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  1. Guys…. I’ve been a bad bad boy. I listened to Future (Live) this morning. Do I regret it? NO!

    When I turned it on (this is not a lie or exaggeration, I swear) my body started having chills and I couldn’t stop crying. My entire body is tingling. I can’t stop. 

    Wtf is wrong with me. 

    Tagging some people who have been on this long ass journey with me:

    @PanditaRulez @Andymad @RUADJAI @Andreo @deathproof @Fighter @Enrico

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    2. Andymad


      @Shoful hunnyyyyy this fuzzy dream is ‘bout to cream ALL OVER YOU, full circle moment!!! :Madonna010::Madonna014::Madonna012:

    3. Shoful


      @Andreo Even tho I listened to the whole album. I’m still gonna stream the crap out of it prob for a month?

    4. deathproof


      Is there a Madame X Rehab Center anywhere?

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