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  1. G House

    I don't really get all this hatred for Eurovision. I think it clearly comes from ignorance because this would be a success for M in terms of exposure, bigger than the Grammy and/or BRIT Awards: the ESC is literally the biggest music event in the world with 186 million viewers last year and, just in case you have forgotten it, Europe is Madonna's biggest market . Just do the maths. Too cheesy? Too gay? Too camp? Wow, revise your internalized homophobia folks. Plus, I really bet it's been ages since the last time you watched the show, otherwise you wouldn't be saying such nonsense. Just a little example, the winners from 2015 and 2012: And this was France's entry last year about the refugees' drama: And this, and I finish here, was Sweden's over-the-top entry which literally looked like a music video:
  2. G House

    3 words: THE CONFESSIONS TOUR. It's got everything and it's Madonna at her prime in terms of touring (and success lately, tbh).
  3. yay - another pointless complaint
  4. G House

    I loved the film. I actually preferred her acting rather than his.
  5. G House

    There's no more info, the only source is (for now) that guy on twitter which screams attention whore, I hope it's true though.
  6. COADF a flop? Gurl, you're cancelled.
  7. Zavvi ships everywhere: https://www.zavvi.de/blu-ray/disney-classics-complete-movie-limited-edition-box-set-1937-2018/11912794.html
  8. G House

    Honey, Cher looks just fine, she's 70. You don't need to try to drag other people down to make your point.
  9. G House

    I wouldn't use the word "enhanced" but I guess that's a matter of taste Her body, her rules, I guess.
  10. Happy new year my bitches! :kissy:

    1. rescueme


      Happy New Year to you too

  11. G House

    How can this come across as shocking?
  12. G House

    Maluma? Really? I don't want her near sexist men so thank you, next.
  13. G House

    The fact that Reputation is not nominated for album of the year is plainly insulting.