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  1. I didn't she is a bitth because she didn't apologize. Maybe I didn't express myself correctly but too lazy to check it. Second yes I assume I found her pathetic when she thinks that she will say the humanity with #Peace in song with Quavo or when she does the secret flop project.
  2. You are right! Except Banana thing ahaha but you see to what we compare M ? :/
  3. Good luck bro. Mine doesn't care at all ahaha He just wants a Devil Pray bis
  4. But wtf! Those people are crazy. Bad performance at Eurovision = you should die. Do we have to pay attention to that? This has nothing to see with unhappy people or people without life, it is simply crackpot people. Nobody said that on the forum. That M doesn't care about haters ofc cause whatever she does they won't like? But she should take care when her fans says don't follow the trend we don't care that you'are number 1. She can collaborate with whoever she wants but she should understand that good music is the priority. It is not because it is new or the trend that it is good!
  5. We all agree. But Superbowl, Eurovision are not a performance for TV Sweden (sorry for any Swedish guy). Eurovision was a performance where she should have impressed! At least she sang live but all participants did.
  6. When Madonna sings Sooner or Later I am sorry to say that she is incredibly iconic. I agree it is stupid to read she doesn't know how to sing as it's not true. She proved it many times. We are talking off yesterday's performance not about the whole Madonna and her career! Yesterday nothing was Iconic. Who can say Future is her best performance? In terms of vocals, choreography, creativity or whatever? People need to understand that saying a performance is shit doesn't mean saying an artist is shit.
  7. If someone doesn't like M performance or whoever it is, that person has no life or is unhappy? This is crazy bro!
  8. Malta --> Italy Montenegro --> Serbia Cyprus <--> Athens Scandinavians countries between them... It should be only public vote. What are these juries? Belarus was funny as except for Australia they gave points only to those at the end of the list ahahah
  9. My ego and the performance of Madonna? That is as stupid as saying you can't recognize she was pathetic cause you are a sheep. #MusicMakesThePeopleComeTogether
  10. No I did shot sorry. It was her best performance ever. Forgot all I said. #Peace
  11. Sorry I didn't say she was amazing. Much better than all performance till now. So rebel, so innovative <3
  12. Cause I was a fan and it's hard to see that when you supported her for years.
  13. That was an amazing performance!