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  1. discohub

    "People think that I'm insane" is a follow-up to "This is your wake-up call", she sees herself as a whistle blower, and she feels lonely ("my only friend"). Not the most interesting or relevant bit. Then "the only gun is in my brain" explains why she said before "I think I understand why people get a gun". She acknowledges the urge to pick up a gun and shoot, but she doesn't do it, it only happens in her head, she's in control. That's why she never says "gun control" in the song even though is all about it. She doesn't have to, she's ok with it. She's not the one who's insane, it's the others, those who are not in control, who are insane. Like her relationship with god, she's not killing people for the sake of her faith. It's all in her "brain", her intellect, more probably her "inner self" (it's just a fair use of the word, rhyming with "insane"). She hopes the next generation will not "smoke that dope" like her, meaning they will not get high on guns and lose their priorities, because "a new democracy" needs "god" control. It has nothing to do with weed or drugs, it's a metaphor. It's a pacifist song. A disco pacifist song.
  2. discohub

    Thank you. Personally, musically, culturally, you really mean and matter a lot.
  3. discohub

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But I still think Superpop would have been a great album title and opener though.
  4. discohub

    Love the vocal effects. Makes me think a lot of The Police. Great album track.
  5. Something's not working there. Love the idea though
  6. Justice for George Floyd

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    2. Angelo


      This word is a mess.. poor man 

    3. PaperFaces


      I agree.

      But viewed from the outside, that country is a house on fire,

  7. I'll Remember is a beautiful song, yet minor in pop history and M's career. For us fans, let's not forget that it was co-written by Pat Leonard and that William Orbit's remixes were amazing, and still are. They opened a whole new path. It was another creative move in the making that led her to Frozen and Ray of Light ffs!
  8. discohub

    MARAVILHOSO. Absolutely love it, and especially the Girlie Show version
  9. discohub

    Great album, great era. I heard it first on cassette. Vogue changed everything.
  10. discohub

    As for the 80s albums, original pressings will always sound like what the music was intended to sound. Re-issues might sound crisper or louder but they tend to kind of alter the overall rendering, especially those which were heavily remastered. Call me Mr. Obvious
  11. discohub

    Justify My Love
  12. discohub

    and the unedited album version of Frozen.
  13. #JusticeForAhmaud

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    2. discohub


      Ahmaud Arbery, a black guy who got shot by 2 white SOBs because they didn't like him jogging in their neighbourhood. Warning : graphic video.


    3. discohub
    4. RUADJAI


      They arrested them finally!

  14. discohub

    You'll See Love Song or What Can You Lose ?
  15. discohub

    Not sure about the last part. Cosmetic surgery as butt implant is quite invasive.