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  1. stormbringer

    I managed to get a copy for £50, there are people flogging them for £200 though :s Be interesting to see what difference cramming it onto one LP will make, the double LP release sounds lovely
  2. stormbringer

    Grrr this'll cost me £100 off ebay then. I'm lucky enough to have a Sainsburys a couple of miles away, but it doesn't stock any vinyl :/
  3. mmm venice bitch is so perfect

  4. You're my valentine every month of the year. I actually prefer the Martika version of Cross My Heart but this gets better mixes ;)
  5. I love a lot about the album but whenever Madonna gets political I lose interest. I know she meant well, the sentiment is there but she isn't as articulate or informed as she believes so the message came out a bit garbled. It has a scrapbook feel to it, which I love. I remember there being a few stories at the time about the record company telling her the album was too avant garde, in my opinion her best work is when she takes risks.
  6. stormbringer

    The full photo is of her lying upside down on the bed and my original LP and CD had her upside down so it just looks weird in the other way up pics.
  7. stormbringer

    I have them in flac
  8. stormbringer

    Bidet song
  9. stormbringer

    True Blue - Live To Tell Madonna - Physical Attraction Confessions On A Dancefloor - Get Together Like A Virgin - Stay Hard Candy - Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Rebel Heart - Ghosttown Erotica - Bad Girl MDNA - Falling Free Ray Of Light - Skin Music - Gone American Life - Easy Ride Bedtime Stories - Secret Like A Prayer - Till Death Do Us Part
  10. there's a picture of you on my bedroom wall

    1. RUADJAI


      am i nekkid in it?

  11. That Erotica LP cover is dying to be a picture disc
  12. stormbringer

    Maybe he should send her some hydrangeas to say sorry
  13. stormbringer

    I have both and they both sound perfect. I have got some other new LPs that have that awful undulating warpy sound on the first track. Old vinyl seems to be better in my opinion