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Madonna Song, This or That Game!


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11 hours ago, Voguerista said:

It’s ok. I think  @Anapausiswas getting goofy.  Lol  ok, so I don’t get confused, here we go…

 True Blue Album

Ray of Light video or Nothing Really Matters video? 

Many thanks my little friend. Sometimes if we don't act goofy, we just lose the plot. And I wanted an opportunity to use this actually wonderful nick, "lil'medonster," here in this forum.

9 hours ago, Voguerista said:

Crazy For You

Ill Remember or Bedtime Story?

Bedtime Story. As today is the last day that I am using words, as words are useless, especially sentences. Sorry, being goofy once again.

Anyway, Take a Bow × You'll See?

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Who's That Girl Film

Love Don't Live Here Anymore (LAV) or (Something to Remember)?


NOTE: I'm all for having fun and being silly. After all, we've been doing it all along in this thread. I was just asking that we not make the choices like in that other post so complicated.  I was getting confused what I was supposed to choose from? That's all.  Nothing personal was intended by bringing it up.  :luv:

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