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  1. groovyguy

  2. groovyguy

    ***NEW VIDEO*** A stable genius of his magnitude deserves an anthem. *Do not try this at home. 🤪
  3. groovyguy

  4. groovyguy

    And we’re done! We hope you’ve enjoyed watching our journey unfold! Our next post will be the announcement of release dates and where/when you can see the film! “Madonna and the Breakfast Club”
  5. groovyguy

    ‘I’ve never seen an American president simply surrender to Russia.’ — Reporters and pundits, including Fox News, are condemning Trump’s press conference with Putin
  6. groovyguy

    Tens of thousands of Brits took to the streets in anti-Trump demonstrations across the United Kingdom. The protesters had a range of grievances, from President Trump's remarks about Muslims and women, to his record on immigration, climate change and what organizers call his family's "corporate greed."
  7. groovyguy

    The Peter Strzok testimony went off the rails, but at least it gave Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel a good laugh.
  8. groovyguy

    Pure gold.
  9. groovyguy

    Anti-Trump protestors in the UK have a few words for the US president.
  10. groovyguy

    Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt didn’t hold anything back when he unleashed the hounds of hell on House Republicans.
  11. groovyguy

    Protesters crowded around Trump's golf game in Scotland
  12. groovyguy

    Sarah Churchwell on Madonna: ‘She remains the hero of her own story’
  13. groovyguy

    Matt Cain on Madonna: ‘She opened up gay culture to the mainstream’