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  1. He also confirmed to me that CYSMM is a different song than DAD, so people stop saying it's the demo or an alternative title; it's a different song that contains French lyrics
  2. An album of unreleased songs per decade 😁
  3. Also she’s crazy about Candy Shop and Human Nature and she can’t give us a proper HD for that video 😆
  4. When are they gonna continue with the upscale for music videos? Love Profusion to close AL, if we consider DAD will be available later with the streaming… And Celebration still in 240p 😬
  5. Is it established by now that it's not a compilation at least?
  6. Still not capable of upgrading Love Profusion a month later.... And Celebration in 240p...
  7. So we won't get a proper version of Mother and Father Johnny Rocks remixes I guess
  8. Her Revolution of Love MDNA Skin Her as a movie director Madonna & NFTs Madonna in theatre play
  9. Liquid Love Triggering La Petite Jeune Fille Animal Across The Sky Miss You Arioso Love Won't Wait Run Revenge
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