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*RUMOUR* Kylie Minogue is Madonna's co-judge tonight!


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14 hours ago, Celebration said:

I will not even try to say that word. It sounds incredibly dirty in my Swedish accent. ;) :Madonna034:

I forgive him. He's Latino. :Madonna005:

Actually , "piojito" means literally "little louse"... Argentinian people normally use "piojo" ("louse") or "pibe" ("boy"), the latter from Italian pivello ("boy"), given Italians historicly largely migrated to Argentina. I call them "piojito," cause, you know, they're my little louse who I adore and cherish for life! (And here in Brazil we had once a president who believed that a product to terminate lice could be used to cure Covid-19, so... Only by talking this my head's itching... must be dandruff instead... And I do use a very good shampoo for this... hehe...)

EDIT: "piojito" is spoken PEE-OH-HEE-TOH... How's dirty in Swedish???

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