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  1. CYSMM

    it depends on the country... I got tested twice
  2. CYSMM

    I am not buying anything related to M anymore. When we'll get physical maxi-single, more than 3 singles with videos, and no book at 225 dollars maybe I'll change my mind...
  3. CYSMM

    Unfortunately I guess it's over. It's a pity...
  4. CYSMM

    I guess it's over with Madame X
  5. CYSMM

    it was ridiculous so thanks god she removed
  6. CYSMM

    That's why I have a feeling it will end up as the Re-Invention... She won't be satisfied and we'll wait and hope for decades for collector boxes
  7. CYSMM

    Really cool trailer
  8. CYSMM

    I guess it will be broadcast but not released
  9. CYSMM

    3 singles like Hard Candy, MDNA, Rebel Heart: God Control I Don't Search I Find Crave I think they are the best song for a large audience
  10. CYSMM

    Do you still have hope?
  11. CYSMM

    Everybody looks so sure about the DVD... I'm a bit skeptical but I hope you are all right
  12. I think we won't get new remixes for God Control unfortunately It looks like it's finished from Madame X...
  13. CYSMM

    Stranger ofc!