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  1. Since November I use to Listen, at least one time daily 'Something To Remember' (Song)
  2. I've been listening to 'Something to Remember' (Song) every day since November, hope I'm not getting nuts.  :lord:

  3. I'm lovin' the new  theme :hearteyes:

  4. Promise To Try Oh Father Xtatic Process You Must Love Me Looking For Mercy Something To Remember Bad Girl Miles Away Gone Paradise
  5. I can't blame her for express herfelf, but she's an icon and everything she shares is a bomb, and we know nothing, sadly is the real deal with covid. at this point we all want answers and we all think about a lot of things and possiblities, we all have a reasoning (I HOPE SO) I think she's not the kind of person who take that kind of information as a statement, she's more than smart, quarantine is making a lot of people fed up, or maybe she is powerful enough to have some extra information, or was juts one of those dumb social media moments, Who knows? Controversy comes with her na
  6. My number 1 is between Blonde Ambition and Confessions, adding The Girlie Show
  7. Any Kylie upscales? (I Suggest Showgirl TGHT and KylieFEVER and KylieX) The new kylie era deserves a rework for this :angel:

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    2. CHOKKO


      Thank you !  I started downloading right now, so curious to see, X is one of her best tour ever :hearteyes:

    3. CHOKKO


      I don't know about a Kylie forum like this for example, where you can find interesting media about Kylie, so I keep searching on goggle and torrent sites. Here in the forum I have downloaded interesting stuff like the Rapino Brothers Sessions, never find it on the web, maybe I don't search correctly :lol:


    4. CHOKKO


      On 7/24/2020 at 7:00 AM, anton5000 said:

      I did this denoised version :)

      Finally download is complete, it looks great !! Thank you :hearteyes:

  8. Even in the YT version, the work looks great.
  9. Great Re-Invention (The Mixes and visuals of TBW and Vogue ) The Girlie Show (The Transition From Circus Intro to Erotica, I always have that in one single file) The Confessions Tour (The Theme, costumes and choreography, very well mix of the three elements) Who's That Girl Tour (The opening rehearsal clip, the vibe when the intro begins on the film, really like it, even when it's very basic stuff) The MDNA Tour (GREAT, bad Film edition)
  10. Totally forgot What It Feels Like for A Girl Remix , always in my favorite
  11. -Paradise (Drowned World) -Nobody Knows Me (MDNA) -Die Another Day (Sticky & Sweet) -Hollywood (Re-Invention) -Radio Hits-Where's The Party/Music Mashup Interlude (The Confessions) Could have listed some intros, but maybe that's another topic.
  12. I was waiting like crazy the tour, at my 8 years old back then.., and then nothing. Thinking that in that days (for me), M was like trying to leave behind 'the old Madonna', I assume that the whole Ray of Light album was going to be performed, and I'm so sure that ideas from the cancelled tour were used in the Drowned World Show, here's my Idea: -- The Veronica Electronica Arena World Tour -- (All, even some ballads have beats and very synthetic sound) Part 1 -- Japanese/Harajuku Streets 01 Opening/Substitute For Love (Opening with 'Paradise' Style) 02 Nothi
  13. Maybe some of us aren't very active here, bute personally I really really aprecciate th effort of everyone participating in this, I have uploaded just a few things, but this is because most of the stuff I have is already here. Maybe for the newbies (I consider myself one of them here) is something hard to express our opinions considering some aggresive moments in the last weeks before admins decided closing the forum. I'd love to be more participative, andI 'Promise to Try' I thought 'Gosh, is a new Mdolla era and the place were I used to read about all of this daily is gone' Is
  14. Thank M Goddess for the re-opening

  15. Looks And she wanst to be the new Posh Spice...
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