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  1. As I already wrote on another topic, I think that the Mirwais sessions are among the best of her career, her voice sounded wonderful, she sounded very much in control of what she was singing and the message behind it. Mirwais has always had radical, left wing political views and I guess that Madonna relates to him on that level. Miss You, The Game, It's So Cool, Set The Right, I'm In Love With Love, Is This Love (Bon d'accord) are great demos, I'll always be curious of how they could have come out if the movie project or whatever had gone through.
  2. Great interview this morning on one of the top cultural radio shows, on public service France Inter. Here are the best bits. About Taxi Girl: "Back then, we were the best band in the world (...) We weren't friends, that's what was interesting" More insights about his work with M ! He reminded that Music, the single, was one of the first major leaks in history. "I see her as a friend but we don't hang out together, we'd tear up each other's face." "The way she speaks of our relationship in interviews always makes me laugh. In Mojo, she was talking about me and it felt like we're two lunatics in the studio pitting against each other, for two lines, for a chorus..." "She has a lot of input" - What is a good song according to you? It's close to you, close to what you are. When do you both know that a song is good enough? When she stops arguing, when I stop arguing. I can be worse than her. (blabla about songs taking too long to produce) So how come a good song is shelved? Does it happen really? It happens, yes, it does, for a lot of reasons. It's a matter of timing, often it's not the right moment, you have to feel it, and sometimes there is no real vista. Why does she ditch a song? Because in the production process, she can be wrong, maybe because someone didn't confront her enough, or because she made mistakes or the producer himself. You miss things, it happens. (Then, Augustin Trapenard, the host, plays "It's So Cool", the unofficial acoustic demo.) It was supposed to be on American Life, what happened? Most people don't now that, but there was this movie project, maybe with Luc Besson, covering different historical periods, from the 30s through the 80s. So we had to work on a few tracks from the 70s, and I wrote that song. For the record, her big hit Hung Up came from the same session with Stuart [Price]. But it felt more 80s! The track leaked online ten years ago and it's still there. Why? It's because of Warner. From when she left them. They don't care about her back catalogue a lot but they'll end up paying attention to it. There are real nuggets, real good stuff. There are songs like this one, extraordinary. (Blabla, then he trashes Spotify.) (Then, Augustin Trapenard plays the Celebration version. Mirwais laughs out loud.) I think it's a failure (cackles). What does it take it to fail? When you don't have that vista... Not seeing the potential, not seeing the core of what it is. But when you hear that version from the Best Of, what does it sound like? Do you feel dispossessed? No, I've approved it. But I didn't think it would end up being such a mess. It makes you laugh in the end... (they both laugh) Yes, you know what, you have to let go... (Blabla, then he basically trashes Spotify again, because of some other artist called Mirwais who does "shitty trance music", with that stupid "Mashed Potato" song and people think it's him) In the beginning, what did you want on that song? Something very folk. The Kinks! Madonna has the perfect 70s voice, you know. Was she aware of what you figured for that song? Of course! We made it together! Wait a minute, do you sincerely believe that she wouldn't know? That woman is a living sensor! She's like me, she's more into the future than the past. But she started digging into it. Because like I said about The Retrofuture [his new album], I have a theory that for the first time in the history of art, the past looks better than the future. Honestly, what is the next thing in music? Auto-Tune all the way? It's bullshit. You're one of the pioneers though. That's what got Madonna into you. Besides Cher, and that's a long time ago. But I bet you won't find a track entirely sung on Auto-Tune before Naive Song. It was the first. And that's what caught her attention so we did Nobody's Perfect, the first track by a major star entirely sung on Auto-Tune, in 2000. Then we did James Bond [Die Another Day] on Auto-Tune... Then some other folk goes "I invented Auto-Tune in 2006" [poking at Kanye West]". Wrong! Man, James Bond was in 2002! (blabla) You have to be sincere in life. Listen to the full show featuring Mirwais new track 2016 - My Generation here : https://www.franceinter.fr/emissions/boomerang/boomerang-23-octobre-2020
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    Sorry to say, comparing yourselves to Madonna and bragging about your social flaws makes most of you look like total pains in the ass.
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    I don't know her
  5. Not released yet.
  6. I love this guy. Walked into him on the streets once in Paris, left me starstruck. Great picture, they seem to have such a special relationship! “I do not care about streaming or video views,” he says. “We are aiming for zero views if possible, or zero streams.” This piece is a key to understand why Madonna doesn't care about sales and shit. For different and mutual reasons, they just do music.
