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  1. Brendanlovesu1

    I think she's been in The Hamptons from her IG a few weeks ago but who knows when those videos were filmed
  2. Brendanlovesu1

    Yeah it's the same company, IIRC World of madame X was filmed throughout Jan 2020 and released July 2020
  3. Brendanlovesu1

  4. Brendanlovesu1

    she posted a link to that coachella doc in her IG stories, girl we don't care about that (ok we do kinda) but for god sake even a tease or something
  5. Brendanlovesu1

    wasn't there something like this with COADF? I remember there was some snippets of her talking before the song started on some editions
  6. Brendanlovesu1

    Tracy responded to me on twitter and confirmed it's a mistake
  7. Brendanlovesu1

    Perhaps that's how they've been able to get footage from others shows for the MDNA and RHT DVD's
  8. Brendanlovesu1

    It could have been Madonna herself? Who knows for sure
  9. Brendanlovesu1

    who said the pioneer contract expired? I think they hold the rights to it and Nice forever
  10. Brendanlovesu1

    yassssssssss, would love to see more photos like this, can you make some for all of the singles?
  11. starting an onlyfans and going to re-create Madonna's SEX book. 

    You can support me if you want, 💕

  12. They're right about Hey You tbh
  13. Brendanlovesu1

    every time I see this thread marked as Hot I think it's speculation about a release date, not petty drama, isn't that PM's are for anyway?
  14. Brendanlovesu1

    we'll forget about all the moaning when the next album and new tour dates are released.
  15. Brendanlovesu1

    This thread needs updated after all the recent and juicy leaks Waiting for Cook and Fuck to leak next