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  1. RIP Vangelis 


    1. professormouse


      His first band with Demis Roussos on vocals.


  2. Fans in USA keep streaming‼ 


  3. I need new HD video remasters from Madonna, why it takes so long :cry:

  4. Madonna X Beeple interview


  5. Debi Mazar Says 'Dear Friend' Madonna 'Inspires' Her: 'She's a Good Mom and a Good Person' 


  6. Gonna dress you up in my love All over, all over Gonna dress you up in my love All over your body 



    1. blondebenji


      hope they bring the chart back now clubs are open

  8. OMG :hearteyes:


    1. MCL_1993


      'Bae, we're moving to Barcelona. NOW!!!'

    2. Brandon Clark

      Brandon Clark

      We should ALL consider opening one of these up in our respective cities!! I just KNOW it would be a successful & FUN place for EVERYONE to go! This truly sounds like heaven to me!!!! 


    1. professormouse


      The FB Cocteau Twins page mentioned that song the other day.

  10. 'Cause I’m just me That’s all I can be Something real Something I can feel You know I just can’t change This is how I’m made 


  11. Elton thanks Madonna 


  12. Today on April 8 2015, Madonna’s "Ghosttown" (music video) premiered on Vevo :heart:

  13. Fans from NY this one for you


  14. So close to 100 millions views :luv: 


    1. drunkby6


      Worth another watch just for the lion's tongue moment :p

  15. Borderline
    Feels like I'm going to lose my mind
    You just keep on pushin' my love
    Over the borderline 


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