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  1. Dazedmadonna

  2. Dazedmadonna

    What a fucking joke..
  3. Dazedmadonna

    Stream 1999 on Spotify and YouTube
  4. Dazedmadonna

    Love hurts.. love hurts.. Do you remember the time?
  5. Dazedmadonna

    Yes, the album is called 'I Believe Everything I See on The Internet'
  6. Dazedmadonna

  7. Dazedmadonna

    It's a mix of the vocoder lines: 'How high are the stakes? How much fortune can you make? Should I carry on? Will it matter when I'm gone?'
  8. Dazedmadonna

    Yes, and this is just a re-edit of the album version. Completely fake.
  9. Dazedmadonna

    This is so fake
  10. I got it, I want it, I got it, You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it yuh
  11. Guys, we've just got 14 demos leaked in a row and you're still asking for more?!
  12. Just believe in your dreams,

    Make yourself feel loved and be happy

  13. Dazedmadonna

    Eroticon must have misplaced them because the leaked Goodbye To Innocence is definetely a Final Edit. It omitts the original hook "Stop... And think about it!" from the other version and it has various edits (cut and paste's) through-out the song (some less noticeable than others) while the 'Straight Pass' version runs normally without any cut or paste job (and that's the meaning of Straight Pass, a track that has not been edited in the process of rendering). Also another interesting fact is that the leaked 'Final Edit Instrumental' is adapted over the leaked demo. Shame (Straight Pass) is what leaked, but I haven't corrected it in my list as I was afraid of creating some confusion and stirring questions - the Final Demo version follows the same treatment as Goodbye To Innocence, which is there's a cut and paste job during the production while the Straight Pass runs normally without edits. Hope I was helpful!
  14. Go stream this, girlies


  15. Dazedmadonna

    Those have been leaked in like... 2002/2003 and they come from another set, not the Demo Assembly. They're from a Rick Nowels Demo CD/DAT (don't remember the source now)