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Should Madonna Have Left Stage in Disco Ball?

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3 hours ago, madgefan said:

I know the whole era is overrated BUT I remember there were serious rumours she was bringing the tour to Latinamerican venues. To think we still don't have an updated release of this concert in HD :drama:

It's not overrated. The more we get away from that tour, the more it really does feel so iconic and like the last time Madonna made a huge imprint on pop culture and music. I don't think people remember just how hard getting tickets to that concert was and how it wasn't just a concert but an event in most cities. I've still never heard a crowd scream like that when an artist came on stage and felt those kind of chills when I've seen an artist on the big screen.

Plus, that album is timeless. It still doesn't sound dated at all 15 years later and sounds so....chic. It's just such a cool album that it will never go out of style. Though they need to add the continuous mix back on streaming platforms, because the album really loses something without the fades. Always hated the versions of Jump that didn't have the synth at the beginning.

They also need to change the cover, because she literally looks computer generated and should have used one of the pics with her flat ironed hair, don't crucify me please :ag:

I felt Madonna was probably at her most inaccessible as a relatable person during this era, but there was something about that that made the era even better. She had this mystique and aura that she's never been able to replicate again. 

I'm surprised she didn't bring the tour to other countries, but frankly, it wouldn't have been as enjoyable in other places unless she did arenas. She was playing stadiums on that tour in Europe, and I don't see how the show would have worked in stadiums. It was SO LOUD in arenas and took up half the room.

And yeah, it's abysmal this hasn't been released on 4K. It's obvious the footage quality would allow it. She needs to get over her ego and stop worrying about a few wrinkles in the concert footage. Release the premier quality and preserve this tour the way it deserves.

And on that note....MDNA is the dark yang to the ying that was Confessions and deserves comparable treatment with a Jonas Akerlund edit in 4K.

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