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  1. Mert and Marcus at a point were always with her...
  2. I don't follow her life... It doesn't interest me at all... I just check about her music Even videos; are not interested anymore... Drugs with Tokisha, boring video with 050 shake.... Just music <3
  3. Unfollowed from social network, she is too irrelevant. Topic closed from my end, will focus on music only. She does not interest me anymore unfortunately.
  4. at least he told me that he doesnt have it but may be in the vault
  5. We won't get his mix because he doesn't even have it himself anymore.
  6. Bedtime Story (Orbital Instrumental) Don't Tell Me (DJ Premier) I'm Addicted (Peter Rauhofer)
  7. Too much ROL, La Isla Bonita, Vogue and LAP ahahah
  8. If she sings one famous song by album and one never or rarely performed I'm fine with that Madonna: Everybody / Gambler Like A Virgin: Medley Like A Virgin / Material Girl / Into The Groove / Over And Over True Blue: La Isla Bonita or Open Your Heart Like A Prayer: Express Yourself / Promise To Try Erotica: Bad Girl / Words Bedtime Stories: Secret / Sanctuary (Interlude) Ray Of Light: Frozen or ROL / Nothing Really Matters or Swim (Interlude) Music: Music / I Deserve It American Life: Hollywood / Intervention or Easy Ride COAD: Hung Up / How High (Interlude) Hard Candy: Give It 2 Me / Dance 2night MDNA: Girl Gone Wild / Some Girls Rebel Heart: Living For Love or Ghosttown / WAOM or Hold Tight Madame X: I Don't Search I Find (Paulo Remix; incl. Vogue) / Bella Ciao (Interlude) Extra: Celebration (Oakenfold incl. Holiday Break)
  9. I guess I'm cool, I'm provocative, fuck the patriarchy
  10. I watched it, once is enough. It is really ridiculous.
  11. This is simply a reason to justify anything. Very easy. People like to I keep it, people criticize so I keep it... It's to easy to use that as an argument. Coming from her but I think it's bullshit. She just doesn't care about anything else than her opinion. It has nothing to see with people like or bitching about it. That's my opinion.
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