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  1. Frank

    She can still be mastering. If the album comes out March/April that could be very possible.
  2. Frank

    But we don't even know if the album will be called MAGIC or not... And her tagging it all the time could mean it will... Or not. Maybe she's just proud of the magic she's created in the studio with her Disco God...
  3. Frank

    "Everyone's an authority On who and what is good for me [...] Everyone's a specialist Choices I should make [...] Everyone's a connaisseur How do they know What makes them so sure Do they know what's right for me Everyone's a know-it-all ..." And about that Love On Fire "thing"... just LOL. Oh God... And speaking of more important things...: Nekhane is back.
  4. Frank

    What an ignorant thing to say. If she worked, for example, with Maluma & J. Balvin, those would be very far from "basic local artists" 🙄
  5. Frank

    If this is true, we can like it or not [the song i mean], but IT'S GONNA BE HUGEEEEEEEEEE.
  6. Frank

    S&ST was a huge highlight for me.
  7. Frank

    Well that's just an opinion. Period. I don't find it "so great" at all. Those who agree with this OPINION will find it great. Those, like me, who don't, will not. Simple as that.
  8. Frank

    S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G 😍
  9. Frank

    She looks amazing in these new pics.
  10. Frank

    I'm Madonna and i'm here to make it clear!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
  11. Frank

    The XMas Ru album advertising special - LOL - was funny but that's it. Staged to the max and shit. I can't wait for AS4 tho.
  12. Frank

    As i told u in private, i posted the image just to help @ what you were saying. No bad blood man ;-)
  13. Frank

    BTW @G Libreif that's u in ur avatar, u r so f*cking hot dude.
  14. Frank

    Don't be a naysayer, please
  15. Frank

    And even when we reach that point, it all will be just a matter of personal taste. No one holds the original truth to say if a song is good or bad, just opinions.