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  1. discohub

    Yey about the news, but we're in 2021 so it's probably not going to be a standard release ✊ The Times They Are a-Changin'...
  2. discohub

    One of her finest outputs, very powerful and a visual testimony of the 1990s. The controversy was part hateful, in a pre-social media way, part marketing, making it a cultural moment. I think it will be acknowledged as a bold artistic move and remembered.
  3. discohub

    THANK YOU. People often mistake modesty with blandness. Madame X was everything but bland.
  4. Yuck, I probably hate everything Mart & Mercus. They hide her behind anything that comes, put way too much make up on her, and dress her with ridiculously horrible clothes. For a very long time, M was able to be tacky and edgy at the same time. With M&M, she's just another overdressed celebrity with no sense of style.
  5. Favourite: Demarchelier, he always saw the best in her. Bonus: Lachapelle. Least favourite: Steve Klein. Hate this whole shoot, hate that dress. Bonus : Steve Meisel. Love that dress.
  6. The official Youtube channel uploaded the Live Down Under audio yesterday with a funny artwork
  7. I want more outtakes and demos.

  8. discohub

    Again and again, Madonna isn't only happening on streaming platforms. Her music is alive, unlike Prince's and David Bowie's. I f***ing heard Crave 🤔 at the supermarket this afternoon. Her hits are still all over the place. Here in France, they're played in every other fashion and reality tv show. People still have her CDs in the car, listen to the vinyl they bought: her legacy is much more present in each one's everyday life than the social media would manifest. It might ask the question of the her relevancy in 500 years, but surely not in the next decades.
  9. discohub

    A big and dynamic career like M's cannot stay on top forever. Sure, numbers count (LOL) but they're not only the defining point of her success and presence in people's minds. If she did more collaborations with hip singers, she would be more visible on Spotify and al. ok. Do you really want her to hook up with every other artist for the sake of being number one? She's been number one for decades, I really believe she doesn't care anymore. She's turning into a legacy act, and that doesn't make her irrelevant or unable to reinvent herself again and make a huge hit ever after. The movie is a very smart move to embrace it. Look at how The Rolling Stones, U2, Cher, etc. manage their fame. On a marketing point of view, they're music A-list celebrities and brands, Spotify numbers are not that important.
  10. discohub

    The new album and the movie must be connected in some kind of way. It feels very logic that Pat Leonard should be involved, given his impact on M's career. The soundtracks sales and streams of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman and A Star Is Born were HUGE, she can't have not noticed it.
  11. discohub

    MGM and Warner have a long history of shared international distribution rights. Never quite understood how it worked, nowadays it's mainly Warner distributing physical issues of MGM audiovisual assets. Not sure it has anything to do with this though ;-))
  12. discohub

    Shit I liked your post, but I only like the first part of it! What does it have to do with Guy? Happy Thanksgiving 😜
  13. discohub

    Gurl gotta luv her grillz... Funny how the fans react to it whereas the rest of the world never noticed or almost. I think she likes them because it makes her lips look even plumpier.
  14. What is she up to?

    1. deathproof
    2. Dito


      Madonna? Witchcraft and trolling, nowadays