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  1. The worst kind of comments I've read on social media are the ones that start with "I've been a Madonna fan for 30 years, But..." and then go on to trash her, tell her to retire or seem to take personal offence that she has done something that displeases them. Yes express your opinion but must you be so nasty about it..? Telling an artist they should retire is incredibly offensive.
  2. Can I just point out that nothing becomes iconic overnight. People are too quick to call things iconic or legendary these. days.
  3. Can't people just wait a few days to see the version of the video that Madonna wants you to see? Is it really that hard? I guess so.
  4. Are you taking the piss? I sincerely hope you are, for your own sake! You clearly excelled in your Trollery exams.
  5. Dita Parlo

    Why would you even think he would have done this? Of course he didn't steal from fans. If you had done a little research beforehand you would have found the article posted above and your question would have been answered.
  6. This kind of comment irritates me. These are YOUR opinions but you are stating them as if they are facts. Just because you don't rate the video, doesn't mean you should question those that do and accuse them of "lowering standards." You are almost suggesting that you have taste whilst others do not. To me Madame X is "serving wow" to you it's not. No big deal.
  7. So when you said about 45 mins ago "So much for being infectious" you hadn't actually heard it at that point?
  8. Are people actually writing off the album based on other people's opinions? Wow and I get called a sheep for liking the songs...
  9. Why don;t we organise a fan march on her home, glue ourselves to the railing outside and sing "Hung Up" whilst waving glitter balls about...oh and maybe dance...but in a different way?
  10. It actually was a "disco banger" but when she heard everyone complaining about "Medelin" and "I Rise" she put in her biggest grills and re-recorded it just to annoy people... Or so I've (not really) heard...
  11. If some other people don't like it that doesn't mean it "isn't good." Why don't you wait until you hear it and judge it for yourself? We don't just all herd together and declare something good or bad...
  12. And the very first few seconds remind me a bit of "Tragic Girl."
  13. I must truly be a "blind sheep fan who thinks she is a divine being" because I love this too. Her voice is so melancholic. The chorus really is a thing of beauty. And I've only heard it mono so it will sound even more stunning in stereo.