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  1. Frank

    With every new teaser, looking at her with that beautiful new look, i'm getting more and more excited. It's gonna be an amazing time #soon !!!!.
  2. Frank

    Just be patient guys. It's not that difficult at all. Just go on with ur lives and that's it. And listen to other artists. That's what i do and works for me. She'll release it when she's ready and i'll be right here waiting for it 😍
  3. Frank

    Oh god, love that song.
  4. Frank

    This is gonna be really interesting. can't wait!!!. And she looks soooooooooo pretty...!!!.
  5. hey sweetie did u got my  last messge ? 

  6. hey sweetie did u got my messge ? 

  7. Frank

    Even that would be AMAZING, at least 4 me *_*
  8. Frank

    ????? Her fanbase has A LOT of rich middle aged white GAY men tho. Not me, lol. Anyway ur statement is pretty weird. And untrue.
  9. Frank

  10. Frank

    The funniest thing is probably all the gays that r saying this or that are barebacking all the time and everytime with a different person. "I'm on prep". God. Please teach them the meaning of being ironic. Anyway, staying on topic. As i said, she looks gorgeous. Can't wait for the Magical Era to unveil.

  12. Frank

    Well, i don't know for a fact, but she wrote: " So excited to share my new music with the world...........🎶🖤 But until then a little bit of F U N! On my favorite guitar!"... I think it's clear that's not her new music, just some funny lyrics. Anyway, i also think this is a photoshoot, and not a video shoot. The clothes r different from the video shooting in that place in Lisbon with the big moon, and also she's wearing the shorter wig, the one that MDNA Skin insta post said it was for the photoshoot. And not the longer curly one from the video shoot.
  13. Frank

    U know that's not a real song and she's just having fun with the guitar and saying some random words, right?.