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    Great Re-Invention (The Mixes and visuals of TBW and Vogue ) The Girlie Show (The Transition From Circus Intro to Erotica, I always have that in one single file) The Confessions Tour (The Theme, costumes and choreography, very well mix of the three elements) Who's That Girl Tour (The opening rehearsal clip, the vibe when the intro begins on the film, really like it, even when it's very basic stuff) The MDNA Tour (GREAT, bad Film edition)

    Totally forgot What It Feels Like for A Girl Remix , always in my favorite

    -Paradise (Drowned World) -Nobody Knows Me (MDNA) -Die Another Day (Sticky & Sweet) -Hollywood (Re-Invention) -Radio Hits-Where's The Party/Music Mashup Interlude (The Confessions) Could have listed some intros, but maybe that's another topic.

    I was waiting like crazy the tour, at my 8 years old back then.., and then nothing. Thinking that in that days (for me), M was like trying to leave behind 'the old Madonna', I assume that the whole Ray of Light album was going to be performed, and I'm so sure that ideas from the cancelled tour were used in the Drowned World Show, here's my Idea: -- The Veronica Electronica Arena World Tour -- (All, even some ballads have beats and very synthetic sound) Part 1 -- Japanese/Harajuku Streets 01 Opening/Substitute For Love (Opening with 'Paradise' Style) 02 Nothing Really Matters (Dance Mix With Japanese Style) 03 Into The Groove (Asian Themed) 04 Open Your Heart Swell (Like DWT) 04 Frozen (Maybe the same of the DWT with differente ending) ---- (Interlude) Mer Girl ---- Part 2 -- Lost 01 To Have And Not To Hold 02 The Power Of Goodbye 03 Live To Tell 04 You'll See ---- (Interlude) Hanky Panky ---- Part 3 -- Candy Girl 01 Candy Perfume Girl (Contains elements of 'Don't Stop') 02 Swim (Contains elements of 'Burning Up') 03 Like A Virgin (Rock) 04 Ray Of Light (Interlude) Secret Part 4 -- Insomniac (Maybe using the train in the You'll see MV arriving at the 'Medley' to some super cuteguetto style bar later) 01 You Must Love Me 02 I'll Remember 03 Medley: Love Don't Live Here Anymore/Crazy For You/Something To Remember 04 Bad Girl (Extended Outro) (Interlude) - Bad Girl Outro Part 5 Illumnation 01 Shanti (Extended Intro like MTV ver.) 02 Skin/Bedtime Stories (Mashup) 03 Erotica (Kamasautra ver.) 04 Vogue (Indian ambient plus ending beats remix) (some like BAT ver. but totally different) (?) (Interlude) Part 6 -- Encore 01 Little Star/Take A Bow (Transition) 02 Like A Prayer (Choir Mix) 03 Borderline (Choir Mix/Audience Participation/Beats Transition) 04 Everybody/Holiday/Everybody ---- Closing ---- (Don't Tell Me To Stop on The Screens (Madonna returning to stages and as 'easter egg' because of course she has been working on what is going to be the 'Music' album during this).............. hahahahaha

    Maybe some of us aren't very active here, bute personally I really really aprecciate th effort of everyone participating in this, I have uploaded just a few things, but this is because most of the stuff I have is already here. Maybe for the newbies (I consider myself one of them here) is something hard to express our opinions considering some aggresive moments in the last weeks before admins decided closing the forum. I'd love to be more participative, andI 'Promise to Try' I thought 'Gosh, is a new Mdolla era and the place were I used to read about all of this daily is gone' Is really nice to read the good comments and good topics, and havng a place to have rare stuff too. Thanks @Fighter and all Involved , I already had thanked, but this is a big THANK for the re-opening.
  6. Thank M Goddess for the re-opening


    Well... a different concept, that's the point, I think it's OK to try some new stuff, she has been doing almost the same concept of show all these years, but it limits the chance of a world tour if the show has many talk moments (You need to understand english very well) but it also gives the posibilty of see her very near, more than in other stages, is a more personal experience, I was thinking that fans would be more than happy with this, but but I have read most of the comments in this topic, and is the opossite I'm not surprised, most of my music is In Japanese, and there in Japan is very common doing different kind of tours, special tours, etc, for example my Queen ayumi hamasaki last year presented her 20th Anniversary Tour in 3 formats: First Part in small venues (Theaters) second part in Halls and 3rd part in arenas, with different setlists in every part, this year is on a Hall Tour, but in April she did a 'Special 21st Anniversary Tour in Arenas, when the nuclear disaster happened she did an orchestral tour in order to not cancell the tour, etc, etc About the Lottery, I have to talk again about Japan, artists always make this kind of Lottery for fan clubs, if Mdolla's thing is this way, The Lottery is for the chance to buy a ticket, and more knowing that a Teather has more limited sittings, so you register and if you are selected, you can buy the tickets, and surely very bad seats will be left to general sell, if any left, I dont think that the lottery will be for a random seat. Since Medellin, for me is all about waiting, maybe the album is great...

    Really liked the performance, Mdolla really looks great, and for me, good choice to asolate her live vocals, the performance was strong enough to do that, very entertaining (Was prayin for her not to fell down) The hologram thing ... I think aren't, I really don't know the name, It's like AR you use in your Smart Phone (You only watch it through the screen), that's why it is not expensive and it's very common nowdays in concerts, Japanese electropop trio 'Perfume' (I used to love them very very much) use this tech some years ago, they even used it in their Coachella Performance this year; oh and Maluma, just another dancer in Mo's performace (Thank God)

    I think she likes him tons, 'cos could had anyone instead of maluma baby, but, well it's M's, and I'm actually listening to her while here, and still have hope for the album #PrayforMadameX
  10. CHOKKO

    One of her singles I was't waiting and I won't be listening to, terrible. I know people get mad when you touch some Queen's stuff, but she's human and she can act stupidly too, and I think having Maluma in her album was too stupid; I think even the M's team had to try to had a very very basic song to fit to Malumas talent, and Mdolla has to only be humming nonsense words thoughout the song, I think Se likes him a lot , why? co's the single is shit, and having him in another song ! He's kinda hansome but, he sings agains women, he sings pure trash even without the women stuff. I'm so disappointed with all this thing, but I'll wait for another song to save my faith in Queen Mo. NOTE: the 'Detroit' thingy was hillarious (In spanish is very common), like when you see somebody falls, no more.
  11. CHOKKO

    The first MO's album I don't care about, when I heard about Maluma, and then reading a Featuring with Anita..... pure shit, I only hope the rest , or some songs in the album are good and not 'Regueton' So sad Madonna has this kind of collabo, even Maluma is always singing Against Women rights, that's a little stupid forme, working with him when you're a feminist ??????, just saying, here in latin america listening to Maluma makes you see like a total retarded. I love most of her and her stuff, but this new single 'Medellin' is trash, even her parts are stupid for me, never listening to it again, maybe one more time, like I did with 'I'm going bananas' Looking forward for stuff from the album non-related with Maluma thing.
  12. CHOKKO

    I always use nero, maybe pal or region, incomplete files, try using nero expres, option 'Data DVD' just put the folders in the window and thats the way I do it
  13. CHOKKO

    @@SpencerCSR it depends if it's a complete DVD (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders or all the files even if they don't come in that folders, you can create it and all the files goes in the VIDEO_TS folder) and the other case is if the files you want to burn are simple files like .mkv, .avi, etc. In the first case you only need to put the folders in the program and burn them in data mode, if they're differente clips you need tu burn, then do it In the Video mode. If u need more info just ask ;), I don't use DVD anymore for video files, but I did :P