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  1. I'm not talking of a hurried night
    A frantic tumble then a shy goodbye...

  2. I wonder who the hell some people here think they are? I wonder who make them think they have the right to come to someone's post to be offensive, to tell them "do this, do that", when people are just sharing what they feel? Look inside yourself, bitch.

  3. The shirt I made for the Re-Invention tour. First time in Portugal ☺️☺️


  4. Bitches, it was just Madonna trolling us once again...because she thinks we are too old/grown up  to tell us a bedtime story! :lol::lol: Yeah yeah yeah woah Yeah yeah yeah woah

  5. I'm scared. Living right now is só surreal... everybody has a different opinion of it; scared and tired. Its like every second is the last one, and Im afraid of losing or being Lost. I wish i could live in bubble With my loved ones, where nothing bad had no chance to Touch us. Sorry about this dark mood. 

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    2. professormouse


      So scared you throw random insults out at total strangers.
      Or is this all part of your loneliness.

    3. emanon


      dear @professormousedo I owe you something? where did I insulted anyone at all? If you dont have nothing good to say, just shut your mouth. You dont know me, you're not on my skin...Ohh sorry If i asked for some support here. 

    4. XAnon777


      My friend, don't worry, keep the faith 🙏🏻 good times are coming! Pray to Jesuschrist 🙏🏻✝️ and ignore the trolls! 

  6. Pre-show. Madame X Lisbon in a few days for me... one year ago! Thank "ME(some say God)" I recorded the show.

    "things havent been the same, since corona came into our life..."


  7. My team on Coin Master 😂😂


  8. Portuguese fans, don't forget to vote on January 24, and I hope, none of you supports the trump clone we have here.

    1. Dito


      I sure won't... he needs to go away

  9. My Secret Santa just arrived @Dito:)

    P.s.- it made me smile

    1. Dito


      I'm glad it did! And thank you for participating :kissy:

  10. Will you Marry me? 😁

    like a gremlin 3.jpg

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    2. emanon


      That is what I like...forever :heart:

    3. emanon


      madonna could marry us, but she is too busy trying new grillz :)

    4. Gabocicco
  11. Feliz Natal!

    Feliz Navidad!

    joieux Noel!

    Merry Christmas, bitches! ☺️😛

    Happy Grillz, Madonna!


  12. Just tested the leaked Rain Tapes and it seems they are nor real wavs! One says: upsampled. the other say: wave header riff chunk: bad size...

  13. organizing my Rebel Heart Demos...

    trying to choose the best quality ones, put in in One folder, so I dont have to go trough all that mess of folders ..

    p.s.- fuck auto correct 😛😂

    1. Ryder


      Sounds like a huge task there... 

    2. emanon


      @RyderI did it today...I used a list you once shared with me, it helped a lot. I ended up with 92 demos...Maybe some are repeated.

    3. Ryder


      I did?? 



  14. My ass is better than yours ...better than yours - Madonna ( I hacked emanon's profile 😂😂😂😂)

  15. Thelma & Louise...:tongue:

  16. One of my favourite songs from the portuguese singer António Variações. Wish Madonna also knew about him when she was here. I don't know why I like the song :-)  but I like it. Cant explain, and I cant get it out of my head the last days. I like it but also gives me a sadness vibe, a feeling of dreams falled apart, disapointment with waht you expected from life and what you got. Even if you cant understand portuguese, give it a try...when I started listening to Madonna I couldt speak english either, but the songs gave me a feeling, a vibe...


  17. En Barranquila se baila así...:Madonna057:

  18. it seems there is always a Madonna song for every moment...

    1. Andymad


      Very true. What about Mer Girl.

  19. Madonna doesnt follow Dino de Santiago...i wonder if She already forgot her portuguese friend that introduced her to that Lisbon that inspired her/madame x 😂😂😂😂

    Good...in Lisbon he was more diva than a diva...

    1. Kosmmik


      It wasn't Madonna. It was Madame X. hahaha

  20. The grillz are back!!! 😁😁😁😁🥂🎉🎊🎇🎆

  21. O mundo é selvagem, o caminho é solitário...

  22. Hey Lonely, put your hands all over my body...

    the begining of this song seems Erotica :-) (The noise)

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