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Back That Up To The Beat: Instructions to boost streams and regain TikTok views


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let me state something.

I am not making any money or have any gain of the sorts from dedicating HOURS , DAYS, MONTHS of my life to support the Queen.

I do it cause I love her and she deserves success and I want to do my best as a fan to show my love. She has worked her ass off and sacrificed SO MUCH and it's painful to see this type of unappreciation towards her.

If you dont want to stream its fine, if you dont want to buy tickets, its fine but dont come to a forum just to vitriol our good intentions here . Its not only disrespectful towards Madonna, but also to admins of this community as well as fellow fans like me who spend countless hours to help support, stream, buy etc.

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On 1/1/2023 at 4:23 PM, MPowered said:

I have supported all her other releases including re-issues of singles and new remixes.

This piece of shit of a song is the only thing I am not supporting. It was by FAR the worst demo from the Rebel Heart sessions. It was never supposed to see the light of day in this form and it was already a terrible addition on MX. I hate this one particular song to a passion and I will continue to speak on it.

Aside from that, I find these streaming farm partiesbto artificially inflate streams of a sing embarrassing, regardless of the fanbase.

The fans, like you, that keep coming for every fan who doesn't post the same “It’s wonderful I love it” comment and demand they be banned are a special kind of people… No one in their right mind has to agree with everything a single person says or does. If we did that, we'd be having dictatorships everywhere.

I applaud your honesty and common sense. Something I see lacking here all the time. When someone doesn't agree with the sheep squad it's the usual lynch mob mentality. 

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