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Madonna Song, This or That Game!


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30 minutes ago, BuggedOut said:

Report all you want, drama queen. Shall I report your pvt messages to me begging to contact other forum members who have blocked you?

I’m listening to the Mods who have asked me to ignore certain forum members.

But to satisfy your need for forum dominance with your nutty cohort, I will leave the game again.

I asked you to contact only one person so I could work it out. Im not trying to dominate. Im not in cahoots with anyone. I’ve given you all love, liked all of your posts and I want to get along with everyone here. Im not taking sides. I want peace and love you all!  I’m just trying to keep this thread working by asking not to skip. @RUADJAI even commented way back when people were skipping before not to skip. Peace to you and all the best. 

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