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  1. madmadmadgefan

    Laura Marano - Let Me Cry (New Single) Bhad Bhabie – Babyface Savage (feat. Tory Lanez) (Single) Bridgit Mendler - Hello My Name Is Bridgit Mendler (Album)
  2. madmadmadgefan

    This looks amazing. Thank you. I was wondering though, if it would possible to break this down into smaller files. mega has a 2gb download limit for non registered users. If it is not possible, I understand.
  3. madmadmadgefan

    Yes. I also heard it had to do with here Dad's health. Family First.
  4. madmadmadgefan

    Amen to that. That is what I had for lunch today at work. I work in the retail industry and let me tell you about Black Friday. It sucks. (Don't get me wrong. I love my job and working with the public in general). But on Black Friday People are so freaking stooooooopid. They get pissed off over the dumbest things. If you can't get there early enough to get what you wanted. Get your butt up earlier and get to the store on time. I mean you know that each store is only going to have so many quantities of any particular item. Once it's gone......It's freaking gone. My favorite complaint is...."That's False Advertising". It says right there in the ad...(Quantities limited to stock on hand). If all you want to do is look at the pictures, buy a Playboy Magazine. Thank you for letting me rant. LOL. I feel much better now.
  5. madmadmadgefan

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope your Turkey and or ham is cooked to your liking. If you don't eat either. You are missing out. Either way, enjoy the Holiday.
  6. madmadmadgefan

    Wish I could help you. But I do not use facebook. But if I hear of a way, I will let you know. Good Luck in your quest.
  7. madmadmadgefan

    A man with a Lisp walks into a Gay Bar. He assesses the situation and decides that this would be good place to spend some time. He walks up to the bar and has a seat. The bartender, who just happens to be a bit hard of hearing approaches him. And proceeds to ask what he would like. The man looks at the bartender and says. "Gimme a Dwink". The bartender being a bit puzzled, asks him again. "What can I get for you"? The man again says. "Gimme a Dwink". The bartender says to himself. "That's an odd request". And says to the man. "What kind would you like"? The man says. "I have had a Wuff day. Make it a Hard one". The confused bartender says. "OK". "Give me minute". He leaves the man alone and heads to the back. After a few minutes the bartender returns with a Hot Blonde naked 19 year old. He leads him to where the man is sitting and with a smile on his face, says to the man. "Will This Do?"
  8. madmadmadgefan

    The Western Channel. I love me some old Western Movies and TV shows. Also watching Christmas movies on both Hallmark Channels.
  9. madmadmadgefan

    Leona Lewis - Run (Love this song) Demi Lovato - Sober (I have heard a number of people say they don't like this song. But it hits me in gut every time I hear it) Ashley Tisdale - Voices in My Head (Looking forward to her new album coming out soon) Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Not particularly liking this song) Paula Abdul (Vintage Queen. Gotta give her her props sometimes as well) Girls Generation (Gotta throw some K-Pop into the mix on occasion) & just for kicks: some Heidi Montag. (Can't be serious all the time)
  10. madmadmadgefan

    The soundtrack to 13 Reasons Why TV Series - Season 2. I have never seen the show, but I was surprised how good the Soundtrack is.
  11. madmadmadgefan

    Ciara - Cher - Ariana Grande - Ahsley Tisdale.
  12. madmadmadgefan

    You just left out a whole bunch of people that do not have nuts. And that my friend is....Sexist.
  13. madmadmadgefan

    Heidi Montag - Various songs. Don't laugh damn it. I like her stuff.
  14. madmadmadgefan

  15. madmadmadgefan

    Hypotheticaly speaking. Would they both be apperaing on stage at the same time? Or could I just show up when Madonna is on stage and leave when Nick Cannons ex wife is on stage? If I have to buy the ticket through g o o gle, I think I would just wait until the night of the show and scalp a ticket outside the venue. Again depending on whether Nick Cannons ex wife is to appear on stage with Madonna. Other wise I would just wait until you or someone else uploads the video and shares it here and then edit out all of Nick Cannons ex wife's portion of the video. LOL. I really liked your hypothetical scenario. Let's do it again some time.