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  1. This could be a photoshoot making a tribute for some portuguese singer, not a vídeo shoot
  2. carlosR

    The last post on Madonna Instagram, read the comments. I'm from Brazil, i know what i'm saying about Trashitta
  3. carlosR

    Guys, Anitta has expressed support for a homophobic male singer yesterday. Also appeared in a photo with a woman who supports Bolsonaro, the fascist president of Brazil, the hashtag ironized the people who are against this monster. Apparently she liked the photo too. Help the Brazilian fans to get this to Madonna, if you go in the last photo of her in instagram you will see that there are already many comments
  4. carlosR

    When you buy an album from her you are buying her work, her art. You are not doing charity.
  5. Oh, my, God Becky, look at her butt It is so big, she looks like One of those rap guys' girlfriends.
  6. carlosR

    And about the wig, it's OK, but this brunette one it's soooooo much better
  7. carlosR

    This could be her best album in decades
  8. carlosR

    I'm so ready for LAP 2.0
  9. Thanks for your kindness on my threads! :heart:

  10. carlosR

    Yes, I do. It's not the first time. Let's wait and see.
  11. carlosR

    Beautiful Game, ugly artwork for a 1st single
  12. carlosR

    Kate Goddess Bush's Running Up That Hill
  13. carlosR

    Blackout, can we talk now?