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  1. CYSMM

    Good news An idea when they would be released?
  2. CYSMM

    Are we going to get more remixes for IDSIF?
  3. CYSMM

    Erotica vs. Survival Fever vs. Secret Bye Bye Baby vs. I'd Rather Be Your Lover Deeper and Deeper vs. Don't Stop Where Life Begins vs. Inside of Me Bad Girl vs. Human Nature Waiting vs. Forbidden Love Thief of Hearts vs. Love Tried to Welcome Me Words vs. Sanctuary Rain vs. Bedtime Story Why's It So Hard vs. Take a Bow In This Life vs. Freedom Did You Do It? vs. Let Down Your Guard Secret Garden vs. Your Honesty Not easy....
  4. The Boris Remix is really cool
  5. I choose Hung Up but a very difficult choice
  6. CYSMM

    Would be amazing to get the curly hair part
  7. CYSMM

    A pity she didn't keep Easy Ride
  8. I personally prefer no hit anymore but good music without featuring :-)
  9. Not that bad I would have replaced: - You Must Love Me by Time Stood Still - Frozen by Swim - X-Static Process by Intervention - Dark Ballet by Bad Girl - Justify My Love/Bedtime Stories by Words Doesn't respect anymore the church theme though
  10. CYSMM

    I don't know a feeling. I don't think it's really profitable.
  11. CYSMM

    I think it won't be recorded.
  12. I didn't she is a bitth because she didn't apologize. Maybe I didn't express myself correctly but too lazy to check it. Second yes I assume I found her pathetic when she thinks that she will say the humanity with #Peace in song with Quavo or when she does the secret flop project.