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  1. I remember I was a little dissapointed about realizing the Ray of Light era was ending, and no tour were happening, I watched the video on MTV, I was going to start secundary school and I used a Discman to keep my music with me , by those days I had my first CD burner and used to make playlist or compilation cds with all the new songs I liked those days, I can't believe is 25 years now, and the show is over.....
  2. Having a new YT channel to re up my re-edits, mixes and stuff (And trying to find how to do it on Spotify ) My last channel was deleted for posting my remasters of Erotica Demos (Available here) Some stuff still here 


  3. Days like today are so sad for me not being able to keep doing remasters and mixes :cry: An alcoholic relative crashed my computer on the floor some months ago :/ sorry today is a bad day

    1. MartineX


      I know what alcohol can do... 😔 Big hug to you

  4. Frozen was performed in Toronto last night :bubblebitch:

    1. mirtillo


      Up Down Suite Edit, please! ;)

    2. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      yes and i loved it! love that song!

  5. メリクリ ! :hallwaylaugh:

  6. Loving me, for me, I believe in the power of LOVE!

  7. I'm attending one her shows in Mexico City, I never had care about that kind of things, I enjoy every single moment of the tours I have had the chance to be in, since The Sticky & Sweet Tour, I'm so impacient to be on the Celeration, celebration, celebration, celebration. I wan to create a thread asking what moments had been your favorite attendng M shows
  8. I never thought this tour would be so amazing, she really had all of her fans in mind creating This Celebration, PARTY!, PARTY!, PARTY!. 

  9. Yes´of course is interesting, and great that she's teaching us that age is not a limit
  10. I love you guys informimg us what is trending, what is probably going to leak :heart:

    1. Andymad


      whats that now

  11. For what I have seen, she drinks one or two of whatever she's drinking, maybe off cams she drinks more, WHO CARES???? it she's having a fukc*ng vogue life, good for her, enjoy your life folks, even if she's doing weed..... she's doing tatoos at 60's, there's no limits for us!!!!! we're not going to better, in general, instead of trying to resolve if she's or not her, be yourself ! Do what you enjoy ............ Thoughts from 2022 Bipolar............................. I love her doing weed, she seems relax I think I love her doing whatever she wants to do, music or movie I love her having frozen viral I love everyone doing what you what
  12. Thanks you, is good to know @Fighter and @Jackie ...Don't Stop the sharing now guys
  13. GGW Screen from MDNA T ?

    Latin Medley Demos from RH T ?


  14. I'm always surprised for the things I find here, for your tremendous shares, mine are not huge but I try to share and give thanks; So glad to have the chance to be in this M lovers community :cute:

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