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Girlie Show Sunday - Christopher Childer's Instagram


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I didn't know how to post the videos off Christopher Childer's Instagram on this forum, so here's the link.

Lots of pictures, articles and behind-the-scenes/private videos from the Girlie Show era.

Christopher Childers was one of the dancers in the Girlie Show, then went on to choreograph the movie Showgirls, Cirque du Soleil shows etc.





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From his facebook:


Istambul backstage:



Sao Paulo backstage:








and there are other 3 more videos when they fly from LAX to London for the premiere. I got them all and i'll upload them, don't worry. He says it's just dvd 1 of 5, so we can expect more!!.

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Girlie Show Sunday! Some script details! We were originally supposed to be classic 1930's 'bell-hops' for 'La Isla Bonita' (see my bell hops note!) but it was changed to that iconic striped look. Boys in red/black and Madonna in Blue/white stripes! #madonna #worldtour #dancer


Girlie Show Sunday! Originally Madonna was to come down the go-go pole at the very end. Script by Chris Ciccone. #dancer #worldtour #madonna #thegirlieshow

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