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  1. :Madonna016:


    1. Anapausis


      The hit single that never was. But here in Brazil it actually was.

    2. proxy


      @NahashImagine that Madonna & Anitta would perform together & record a video for this song :Madonna001:

  2. 35th anniversary :luv:


    1. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      an amazing album and era........

  3. So where's the official video for Popular on YouTube? :salty:

  4. Video for Popular !? :Madonna034:


    1. stickersweeter


      I wonder if it'll be their 3D avatars like this one depicting The Weeknd haha

      I just hope it's not that silly visualizer :lol:

  5. Fans in UK stream :pray::heart:


  6. Fans in UK stream Popular 


  7. Finally!! Popular EP!! :heart:


  8. Madonna fans in USA you can vote for Celebration Tour 


  9. UK fans stream & buy Popular !! 


    1. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      happy the song go so well!!!!

    2. lap



    3. blondebenji


      Fingers crossed for a top 10 in the UK. So close last week at 11


  10. You can use this playlist to stream Popular 


    1. Leona Helmsley
    2. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      nice playlist! love to see songs from the Hard Candy era and the american life era......

    3. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      happy the  song go so well!!!!!

  11. Dear fans in UK, buy & stream Popular, it still can go top 10!! 


    1. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      im streaming....... streaming streaming streaming .....

    2. Leona Helmsley
    3. Anapausis


      Fingers crossed!!!


    1. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      luv this song...... happy go so well on streaming....... i hope for a riaa certification in the near future.....

  13. Lola :heart:


    1. Bermu


      I can see a mashup here... Never forget who you are... little star... :fantasy:

    2. Anapausis


      Go stream RN! Highly recommended!

      Highlights imho: Cuntradiction and Not Pussy!!!

    3. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      she make a mv inspired by  frozen last year...... 

  14. I love this song, deserve better :heart:


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