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  1. What happened during “Vogue”? Just before the guest came on stage she seemed distracted then someone was in stage behind her fixing something (costume/mic?)
  2. Hopefully this is a sign all her singles will be on streaming at some point, even ones with tracks already available. Just hope we get Keep It Together at the end of the month as well.
  3. It’s a “No” from me… not because of the price but because she put an “e” at the end of “Blond” when spelling Blond Ambition.
  4. He always throws the polaroid to someone in the crew when walking her back so they must be keeping them for something…
  5. They need to stop giving the football to the guest judge, they never know what to do with it and It cocks the whole routine up.
  6. Craig J.'s 'Good Vibe' Mix is one of my all-time favourite remixes!!!
  7. That’s part of Bob’s merch line
  8. Let's not forget the lovely leather-clad on-stage camera man...
  9. Still waiting on my red celebration tour zip hoodie to ship from her official store. I was told that and my FEL hoodie would ship from 13th but a week later nothing had arrived so had to email them. My FEL hoodie arrived on Thursday but no sign of the red hoodie yet. Wanted to pick it up at the Stockholm show but was unavailable.
  10. "Bye Bye Baby" is listed as a 1992 release rather than a 1993 release so comes before "Bad Girl." Hope they sort these out properly at some point.
  11. For me, the main issue is the tour's branding, it's not consistent or particularly high quality. The logo works on it's own but the red and yellow design that is the main advertising design is just not good. I don't mind the distorted images so much but I would have liked to have seen all the eras of her career represented, not just the 90's. T-Shirts or designs with current images would have been welcome too. I considered buying one of the tour posters but the typography is bad so I'd never put it on my wall. Hopefully more mercy will roll out during the US leg.
  12. I see the circular stage wasn’t rotating during Vogue!
  13. Spotify have tidied up the single releases so they are now under singles rather than albums but the dates haven’t been changed on all so some are still listed as 2023 releases.
  14. I got a copy of the black vinyl from a store in Stockholm and it has the creased design so I'm assuming they all do, just the coloured/clear variations that have the other design.
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