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Thinking of box set #3


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Thank you so much everyone! These ideas are excellent.

I wouldn't mind attempting to re-do GHV2 or Celebration, they have their own pros and cons but are nowhere near TIC's excellence so something to elevate them could be a good challenge. (Same with turning Rebel Heart into a 'finished' product...)

At the moment I think I'll do a single album box set, then look at something more career-spanning in the future.

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Like A Prayer really deserves a definitive edition

You could play around many themes : the Orbit eras, the Mirwais experiments, the Interscope years...

And I guess we need the full the Rebel Heart set, with M's original double sided vision, all the leaks rightfully retconnned and every other demo, with the tour sessions.

More Madame X ideas to come when the tour video and things come out.

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