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  1. Dazedmadonna

    It's available for pre-order on Amazon.de
  2. Friends they tried to warn me about you

    1. Bel


      He has good manners, he's so romantic
      But he'll only make you blue
      How can I explain to them
      How could they know
      I'm in love with your words
      Your words

  3. Dazedmadonna

    This one. It's the one that is still being used for repressings as well.
  4. You know you fucked up when Madonna deletes your comment from Instagram :monkey:

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    2. xrhaul


      Lola has an Instagram account? What's her username? 

    3. Bermu


      Don't ever tell her....... to stooooooop (You should know that, dear beloved! hehehe)

    4. anaglyphx


      Lourdes used to have many actually, all secret names. I worked some of them out based on the MDNA tour dancers at the time. She used to post some nasty stuff. Calling her rich white Jewish classmates her "nigz"...social media is poison. I've been social media free for quite a while now and it's so peaceful and nice. Everyone realises we don't actually have to use it right?

  5. Dazedmadonna

    Uh la la, you're my Superstar
  6. Dazedmadonna

    Yes it's true, the disc is misprinted.
  7. So you could cum on a Rain Tapes CD, just what we need
  8. According to Discotecalaziale, which is Italian store: - Erotica [0081227924010] will be released on white double vinyl - Music [0081227924034] will be released on single blue vinyl on October 19th, 2018 by Rhino. Here's some quick mock-up's I did:
  9. I can confirm that as well as I own a ITG cassette too!
  10. My baby is someone else's.. :scary:

  11. Dazedmadonna

    Not release it.
  12. Those play fine to me, are you using VLC? I ripped them directly from Twitter. Sorry, new links coming in a minute