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  1. Maybe a stream for the Meerkat app... Jokes aside could be met gala (in dream world!)
  2. T The fact that this isn't bedtime stories 2.0 hurts me so much as this would be such a serve
  3. I wish she had rearranged Dark Ballet to be more like this on the tour, it is a total serve!
  4. I wonder if this is this the living room session mentioned in her Instagram stories?
  5. Is the editing better than Rebel Heart or MDNA, or is it the same level of fast cuts?
  6. Have the times square videos been uploaded anywhere?
  7. Its gonna be Madonna in a milk bath with petals singing "I will be gay if the gay are burned" on a loop isn't it....
  8. Is she releasing a line of chairs. Maybe an IKEA collab or h and m home
  9. Maybe she has finally made a music video for Candy Shop..... Boom boom set list of: Candy shop video premiere >>> death to the patriarchy speech >>> candy shop live encore with twins dancing backdrop
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