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St. Paul, MN -  Madonna comes back with a bang after canceling her summer tour

Madonna was scheduled to perform her Celebration Tour at the Xcel Energy Center on July 30, 2023, but postponed the concert until Feb. 13, 2024, after being hospitalized with a bacterial infection.

Despite her health scare, Madonna amazed the crowd Tuesday night, condensing her musical career of 45 years into a two-hour production.

Madonna, wearing a blue corset and black mini skirt, began the night singing her hit “Nothing Really Matters” underneath a giant disco ball to set the spunky concert mood.

February 14, 2024 by Cecilia Wallace

Full article here - https://www.tommiemedia.com/madonna-comes-back-with-a-bang-after-canceling-her-summer-tour/

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St Paul, MN - Review: Madonna heats up the X with a late-night greatest hits show

By Ross Raihala

Madonna has never been afraid to make her fans wait. She said as much in her 2005 banger “Hung Up”: “Time goes by so slowly for those who wait.”

It took her 40 years to stage her first greatest hits show after focusing each of her previous 11 tours on the then-new album, while skipping her many smashes and offering the few oldies that made the cut in often radically rearranged takes. Oh, and she also took a whopping seven and a half years off from touring in the ’90s.

Tuesday night, the 65-year-old Michigan native brought her Celebration Tour to St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center more than six months after it was initially scheduled. And, true to form, she took the stage at 10:10 p.m., far later than the advertised start time of 8:30, which pushed the show well past midnight.

It’s exceedingly rare for arena concerts to run so late into the night, particularly now that even Axl Rose can get on stage at a reasonable hour. Some may excuse Madonna as she’s always been like this, but others are correct to note that it’s pointless and even rude to stage a tardy weeknight concert attended almost entirely by Gen Xers and Boomers.

Full article here - https://www.twincities.com/2024/02/14/review-madonna-heats-up-the-x-with-a-late-night-greatest-hits-show/

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Madonna Looks Back at "Madonna" in two-hour Cleveland Celebration of 40 year career


Malcolm X Abram, cleveland.com

Full article - https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2024/02/madonna-looks-back-at-madonna-in-two-hour-cleveland-celebration-of-40-year-career.html

A couple paragraphs from the article

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Racking up four decades in pop music and by extension pop culture is no easy feat. But throughout her storied, iconic, and often controversial career, Madonna has seldom taken the easy way, usually preferring to poke, prod, and sometimes deliver a swift, stiletto-heeled, patent leather-booted kick to the metaphorical nethers of societal norms and limitations, not just for women but any folks who desire or dare to do themselves without shame or apologies.

Last paragraph

Despite that, a few of the best musical moments were the simplest, such as “Express Yourself” with Madonna on acoustic guitar, which quickly became a life-affirming singalong for everyone.

“I think the most controversial thing I have ever done is stick around.” Madonna’s disembodied voice said at one point and the very self-aware pop icon is correct. Early on, her detractors hoped she’d fade away as many pop stars do. Though she no longer automatically tops the charts, her presence and influence on pop music and culture can be seen and felt in nearly every big arena show by today’s pop stars who, as she has done for 40 years, champion being yourself at all times and at all costs with no regrets.

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5 hours ago, WokeUpInMedellin said:

Very nice reviews! It just made me wonder, though, what are the point of reviews in local publications? The concert's already over, it's not like people can read it and then be convinced to go :laughing:

Many cities have more than one show and people can travel to other cities right? lol

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