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  1. G House

    Y'all should wait for the European release via Amazon.
  2. One of Us sounds A-MA-ZING. The ending, though, doesn't sound like the end of the album, it's as if there is something missing.
  3. G House

    I didn't know about its existence, I can't find it on the play store :S
  4. G House

    Kylie Minogue

    She used Blue Velvet as an interlude before Confide in Me, although she sung some verses. I can't confirm it because I don't want any spoilers in case I'm buying tickets for Hamburg The setlist is my only spoiler hahaha
  5. G House

    Kylie Minogue

    Golden Tour Setlist: 01 Golden 02 Get Outta My Way 03 One Last Kiss 04 Better The Devil You Know 05 Confide In Me 06 Breathe 07 Where The Wild Roses Grow (acapella) 08 In Your Eyes 09 A Lifetime To Repair 10 Shelby '68 11 Radio On 12 Wow 13 Can't Get You Out Of My Head [INTERVAL] 14 Slow 15 Kids 16 The One 17 Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (acapella) 18 Stop Me From Falling 19 Wouldn't Change A Thing/I'll Still Be Loving You 20 Especially For You 21 Lost Without You 22 All The Lovers 23 New York City/Raining Glitter/On A Night Like This 24 The Loco-Motion/Bad Girls (by Donna Summer) 25 Spinning Around 26 Love At First Sight 27 Dancing
  6. G House

    Says who? Vogue said late this year and if that is not a reliable source...
  7. G House

    I wrote "my Madonna story" a couple of years ago, I was 22 then: I’m actually thinking of how to begin talking about M right now, because even if it’s just ten years, it’s been long and intense and there are so many memories that I have about her that it is hard not to leave something behind. I will start by talking about how it all started: I began listening to Madonna when I was 12. The Confessions era was almost ending when this happened: I remember being on a trip with my classmates and feeling really really really sick when, suddenly, Sorry was being played on the radio. I focused on the song and it, somehow, took part of that sickness away. I had listened to some of her singles on the radio before but none of them had captured my attention such as this one. That night, I told my father that I wanted to listen to some Madonna music, specifically I wanted her last album and an old one called Like a Prayer. I remember the first time that I listened to COADF: it sounded amazingly fresh (and it still does) and very different from anything I was listening to at that time. Then, I remember watching some TV ad about the Confessions Tour and wanting to watch it in full: it felt like a revelation, because my concept of a concert before watching that one consisted of a singer or group with the band playing on the background and that was all. When I saw M getting out of that mirrorball, she blew up my schemes. The Confessions Tour was actually my first official item (as a gift from my uncle) and the beginning of one of my huge obsessions (and the most expensive one): I began collecting, and that’s one of the things that Madonna has given me that I like the most. I didn’t begin collecting seriously until later that year (2007), when one of my uncles gave me an old copy of the I’m Breathless LP, which included one of my all-time favourite songs (a.k.a. Vogue, that I had first listened to when I saw The Devil Wears Prada and wondered who was behind that amazing track). The first vinyl record that I bought was COADF: I still get goosebumps when I remember opening it and playing it for the very first time. The items that I like the most that I have are the limited edition of Ray of Light and the Reinvention Tour programme. As you can see, Madonna got into my life on kind of difficult times: the beginning of my high school years. Somehow, however, she gave me the strength to get throughout it. I am gay and that, ten years ago, was something difficult for a 12-year-old boy (today is still difficult, but less than how it was 10 years ago). She gave me the pride and the strength to be who I am, to be myself and not be restrained by anybody else’s opinion. She was kind of a saviour in some way for me, because sometimes the situation was really unbearable but, anytime that I felt alone, she was there, her music was there to comfort me. I’m really thankful for this last part, but I’m even more thankful for what I’m about to tell you. Back in 2007, or 2008, some forums were really popular on the Internet and I finally got in contact with some people with the same obsessions and the same passion for her. Madonna has given me some good friends and many moments of joy, but none of them compares to the first time that I saw her. It was in Madrid, back in 2009 with the Sticky and Sweet Tour (another gift from my uncle because I didn’t have enough money for the ticket). I still remember that first glimpse of her blond hair passing behind the screens right before the beginning of Candy Shop. It was one of the best nights of my life. The next time that I saw her was in Barcelona, in 2012 with the MDNA Tour. That was the first trip that I made by myself (I was already 18), and it was one of the best experiences of my life, not only because I got to see her from the second row, but because I met my boyfriend there. Yes, Madonna also brought love to my life (we’ve been dating for almost three years and it’s simply the best thing that has happened to me). The last time that I saw her was in Paris with the Rebel Heart Tour, again from the second row with my boyfriend (I didn’t have enough money to buy the VIP package so I’ll have to hunt for the book or save it for the next time) but I think that this is my favourite one of the three that I’ve attended (my favourite tour is the Reinvention tour). I hope to be on the front row the next time, I really want to. Last, but not least, Madonna has inspired me. I like to draw and the first drawing that I made by myself without any help was the cover of the ROL album, around 2009, and two years later I made an exhibition of my drawings, being the central piece an improved version of that one. Madonna also gave me the courage to sing (I’m very shy when it comes to doing it in front of people). I joined some friends and we created a chorus at the university. The first time that I sung a solo was Borderline at a bar with some friends. A year later, we made a huge concert and I got part of the solo for Like a Prayer and it felt amazing. So, to sum up, Madonna saved me in many of the ways that a person can be saved: friends, courage, inspiration and love. Thanks for reading me!
  8. G House

    I don't think this is a good example, Charlie has released five singles since then and none of them had a physical release even though they were by far more successful. However, Ariana Grande's No tears left to cry had a physical release. The first single of an album normally gets the physical treatement but I guess it depends entirely on the artist and the record company.
  9. G House

    She says it, several times actually.
  10. G House

    I don't think this is happening. She will """hire""" new dj's (which means that they'll do it for free because it's huge publicity) and we'll get crappy remixes.
  11. G House

    We don't know if this is happening. Actually, if this is happening I ain't buying no album.
  12. Can't wait for the music video :D
  13. G House

    I think they're doing it on purpose to reignite the feud.
  14. G House

    It seems that gagadaily is making us Madonna fans responsible for low ratings on IMDb of A Star is Born. Imagine someone over 16 with enough time on their hands for doing this
  15. But then it's a question of durability rather than a sound quality one. Yes, with time coloured vinyl will sound worse than black vinyl because it degrades faster, but it does not imply that coloured vinyl sounds worse than black vinyl per se.