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  1. I just broke up with my partner. In the begining there was The Power of Good-Bye in my head but now it's Gang Bang and some other MDNA songs. And Gang Bang is helping me now getting over my shitty ex-boyfriend 🤪 Glad she came up with something like that. And my favorite music videos of Interscope era are Give Me All Your Luvin and God Control .
  2. My mom like some of her songs and recognize a lot but she is not her fan much. When I play Madonna electrofolk / autotune songs or any remixes she rolls her eyes and ask me to "turn her off". About recent songs she likes Medelin though, I don't. 😅 My grandma listens to religious songs, can't really say if she ever liked any "normal" songs for general public. Obviously she knows Madonna but doesn't have a good opinion about her because of Madonna's religious scandals during Pope John Paul II era. I believe my godfather likes Madonna much more than my mother, which makes him second biggest fan next to me.
  3. I count 13 licks. She'll be sorry She'll be sorry
  4. I think it's cool idea. In Poland there is a painting called "Black Madonna" portraying black Virgin Mary. It's upmost glorified painting in that country, next to the painting of president of the ruling party 🤭
  5. Confessions on a Dance Floor The reason is that these are confessions, they have to be honest.
  6. To hell wit Emily. It's all about Madonna × Sam Smith collaboration. Nobody is coming to Hollywood for now unfortunately.
  7. Oh no, another remix is coming. This time Human Nature is the victim.
  8. I mean the standard version is cool. Expanded edition is sore for my eyes. I'm not a fan of monochrome photos.
  9. I've always seen Hollywood music video as a parody of movie industry. Madonna favorite weapon is irony and she proved again that she wields it well.
  10. Celebration is her worst compilation True Blue album cover with title name is better than one without
  11. Definitely a compilation. She doesn't have time and head to make a whole new album, and we should be aware of that. That song will be a tribute to 40 years of her career, which began in 80s - hence 80s like sounding. Yes and not thinking about that too much, about reissues and songs. Instead of waiting, praying, burning, hoping and yearning let's do something else. Like reading books, drawing, writing or playing games. New Zelda came out, just get it I highly recommend it. 🤩
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