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  1. Dazedmadonna

    I believe it's all done cause this video was posted some time ago on her stories (or a very similar one) and she is not in London anymore, so that should mean the final mix is done! Yay!
  2. Dazedmadonna

    Where? If you read carefully, you can see it's all observations. Madonna was in studio with Mike Dean, Mirwais and other people mixing the songs, it's not a theory, she posted about it, Mike Dean posted about it (the tweet refering to 'Mix time', hello?!). They did not write 'EXCLUSIVE NEWS' or shit gossips like those completely made up duets and release dates. They made observations, whether accurate or not, about M and the collaborators posts, nothing else and nothing less.
  3. Dazedmadonna

    That Drownedmadonna post was not about any analysis done over what Madonna actually posted on her Instagram stories (they are not made up theories, the articles were just observations, not news). This last post refered to what fake news the fans are spreading, such as 'Come Alive' ft Katy Perry, Faz Gostar ft Anitta, the album coming in August 2019 etc.
  4. Dazedmadonna

    They forgot about 'Beautiful Grillz' once again..
  5. Dazedmadonna

    Sorry but in my opinion I don't think we should be discussing her body. That is superficial and some of the comments I've read in the past on here and social media were offensive and unnecessary. I assume we all have perfect bodies to criticize or make assumptions about her body? I surely don't and perhaps I don't think it's fair to make comments about a 60 years old woman's body.
  6. Dazedmadonna

    Are we back talking about her body? Again?! Ugh, give me a break
  7. Dazedmadonna

    I hope she styles this look We are dying to see it !!! @Madonna make it happen
  8. Dazedmadonna

    They were in studio together in June 2014, they made together 3 songs: 'Back That Up', 'Take A Day' and 'Take it Back'. Those songs are not leftovers from ANY other album and they were made for Rebel Heart, but scrapped.
  9. Dazedmadonna

    That's inaccurate and wrong. That working board has nothing to do with Orbit or Pharrell, it's just Solveig/Madonna. Also Pharrell never worked on MDNA, plus "Take A Day" and "Back That Up (Do It)" are from the Rebel Heart sessions. The 'Back That Up' on the new working board is most likely a completely different song.
  10. Esther, do you like the music?!

    1. RUADJAI


      She doesn't like the music

    2. Primul5
  11. Dazedmadonna

    We're already complaining but all we were given are working titles and low quality snippets with her talking over it.
  12. Dazedmadonna

    This song is called 'Esther, do you like the music?' McDonalds employee confirmed again
  13. Dazedmadonna

    For those who don't know what 'Funana' is She hashtagged it a couple of times too