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  1. G House

    Well, I'm glad we got the remixes on Spotify (and Supernatural, yay!) but this is simply not enough. We got "something" but it feels like nothing. Even if there was no physical edition of the release (God forbid her/them/whoever is in charge pleasing her fans), this has just been poorly handled. Like a Prayer is probably her most iconic song, literally. Like, I'm yet to find one person who hasn't listened to it and/or doesn't like it. In album terms, let's remember Rolling Stone writing that this is the closest that pop music has been to art itself. And yet we got this sloppy mess. Two songs missing and a doubious-taste artwork to wrap it up. I'm not even asking for unreleased tracks (we all know that ain't happening) but was a proper expanded edition too much to ask for? This feels as if your mother just baked a beautiful cake for your birthday and, right before giving it to you, she smashes it on the floor and then says "eat it". If you're happy with it, fine, but I ain't.
  2. Valuable: Celebration 4LP Sentimental: Idk, each release has a story but I guess Confessions 2LP, as it is the first one I bought myself.
  3. G House

    The labels look great, the back cover not so much.
  4. This makes me SO happy
  5. G House

    Wow, so disliking latin music makes you a xenophobe or a hater? I didn't know that
  6. Pray for Spanish Eyes was released as a promotional single in Spain: https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Pray-For-Spanish-Eyes/release/1658818
  7. G House

    NO, THANKS. I get the feeling that people saying things like these have never really experience attending her concerts in either place. In a stadium you either see her reeeeeeeally far away or you pay and queue for days to get a "good" spot, plus the acoustics are not good at all. On the other hand, getting tickets for small theaters can be a nightmare and also expensive as fuck (just remember Olympia 2012). Arenas are just perfect: the perfect amount of people, you get to actually see her and not a fucking giant screen, the acoustics are just right... And tickets have reasonable prices and are worth it.
  8. G House

    Then that's why you say it rarely has good songs
  9. What I don't get is why some of you only come to these topics to complaint about them. I'm Breathless has never been reissued on vinyl and it's almost its 30th anniversary, it was a matter of time. And idk about the rest, but I find it cool as fuck to finally have it on yellow vinyl, which is an edition that I have been wanting for years. Could they put more effort into new reissues and new editions? Maybe throw a couple of bonus or unreleased into the mix? Yes they could and they probably will once she's retired or worse, but I won't hold my breath or throw a tantrum every single time a new vinyl reissue is announced because it is not what I expected. We'll have plenty of reissues in the future, plenty of special and limited editions and what they did with MJ's discography after his death will pale in comparison, you can be sure of that.
  10. G House

    As long as she doesn't explain it, the interpretation is free. I thought the same thing and I don't think the song is very clever. I know that she's not serious and all but I find it unfortunate to say the least. The aesthetics are on point though.
  11. G House

    These guys are always spreading rumours, don't believe a single word.
  12. This was the first item I bought myself, but my very first item was The Confessions Tour DVD + CD, which was a gift from my uncle.