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dead or alive

Question: maxis/EP

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26 minutes ago, dead or alive said:

Maybe you can help me, I'm a bit lost between the maxis cd and ep. do you know the official list of ep?

Maxi CD = Have more at least 4-Track CD-Maxi [vs the US 2-TRACK or 3-Track CD Single ] and EP is shorter than an album and must be under 30 minutes and have 6-7 songs [Remixed & Revisited] - Japanese singles are marketed as EP's and those can have anywhere b/w 4-10 songs/mixes on it.


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@dead or alive

A number of her singles got EPs in Japan, especially in the 80's. They are comparable to the maxi single, but could include other/extra songs/remixes. Usually EP's (Extended Plays) have 4 - 8 songs, sometimes more.  I believe an EP  is known to be about 25 minutes long, but that has changed as the years went on as albums got longer.  Earlier they were classified to be about 15 mins long and only contain 4 tracks, but EP's have expanded over the years (some called Mini LPs - Between a LP and an EP) if not defined differently by some.

Releases like this primarily from Japan:

Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits.

Super Club Mix: True Blue

La Isla Bonita: Super Mix EP

Remixed Prayers

Vogue EP

The Holiday Collection (UK Release)

Rain EP

Deeper & Deeper EP

The thing is some of these were more than 30 minutes long.  At one point, I had thought they considered 'You Can Dance' and 'Remix and Revisted' EP's, but they are listed as Remix Albums now.

The most recent and more wide release was a Digital EP for Rebel Heart with the Bonus Tracks which was also found on the Super Deluxe Version of the album. 




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