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  1. I love this look, love that she went for something different with the hair and silhouette.
  2. Such good work! These are miles better than the actual covers. This video is the best thing about this whole project, actually feels artistic and M looks real and beautiful. Such a shame the official photos for the spread we ended up with were so underwhelming in comparison. The over editing and the use of bizarrely low-quality images that are all pixelated and low- budget looking… expected better from Steven Klein.
  3. Wish there was a better way to order these in the UK, I just can’t justify spending $26 on postage for a $14 magazine. Will just have to hope I can find one imported over here once released.
  4. This was such a joyous appearance. She came across so well and funny and looked gorgeous. Great time to be an M fan!
  5. Wow what an incredible experience! I’m sure we’re all insanely jealous but very happy for you too! I really hope the Q&A was recorded because that list of celebrities is really impressive! Surely she’d want to use that wider than this event. Did it look like it was being filmed? Cant believe you got to dance with her, every fan’s dream surely! What exactly did she say about the hip replacement? Just curious! And in your opinion did the film come across how it did in the theatre? And do you think fans will respond to it better than the RH and MDNA tour films in terms of the over editing?
  6. I so wish we were able to see the full Q&A with all the celebrity questions (Katy, Doja etc) that sounds like so much fun! I love hearing her just talk about stuff. Hopefully they recorded it?
  7. I’m really not sure where I’d want her to go sonically! She’s really covered so much already, maybe something more electronic to switch it up from Madame X potentially? What I would like though is for the general vibe to be a bit more fun/light/celebratory. Don’t get me wrong I love Madame X and her darker side/themes (and obviously it does have some lighter songs like Medellin) but I think it would be a refreshing switch up to have an album that on the whole feels more fun, and it would also be more accessible to casual fans/the GP as well.
  8. This is very intriguing! Especially all the hand written cues ‘kiss me’ ‘bite pearls’ ‘both arms up & sing’. She’s definitely up to something! She looks great. It’s giving me a mixture of Oscars, Justify My Love, Truth or Dare vibes. Also what are those she’s smoking all the time now? Pretty much every new photo we get now she’s smoking the same thing…
  9. Ffs I have nothing against a little enhancing on photos, everyone does it. But I just wish Ricardo would do it well…! It just feels so lazy, like he has a preset effect which pulls her jaw in to give her an alien shaped head, doubles the size of her eyes, and smooths her out to look like plastic. It just feels so rushed and low effort. Any photo re-toucher’s basic ability is enhancing an appearance in such a way that way you can’t even tell it’s been edited. That’s just the basic skills surely. The way he edits is just so obvious to everyone, and that just reflects badly on M.
  10. Yeah she genuinely looks like Rebel Heart era here, amazing. It’s so good actually seeing her face and her looking like herself. Watch her upload photos from the same night that Ricardo has face tuned to death
  11. I do have to say that first image is absolutely stunning though. Looks like an album cover
  12. Some great photos in her new Instagram post, but again, Ricardo pleeeease stop over-editing Especially if you’re going to do it to a photo we’ve already seen unedited (her and Kid Cudi) like come on. There was absolutely nothing wrong with how she looked in the original, she looks great and like herself! Only ever seeing photos of herself warped and distorted probably doesn’t do anything for her confidence when she looks in the mirror. And just makes people think she’s insecure so needs to edit them. I wish he’d just tone it down a bit. She looks like an alien
  13. Official photo with Doja from the interview magazine after party: She looks way more herself here than on her IG. I wish Ricardo would tone down the photoshopping just slightly, then it wouldn’t seem like she’s actively trying to pretended she’s something she’s not when we see her in ‘real life’ at events like last night. Because she looks great, she doesn’t need all the softening and face-reshaping. Also I would be very here for a Madonna & Doja collab!
  14. I’m already scared I just really hope she’s styled well in something that works with her new uh… silhouette. I’m already having visions of her tits completely falling out of that oscars dress. We know she can still serve up a 10/10 look though (those immaculate BBQ Instagram photos, hello!) so let’s hope for the best…
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