the same as others being unhappy with the ridiculous amount of photoshop work. The fact that you can’t see that speaks for itself, dimwit. Go preach to a toilet.
  8. That’s very rich coming from the person who complained to no end about her voice at the Harlem performance, how you hated her small performances and made fun of her touching up her vocals. etc etc. Maybe you should practice what you preach?! The hypocrisy is almost comical. GTFOH.
  9. At this point I find the heavy handed photoshop work in her private pix, event pix and professional photo shoots quite embarrassing and pathetic. The only positive aspect of it all is that it’s so fkn fake that no one would ever consider any of it reality.
  10. So this thread is now about her vocals throughout her career? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. it's not just sad it's so fkn stupid and feeble minded. Who the fck really cares if she has a little belly now? She's 63 fkn years old and genetically an Italian grandmama. She looks great. End fo fkn story.
  12. I really like this Madonna. Hope Jon Batiste sticks around for more.
  13. I believe the Lisbon RT footage is just a recording the screen feed. I don't think it's really pro shot footage.
  14. I honestly wish she would just stand there and sing and focus on voice but she’s a performer and walls need to be humped ;)
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