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  1. groovyguy

    This is so awesome! It somewhat reminds me of pre-internet Madonna eras. No leaks. No Instagram then. I remember I would constantly browse through mags & ET news for what little I could hope to find about her new single & album. And then the first single hits with a bang, shortly followed by the album with a bigger bang. And each release was such a big deal - massive album pre-release events @ music stores all over the country where fans get to buy the album @ midnight. The current excitement is a little akin to the excitement of those eras thanks to the news, rumors & social media posts & teases that seem shrouded in mystery. A fabulous start to an explosive new era, I must say!
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    "His condition is getting worse": The Trump campaign is hitting back against questions from Kellyanne Conway's husband George Conway over President Trump's mental state.
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