  7. "I had a hit with Naive Song, from my Production album. There's Auto-tune all along. Madonna wanted it, so I wrote Nobody's Perfect for her. It was the first time a major star used the Auto-tune on a song from start to finish." "We did some trials to see how things were working out between us because she tests a lot of producers before she makes up her mind. With Air, for example, it didn't work out." "We are both extremists when it comes to music. She could die for a sound. She is very impatient, everything has to be quick in the studio, and it ends up paralyzing some producers..." "During the American Life session, the work on a track was going on forever, so she asked 'How come it's taking so long to be cool?'. I replied 'Cause it's very fast to be uncool'. She laughed. There's a lot of fun between us. I remember I once had to quote Spinoza and Freud to have the last word on Whatsapp. We're not friends though, we hardly call each other. She thinks I'm crazy so I'm allowed to say that I kind of see her as a slightly nuts sister. I couldn't stand living around her, she's a diva, but I support her 100% because she's one of a kind. I left the recording of COADF because she was being a pain in the neck." "Her last record, Madame X, gave me the impression that she was back in control. We hadn't seen each other in 12 years, she's living in Portugal, she loves Cesaria Evora, so she asked me if I felt like composing in that direction. We experimented a little and then embarked on making the album, eventually opening it to club tracks." https://next.liberation.fr/musique/2020/10/16/mirwais-j-ai-survecu-dans-un-milieu-hostile_1802606
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    Yey ! Beautiful moment
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    Why y'all so mad about it ? Probably didn't take her very long, it's not like this side project has prevented her from working on other things. It's released through an independent maker in London, when was she in London lately ? It's probably top quality and the price doesn't surprise me given the other IIUVO products. I like the IG video. Would like to smell it. The timing is not bad, Madame X tour video is coming sooner or later so it's a way to keep it going. And I like that it's more "Madame" than "X". And it doesn't matter a lot.
  10. discohub

    M is a wonderful session singer. Listen to the first album acapellas (hardly no tweaking), listen to I'm Breathless, listen to the Blond Ambition tour and The Girlie Show. And listen to the Mirwais demos from the American Life era (I'm in Love with Love, one of her rare rock songs, proves she can deliver very strong and straight vocals, without effort and effects). It's probably when her vocals were the best, solid yet relaxed, and it's funny given how they ended altered, chopped and screwed on the album! Don't take me wrong,, it's one of my favourites and I absolutely love Nobody Knows Me as much as X-Static Process. The sound recording and engineering on AL are really top quality. As a major pop star, she has worked with A-list studio people and she's made the best of it. Remember the Like A Prayer version we hear is the first take. Obviously they had rehearsed it a couple of times, hopefully we'll hear the demo recordings someday. M is also one the first major stars to have used digital studios and processing. She isn't a recording console nerd but many of her producers were and she sounded better than her competitors for a long time with the successful combination of technical innovation and skilled collaborators. Her spoken vocals on Justify My Love and Rescue Me were unparalleled for a long time. Even George Michael sounded like a health insurance advertisement in comparison. In the 80s, when she became big, there was though something frustrating about her regarding Michael and then Janet Jackson, GM, Whitney Houston, Prince: their studio vocals were much "in your face". She never got the chance to be considered as the singer she is: like David Bowie, she is more a plastic vocalist, who can blend into whatever musical genre she is into at the time and still make the whiteness in her voice interesting. Kylie Minogue has that quality too, with a narrower, maybe less bold, register. I love the husky and raucous M, I love the sad and the emotional, I love the cheeky and the bouncy, I love her lower voice, I love her whispering and humming. I love the powerful, raw vocals on Ray of Light. I love her harmonies, that's something she paid an unnoticed attention to for a long time and it came back on Madame X. I love her early high-pitched choruses. Not the latest ones, like Medellin or Living For Love, an example of the things she can't sing anymore (not judging, the voice is a muscle that evolves throughout a career, she and DIplo should have come up with something else than Up Up Up, yuck). In the end, what I like the most are her funky / rnb-ish vocals. This song has been a staple for a long time:
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    Fake account.
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    Her "not trained" voice sounded great on The Girlie Show and after Evita (I still wish she had done DCFMA or Die Another Day live at some point during promos), she sang wonderfully throughout Ray of Light to COADF, with the live at Koko, "Madonna: On Stage and on the Record for American Life" on MTV being and this among the best things: Then, she did a good job on the MDNA tour save for the Olympia Now I enjoy her candid snippets on social, especially this one (when was that again?): Batuka, KWAP, Extreme Occident & Frozen were amazing on Madame X. CANT WAIT FOR THE LIVE ALBUM. But my favourite will be: PS:I want Rescue Me.
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    Very nice version!