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  1. DaddyZ

    If only they hadn’t vocoded the fuck out of her voice. It’d be miles better.
  2. To me her vocals just sound cold and soulless, far from angelic ;) but I’m really glad some people seem to enjoy it.
  3. I tried. Can’t bring myself to listen to it again. It’s just so unpleasant to my ears. All of it Even if I didn’t like the previous lead singles I would still buy them to support but with this I just can’t. Fingers crossed for the album to be miles away from whatever this is
  4. Not a fan of the song but still looking forward to the album, though a bit less excited. Oh well.
  5. DaddyZ

    What an unevolved thing to say.
  6. DaddyZ

    She could do a kickass mashup of Holiday and Music.....and the new song.
  7. DaddyZ

    Will it boost her sales? No, it will deduct 50% of her world wide sales from the 80’s and 90’s.
  8. DaddyZ

    Middle aged Snow White realness?
  9. DaddyZ

    .....that is one of the dumbest things I’ve read on here. Apologies for being so blunt.
  10. DaddyZ

    This thread...................................
  11. DaddyZ

    I think there's a vast difference between her saying she's currently filming a music video and her forgetting about a song she sang or when she imagined her album to be done. But who cares.....she's filming a new music video and that's all that matters.
  12. DaddyZ

    She says it herself in her insta story as well. Music video.
  13. DaddyZ

    ....and it’s utterly ugly on them as well. What’s your point?