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  1. So we won't get a proper version of Mother and Father Johnny Rocks remixes I guess
  2. Her Revolution of Love MDNA Skin Her as a movie director Madonna & NFTs Madonna in theatre play
  3. Liquid Love Triggering La Petite Jeune Fille Animal Across The Sky Miss You Arioso Love Won't Wait Run Revenge
  4. Although she's a bad actress I would have loved to see her playing Harley Quinn
  5. Autotune Baby Champagne Rosé Funana Love Song Did You Do It?
  6. They could have added the Aviddiva remix, why they can't make it nice for fans! I really can't understand why they could do put all remixes for Bedtime Story and suddenly they can't add few fuckin edit versions
  7. Hopefully she won't only sing 20 secondes... The short clip from her instagram seems cool
  8. The remix. We won't get the Kleinenberg for sure, it's like asking for the Blowup
  9. Do you think we will get the Aviddiva Remix for Hollywood?
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